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Anal Bleach and Vaginal Bleach products are popping up all over the world. While the practice of intimate area lightening has been around in the U.S. for a few years, other places such as the U.K., Australia, South America, and parts of Asia are now also starting to add this very specific cosmetic procedure to their beautification regiment. Anal bleaching and Vaginal bleaching are simply extensions of a growing awareness of genital grooming.

In the 1970s, most women and almost all men did not groom nor pay much attention to their intimate area. Then, during the fitness craze of the 1980s, salons began offering procedures such as the mystical Brazilian Wax. Fast forward to this decade, and now pubic grooming has become the norm, not the exception. While woman are still the dominant force behind the need for new items such as anal bleaching cream and vaginal bleaching cream, men are also taking more interest in the appearance of the intimate areas.

If you are interested in lightening your intimate area skin and would like to purchase an at home anal bleach or vaginal bleaching cream or gel rather than going to a boutique salon or spa, there are some important tips you need to know.

Tip 1 When the directions say for external use only, they mean it.

Yes, applying either an anal bleaching cream or vaginal bleaching cream to your skin will require you to come close to your most intimate orifices, but it is important that you only apply enough to cover the skin. Applying excess amounts of the cream or gel will only increase the risk that some of the product could get inside.

Tip 2 Dont use your fingers to apply it

Anal bleach and Vagina Bleach products are not actually bleach and will not hurt your skin like household bleach can, but it is still important that you do not use your fingers. This is primarily because, we tend to apply more than what we need when we use our fingers. Instead, use a Q-tip or small brush to apply the product. This will help ensure that you only apply the amount you need in addition to helping give you more control over the location of the application.

Tip 3 Keep your intimate area clean and dry

While you should always keep this area clean and dry, it is especially important if you are applying an intimate area lightener. If this area is not properly cleaned before you apply the product, you risk counteracting the effects of the product due to the fact that bodily fluids and matter can stain the skin.

Tip 4 Dont give-up after a few applications

This tip goes a little outside the box of the application process, but it is still important to mention that anal lightening and vaginal lightening will take some time. This is because; these kinds of products prohibit new skin from developing pigment. As your old skin sheds, the new skin will be lighter. Therefore, be patient, and wait a few months for the cream or gel to really work.

Tip 5 Dont apply products that contain Hydroquinone

Hopefully, you have kept reading as this is the most important tip. Hydroquinone is dangerous, has been linked to cancer, and has been banned all over the world. Using anal bleaching or vaginal bleaching products that contain this ingredient is very risky especially since you will be applying it to the most sensitive skin on your body.

Good luck, and be careful.

About the author: For more information about intimate area bleaching, please visit my blogs: Click here---->Anal Bleaching Blog. or Click here---->Vaginal Bleaching Blog.


Frequently Asked Questions

    am i over using face cream bleach, is there side effects...?
    Im using face bleach cream for parts of my face and body, i was just wondering will i get bad side effects if i keep using it, will my skin be ok when i get older, will it over dry??

    • ANSWER:
      I'm assuming that's what Michael Jackson uses too, and look at him. I wouldn't use it at all if I were you.

    whats a good inexpensive bleaching face cream?
    i have a few old pimple scars that wont fade! i tried this face bleaching cream but its not working at all. its from Palmer's. any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Get the Porcelana fade cream this works like charm it cost at rite aid
      use it NIGHT cream this strong if you have sensitive is not for you but works.

      also Vitamin K cream is a good one cost Like at Ulta. it comes in
      green tall carton is great is specific for acne scars .

