Bleaching Skin Creams

Skin bleaching pills claims to lighten your appearance by inhibiting the production of Melanin in your body. Especially due to excess exposure to sun, pregnancy, stress and smoking causes darkening of skin. There are other membrane complications such as hyper pigmentation, age spots, liver spots etc. which can be cured by consuming these pills.

If you're wondering how a skin whitening pill may be your best bet for the greatest antioxidant that medicine has ever produced, this article explains it. Find out also how glutathione can be your best defense defense for anti-aging, acne control, and overall body health with a strong immune system as your bonus.

The best skin bleaching products work from the outside - in. That's because the dark stuff in skin - melanin - rises to the surface. Melanin at the surface gives skin color. It makes moles black and freckles larger. Melanin causes serious discoloration called hyperpigmentation.

Kojic Acid. It is another natural ingredient widely used in skin bleaching creams. It is obtained from a type of fungi or as by product in the fermentation of rice when making sake.Besides inhibit melanin production, it has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Michael Jackson insisted he did not undergo dark skin bleaching. To the contrary, he told Oprah Winfrey he suffered vitiligo, a loss of skin pigment. The condition usually starts on hands, spreads to the arms and then creates large unpigmented areas on the face and neck. Michael Jackson described to Oprah just such a progression. Many sufferers utilize dark skin bleaching in a few areas to try to even out the lack of color created by vitiligo. Michael Jackson passed, but the dark skin bleaching debate did not.

Look for kojic acid and Alpha Arbutin. These natural ingredients naturally do the job by teaming up with nature. That's a terrible sentence but it sums it up. Natural acid in skin bleach doesn't burn away skin color. It body blocks melanin, which makes skin dark. Very gentle.

But you don't need to buy an expensive bottle of sulfur pills through an online distributor for to get this effect. Simply do it yourself, and add MSM to your daily routine. You can start with 1-2 grams a day, and as you adjust to it, you can increase your dose to as much as 8 grams a day. These pills will combat hyperpigmentation and even out the skin tone, they will make your skin healthy, soft and renewed, but they won't whiten your overall complexion.

But, there are certain things, to be kept in consideration to have that elasticity and tone of the skin that can lend you an eternal radiance. Everybody knows that it is a requisite, but still there are people who lack it. Don't worry today, you can find whitening capsules if you suffer from hyper pigmentation problems such as acne scars, melasma, dark patches, or age spots.

Our body can use food to manufacture the amino acids required to create glutathione. It can also build it from the acids found in the cells. Wide variety of foods is available which help in creating it. Watermelon and asparagus are two important food items. Also you can rely upon most fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh meat. Protein is also highly beneficial. Depending on the supplements is not found that useful, whereas a healthy diet will help in the production of all of the glutathione needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do so many Americans take offence to the skin bleaching creams sold in China and India and ignore tan?
    It just seems like a double standard.
    I personally am kind of the same way.. I don't understand why anyone would want to bleach their skin, but I know people that tan, and it doesn't seem like such a big deal.
    Why do the skin bleaching creams tend to inflame our indignation more than tanning and spray-tans? They're both changing your appearance artificially?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't "take offense" to either, but I do think that people should accept who and what they are and stop trying to change their skin tone. I'm going to venture a guess, though, and say that people probably get more indignant about bleaching because tanning is a natural process that happens to people's skin in the sun, whereas bleaching is forcing your skin to change color with harsh chemicals. I don't know what to say about spray tans -- I personally don't tan at all. And if I had dark skin, I certainly wouldn't bleach it.

    How safe are skin bleaching creams?
    I want to even out my complexion, but how safe are they to use? Especially on the face and hands, on a complexion somwhere along the lines of Eva Longoria's?

    • ANSWER:
      just dont go out into the sun wear a hat and long sleeved clothes in just a month my face was nearly as white as my chest save some money sun is lyk my biggest enemy

    Do over the counter skin bleaching creams work?
    my doctor prescribed one but I dont have insurance now, so I was wondering if the ones available over the counter work?

    Does anyone have a suggestion?
    I consider a dermatologist to be a proffesional. I can't afford the 4% cream, so I wondered if the 2% over the counter stuff worked.