    How many different products can I use on my face? also will my acne cream bleach clothing/sheets?
    I wash my face twice a day(which has salyllic acid in it if it makes a difference)and I also use a moisturizer and an acne treatment(that has benzoyl peroxide in it). I also use pore strips on my nose every once in a while. Would it be a good idea to start using an astringent? How many products is too many? Also, will my acne cream bleach my clothes/sheets? I used to use clearasil ultra tinted acne cream with benzoyl peroxide, and it warned me on the package that it may bleach things, and it does, so now I use AcneFree terminator acne cream, which also has benzoyl peroxide in it, but it didnt say anything on the package about it bleaching things, does anyone know if it will? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Acne cream doesn't work as good as Clorox for bleaching.

    is there some type of bleach cream for the face?
    i m not dark skin but sometimes my skin looks dark like with spots and i don't like how it looks. I have been using the anti wrinkles oley cream and for around the eyes Do you think this is making my skin dark? Is there a bleach cream for the face? and what is the name of it? Of course a cheap one plz


    • ANSWER:
      Go to a dermatologist. DO NOT TRY TO BLEACH YOUR SKIN. (Think Michael Jackson)

    hey r there any home remedies to bleach face ,apart from the normal chemical bleach cream..?
    i m lookin for a alternative way to get my face bleached by natural their any such way of gettin rid of those hair on face or bleach them naturally..cause a bleach cream does make ur skin dark after a long time..n dull too..plz help

    • ANSWER:
      Use lime juice and allow sunlight to hit your facial hair while it is on your face - this bleaches hair.
      For removal, use some "besan" (chick pea flour) paste mixed with some water and tumeric powder (haldi) - try to get a thick paste so it doesnt drip off of your face. Apply all over, avoiding the eyes. Once dry, rub off gently, it will pull the facial hair off.
      It's fairly painful, I warn you.

    bleach cream!!!!?
    hai there! can anyone tell me where the bleaching cream(for face) is available in france please give me where the shop is located am new here thanx

    • ANSWER:
      u can probably find it at any store that sells makeup, u can also get it at like salons.

    what are the side effects of applying Bleach creams on face?
    I had applyed a branded cream bleach last year since that the dirty hair has grown on my face. it also caused me irritation for a couple of hours when I applyed it for the first time.

    • ANSWER:
      Allergic reactions can occur from skin bleaching, and would result in severe burning or itching of the skin. Large skin areas, such as the entire face, should not be bleached at once due to the possibility of skin discoloration.

    Hi, i am using Sally hansen face hair bleach cream.?
    Is this face hair bleach cream is advicable to use once in a month?

    • ANSWER:
      yeah i think it is cause i try it my self

    where can i get sally hansen's face bleach cream here in canada?

    • ANSWER:
      shoppers drugmart

    Face bleach n face cream?
    In switzerland wat is the brand for a face bleach?and what wud be written on the pack?? As its all written in German I cannot understand . Also pls suggest an oil free face cream as i have an acne prone skin . I am unable to find anything in shops like Coop n migros .

    • ANSWER:
      wella bleach u can use.

    After reading many good reviews about jolen bleach cream i tried on my face, although it was good on?
    some parts but it made the skin around my mouth even darker. why does this happen , how can it be removed?

    • ANSWER:

    Cream bleach for face and other, lightened my skin too!?
    I've been using this cream bleach for in between my eyebrows and things like that. I decided to put some around my belly button on the little peach fuzz hair. After I washed it off, I can really tell my skin is lighter on the place I put it on! Has anyone had this experience? Will my skin color go back to normal? Please help. BTW, it says keep on for 8 minutes and I only left it on for 3.

    • ANSWER:
      .......Ask Micheal Jackson!

    Face bleach cream... Where and which one to get?
    Hi.. I have question. I have a LOT of facial hair and I have been getting face wax. It actually helps. The problem I am having now is that my neck is getting darker and face is lighter.. I have been applying sunscreen on my face over the years and not on my neck. My face and my neck is two different shades.. Its a HUGE difference... I have been using Avon's skin brightner and its not really helping.. So I have decided to use bleach on my face and neck.. Any idea which brand.. and where to find them???
    Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      get your neck waxed when you get the face... it'll start to look one tone eventually... but if you really want to try bleaching first, you can get any bleach applicator from a local drug store (CVS, Jewel, Walgreens or even Walmart) It's usually priced differently depending on the size you buy (smallest one i got from walmart was under ).
      Use it as directed and it should help you resolve your problem. Good Luck

    Has anyone used Sally Hansen Cream Hair Bleach for Face, Arms & Legs or a similar hair bleaching product?
    I want to dye the hair on my arms and was wondering if these products work well? The only thing I am worried about is: if they have bleach in them... will it dye my skin as well? If anyone knows anything about it let me know! Thanks so much.

    • ANSWER:
      You should first try it on a small piece of skin...if it works, then do the rest ur arms. But it shouldnt dye ur skin....just make sure you wash it out on time, otherwise, it will burn ur skin.....

    sally hansen hair bleach cream arms legs and face question?
    I just used it, I actually tested it on on my belly but I wanted to use it for my lip.
    The thing is, the hair is bleached but my skin is doing something funky. Its like darker or something.
    The part I put the mixture on is lightly blue or something... Help !?

    • ANSWER:
      it might be an allergic reaction, but until you are sure if it was because of the bleach stop using it.

    What is a good bleach cream or non bleach for the face? . . .?
    I wanna get rid of some face spots...and my husband wants to get rid of some scars...Please help if u can. Thank you.
    oh and not 2 expensive =)
    juju- Have u tried it before? I'm Hispanic...Do u think I should use it?

    • ANSWER:

    Psoriasis cream bleaches my face, what makeup should i apply to make everything look even?
    I have cream for my psoriasis and it bleaches my skin
    as my psoriasis is only on certain parts of my face, not all over, i have clusters of normal skin and patches of really light, white skin
    it looks horrible
    what makeup should i use to cover and even it out, as in foundations, concealers etc.

    any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      pick out a foundation that matches ur natural skin color, i recommend rimmel in the 16 hour lasting one. it comes in a tube look it up online at their website. if ur color difference is really bad use a concealer that matches ur natural skin color on the light areas. finish off with powder to help the makeup look matte and stay on longer. use some mascara and eyeliner too other wise itll look wierd, rather bald.

    I want to know what face bleaching cream you would reccomend?
    i have acne scars and i really want to get rid of them and be able to show my natural skin so i was thinking to bleach. Also i really want to do it. So do you know any names of bleaching creams? and also which store i can purchase them at? thanks:)

    • ANSWER:

    Can a 18 year old girl use bleach cream on her face?

    • ANSWER:
      It's your face. Your 18, do whatever you want, adult(:

    im 10 weeks pregnant and stupidly just used jolen hair lightening bleach cream on my face 4 ten mins?
    do u think this can cause any harm?????? im worried now!!

    • ANSWER:
      No, honey you are fine, there are women out there who bleach their hair while pregnant, from one of those hair bleaching kits, and it is ok, my friend is a hairdresser and she gets asked these questions all the time, and so you can relax♥you are fine♥

    I just bleached the hair on my face and on the box it does not say if i can use a face cream after use..?
    Does anyone know if its ok to apply a moisturizer to the face after using the hair bleaching cream?

    • ANSWER:
      If anything it is bad not to! you need to get some mostiure into the skin :)

    Can bleach creams for the face be used on armpits?
    I have dark skin under my arms and I was wondering if I could use that cream, or does it have to be specifically for the armpits?

    • ANSWER:

    Can cocoa butter or bleach cream be used to fade or remove acne scars on the face?

    • ANSWER:
      YES. I tried cocoa butter, and now my scars are totally gone!!

    does jolene bleach cream only bleach hair on face or skin too?
    might be a really thick question to ask...but just wondering

    • ANSWER:
      It bleaches the hair, not the skin

    what are the results if cream bleach is left on face for more than an hour?
    will it burn my skin?
    will it make it paler?
    what are the side effects?
    how long should bleach be left on face to have maximum whitening ?
    does cream bleach turn u yellowish white or just white?