    • ANSWER:
      Obviously they are not going to work any better then a prescription. And from my experience they dont-save your money until you can get your script filled

    Do skin bleaching creams work on small age spots/freckles caused by the sun? Is there anyout there that works?
    Is there anything i can do to remove the age spots cause from the sun this summer? I'm only 25 and i've started to notice age spots on my cheeks, what can i do to get rid of them?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, You can use diana stalder products and their products are very effective to remove all those skin problems. You can use the papaya kojic soap and whitening bleaching cream to get rid ot it. check out customers testimonials about the products and see photos of before and after...

    What are some good skin bleaching creams?
    I'm trying to look more acceptable, what should i use?

    • ANSWER:
      Acid baby, you'll look so Hot.

    How old do you have to be to buy skin bleaching creams?
    can you be 18? I really need to know thanks. and no I'm not trying to get paler or whiter. just discoloration.

    • ANSWER:
      18 up

    Do they sell skin bleaching creams at walmart?
    I really need some. and whats the price?
    I need an answer for my question. Not what I should do. I'm not putting it all over my body or face or anything. Just a small patch of skin discoloration.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know of any really good over the counter skin bleaching creams that actually work?

    • ANSWER:
      try obagi.
      clear or blender work really really good.
      i work at a spa & it is our number one product

    Is there any really strong skin bleaching creams you know of?
    reaaadd before judging please!!

    I have a dark area under my nose that makes it look like I have a moustache but there is no hair there and its getting really embarassing now..
    so does anyone know of anyways I can get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      There are skin lightening creams available over the counter in most chemists but I'd suggest seeing your GP to ask for advice.

    what are the recent sales figures for skin bleaching creams in the UK?
    are sales of these products in the uk going up? if so by how much?

    • ANSWER:
      I'll just ask Michael Jackson......

    Do skin bleaching creams have any negative long-term affects?
    I wanted to test try one but a close friend said they can dama ge skin (Michael Jackson[lol]). Is this really true?

    • ANSWER:
      no negative effect if u use mild bleach

    What are any good skin bleaching creams?
    i want to look lighter.

    • ANSWER:
      Lancome's Whitening Line, Blanc Expert. Blocks the production of melanin in the skin, thus making you lighter and brighter,

    Do skin bleaching creams work? I tried AMBI, which is over the counter and it didnt help.?
    Recently I have darker skin over my lip, which makes it look like I have a girl mustach. Makeup makes it look worse. Im afraid what the sun is going to do to it. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      skin bleaching treatment results vary per individual depending on one's skin sensitivity.. but you have a better chance of achieving the results that you want with a good quality product..
      try dermaline skin whitening cream..
      it's a safe and potent formula that gets rid of dark skin spots.

    Do bleaching creams cause skin cancer?
    I also want to know if such creams are more harmful to certain body areas. Please, provide your source if possible.

    • ANSWER:
      in and of themselves, no, bleaching creams will not cause cancer...however, they will greatly lessen your skin's natural protection, and leave you vulnerable to developing skin cancers.

    can skin bleaching creams bleach hair too?
    can skin bleaching creams bleach hair too? just curious

    • ANSWER:

      i know it sounds weird but One of my cousin Bleached her hair and it turned out to be really good.

    Does shopper's drug mart sell skin bleaching creams/chemical peels without prescription?
    Just wondering because I'm trying to lighten my freckles

    • ANSWER:
      it depends on the cream and peels - if they are prescrption drugs, they noone can sell them without prescription.

      if they are not, then none is going to ask for it.

    Good skin bleaching creams?
    I live in a very suburban area and a lot of the people are white.
    Every where I go, someone is making fun of my skin color.
    Im black and Im originally from Africa, and Im very dark, and I used to like my skin, but Im sick of people teasing me and ridiculing me for it. I just want to be white, and I know I that will never happen.
    Its gotten to the point where I don't even want to go outside anymore. I've tried lemons, but that didn't work. Can anyone reccomend good skin bleaching creams please?

    • ANSWER:
      Not a cream but a remedy.

      Every night, pour some milk into a cup and squeeze a slice if lime into it, then stir. Use a rag or brush and brush the milk on your skin. Leave the milk on your skin for 10-15 minutes, it'll begin to smell sour, but it's okay, the smell goes away when you rinse it off. Rinse the milk off your skin. After a few days, you'll begin to notice that your skin has whiten.