    Ps:i know what bleach does with melaning,and please dont say use just sunblock and that'l be all,cause i already use sunblock.i justw ana be pale.
    plz people stop saying stuff like "why would u wana be pale" and "tan is so nice" n all.its ur choice that u like tan,i like being pale.
    if u have the answer and please answer it
    and if u dont,please do not leave advices which ask me to change me.

    PS: sorry for acting rude.but dont u think asking me to change my choice is rude too.

    • ANSWER:
      Bleach is a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite.

      Sodium Hypochlorite is a caustic solution which means it has a high PH level and will dissolve organic material. Which is why it is the main ingredient in drain cleaners (Drano, Liquid Plumber, etc). It dissolves bio material and leaves metals and plastics alone.

      YOU are bio material.

      Now, over-the-counter bleaches only contain about 3-5% concentration of sodium hypochlorite. Short-term exposure will not cause much damage except in the eyes, mouth or nasal passages.

      If you leave it on your skin, you will find that it will become uncomfortable within a couple minutes. Your hands will wrinkle up like a raisin and feel slightly slimey. Face and arms will turn red after a few minutes and then begin to feel hot like a sun burn.

      Prolonged exposure to bleach will cause chemical burns similar to 3rd degree sunburns where the skin will blister and peel.

      All that aside, if used short term it can actually be a very good exfoliate. The "slimey" feeling you get in the first minute is actually the top layer of dead skin being dissolved. But the pros do not out-weigh the risks... getting bleach in your eyes could cause permanent blindness.

      Sorry, no amount of bleach is going to change the pigment in your skin. Bleach removes color from clothes because it attackes the dyes before it attacks the fabrics. It will remove layers of skin but the layers underneath are still going to be the same color.

    face bleach creams - good/bad?
    ok so my t-zone is quite dark.. my chin has a couple of 'scars' from pimples, i gues theyre called blemishes, my upper lip looks like ive got a mostache due to pigmentation, and the sides of my nose are dark bekoz of scarring from blackhead removal.

    ive heard there are face cream bleaches and what not, but do they work? are they effective? and do they go lighter than your normal skin tone? i want my skin to be fully flawless and all th same color !! also, ive hurd lemon juice can be both good and harmful, duz anybody use this?? answers from those who kno their stuff plz!!

    • ANSWER:
      ok face bleach creams does not work...its not safe it could ruin yuor skin and make it worser your skin can be damaged by peeeling off. ok, here's da real stuff, eat healthy and balanced! dont eat meat too much your breath could stink and sweat alot! sleep well, use good facial cleansers and toners and lotions, and drink lots of vegetables juices, water and fluids and eat fruits and vegetables. and to hav a lighter skin use, sheshido its quite expensive..if you can afford! and some other whiting stuff...this will make you maintain healthy skin!

    anyone have instructions for sally hanson cream hair bleach for face, i lost mine?

    • ANSWER:
      you get a spoonful of bleach, clean it, get a spoonful of activator, mix it. apply, leave for about 8 minutes, rinse off.

    does anyone know of a good effective bleaching cream for the face?
    i have skin pigmentation above my upper lip and it looks dark like i have a slight mustache and i hate it because i dont. so if anyone could recommend a bleaching cream that will lighten the spots up or get rid of them ? thanks
    whats a name of a prescribed 1? that u have tried/ works?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do for this is go to a dermatologist and get a prescription one. They work the best. Over the counter ones don't work all that well. You'll need to wear a high SPF sunscreen if you do this.

    Does anyone know of a face bleaching cream that really works ?

    • ANSWER:

    Do you know any powerfull white bleaching cream for the face?
    I wanna be as white as micahel jackson or at least really really white , do you know any product or procedure that really works ?

    • ANSWER:
      Be happy with your natural skintone. why do you like to be so white ? It looks so pale as if you are sick. Bleaching cream can be quite harmful to skin.Look at Micheal Jackson's face, the colour look so bad and unnatural. Embrace with your own skintone and work with it. Everyone looks good in their own skin/skincolor.Unless you are born naturally white otherwise no one will look good in a different skintone

    is it possible to put bleach to lighten your skin on your face are there any face bleaching creams available?

    • ANSWER:
      Why would you want to do that? Well nobody is satisfied with what they have, are they? I have fair skin and I sunbathe all summer long to get a tan! Dark skin is number one! Don't ruin it!

    Is it safe to steam your face after you get done bleaching it?
    It says do not steam your face before you bleach your face on the instruction thing that came in my Jolen face bleaching cream, but it didnt say anything about after. So is it safe?

    • ANSWER:
      Often steam intensifies products. And of course could have a bad reaction. So you would want to wait a least 24 hours to steam. Just because you washed it off, doesn't mean it hasn't absorbed in to the skin.

      And of course if you are red from the product, wait even longer. Until the redness goes down.

    Looking for customer reviews for Gigi Hair Removal Gentle Bleaching Cream For Face?
    Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Gigi Hair Removal Gentle Bleaching Cream For Face

    • ANSWER:
      GiGi Honee is the No. 1 selling Professional Hair Removal Wax in the Industry.
      GiGi Professional products include a complete line of Soft and Hard Waxes, Pre and Post Waxing Products, and Waxing Accessories. Plus, GiGi has a complete Paraffin line, featuring seven therapeutic waxes, and all of the essential Accessories. With GiGi's high quality formulas and wide range of waxes, we have a wax to meet your every need.

    Can anyone refer a good face bleaching cream?

    • ANSWER:

    face bleach burn!!!!?
    I bleached my face with the jolen face bleach cream and after the adviused time i removed it and it left like dark spots.PLEASE help. Can anyone advise how to remove them!!!THANKS

    • ANSWER:
      Try buying a facial product that is labeled skin-brightening, skin-lightening, or says it improves discoloration. I think Clinique makes a pretty good one that comes in a white tube. In the meantime, try covering it with good makeup, and if it dosnt go away in a few weeks, go see a dermatologist. Hope it works out for you!

    what exactly does bleach cream does?
    i lost a bet to my sister and now she would apply bleach cream on my face , what exactly does it do , it wouldn't hurt naa

    • ANSWER:
      bleach is a chemical product used to lighten facial hair.

      well different skins react differently to it.
      people with sensitive skin should not use it.i have sensitive skin and it burns if i use bleach on he contrary my cousin sister when ever applies bleach her face glows like a star.
      so don't worry u have lost the bet and u cant avoid it.if you feel strong burning sensation remove the cream immediately with cold water and visit the dermatologist(if burning continues)

    face Bleaching cream?
    Whats the best bleaching/whitening cream to use to white someones face?

    Im trying to get REALLY pale, for a project im working on.

    best products to use?

    • ANSWER:
      if you have redness on your Cheeks Don't use whitening
      cream this is only going to make it more Red as tomato
      use a nice powder for the project to achieve the pale complexion

    does palmer's even tone fade cream work and do it bleach your face?
    my mom use palmer's and i now using it so i will like to know does it work and do i bleach your skin

    • ANSWER:
      this works to face acne scars and melasma

    Face bleaching cream?
    I have a weird facial complexion. The rest of my body is amazing and all but then comes my face. I love how I look but I just hate my skin. It's red and dark in my nose area. Around the unibrow area (I don't have a unibrow) is darker and red and so is my chin. I can't stand it because it looks like I have four different colors on my face. I have tried foundation and powder, but it's terrible. I went to my dermetologist today and she is an award winning skin doctor in my city and she told me to put face bleach on my face. She gave me a sample today and I asked her if it was safe. She told me yes. I forgot to tell her if it was permanent as soon as it hits my face. Do you think this will even it out? The bleach she said will not make me turn ghost white, but one shade lighter like the rest of my face and body. Do you think as soon as I start using it I will stop like it is permanent? Or do I have to use it on and on? Plus my face is half red and oily because because of the dark and red area's.

    • ANSWER:
      dont use face bleech even if it prescribed in low doses. its a HUGE health risk even if your white.