      Milk is a natural whitener, the lime is an acid that helps break down your skin so the milk will work more effective.

      Also... Always put on Sunblock and cover up whenever you can. Avoid direct contact wirh sunlight whenever possible.

    Are skin bleaching creams safe?
    I'm tempted to try one, but i dont know if it will do any harm to my skin.

    • ANSWER:
      To get rid of tan, you need to moisturize your skin ALOT and exfoliate your dark areas with a loofah or a body scrub at least 3x a week. You can also try doing the following:

      1. Virgin Coconut Oil - you can use this as your moisturizer every NIGHT before you go to bed since this will get rid of your dark skin cells and will eventually lighten your skin tone. Do NOT use this during morning unless you want to get tanned.

      2. Kojic Soap/Cream- This one gently peels your skin (it's micropeeling, so don't worry about walking around like a zombie) and this can actually lighten your complexion/dark spots. Aside from giving you a whiten complexion in just 1 week's time, it can get rid of blackheads, minimize your pore size, lighten your pimple marks, and dry up your zits.

      3. Gluthatione - Any brand will do. It is an antioxidant especially prescribed by doctors/dermatologists (especially if you're a smoker) that has a side effect of ligthening your skin tone, giving you a healthier skin, and making you look younger. If you are going to use this as a skin whitener/lightener, you don't have to worry about being "too white" since once you've achieved your maximum level of whiteness (realistically speaking), it will just maintain your skin complexion.

      Bleaching creams are okay as long as you get them from your derma and as long as you don't over do it. Just make sure to put sunblock before going out because Bleaching creams and other whitening creams usually gives off rebound darkening if you're exposed to sunlight.

    Skin bleaching creams, wha twill they do to me? PLEASE ANSWER.?
    I hear it makes your skin darker after use, and i would like to know if it is permanent. Also how long does it last, and what kind it the best and cheapest you can get at a local store like Publix or Winn Dixie? Ive also heard it permanently makes skin lighter, is this true? Also how much lighter does it make your skin, is it extremely noticeable or minorly?

    • ANSWER:
      it depends which one use i've used fair lovely mulivtivamtem creame it was okay but fair lovely has bath scrub which is preety good you can get at indain and chinese markets also thier shisedo i haven't tried yet but it works fast. however when use belching creames do your neck and cheack the ingredaiments it would be a better a idea to stick to home remides like
      and the best baby powder it works it nice but it slow
      p.s use sun screen

    Anyone know any skin bleaching creams for african americans?
    Im a 17 year old guy and i have a problem. To start off Im very insecure about my skin. My complexion is about medium. ( no im not trying to be like michael jackson) At school i have had to deal with a few people that are racist. Second, I was born into a military family. So we have traveled to many different countries around the world. Now i live in a nice middle class suburban style homes. My parents have always had successful jobs and raised me well. I experience different cultures and people so i guess im a diverse person. I normally listen to more pop and rock and roll music. I talk proper english and don't really use slang. I wear more of the skinny jeans and preppy style clothing. For school i go to a private catholic school. Some of the black kids make fun of me because i don't play basketball or talk slang like they do. Since middle school it has been the black kids that laughed at me because i don't live to the level of standards of blackness. I recently bought a skin bleaching cream at a local drug store. I first applied the cream to my arms. Weeks later my whole arm turned really light. The reason i want to do this is because im tired from racism and wanted to be white. I don't know what to do once my parents find out my whole body turns really light. Im really insecure about my race and planned on bleaching to become a white person or have my nose changed to look like a white person's nose.
    ( my nose is huge and wide) ( please no michael jackson jokes) I just want to know if there is any way to make my skin really white.

    • ANSWER:
      Even in the Latino culture dark skin is delegated into second class citizenry so to speak. SO I know what you are talking about. Look at all of the soap stars on Telemundo or any other network, they are light skinned and beautiful. Dark skinned latinos are commonly looked at as day laborers and relegated to menial jobs and secondary class citizens.
      The white guy has NO clue what its like and his ignorant statement shows that.
      This is also the same in many other cultures, i dated a Filipino girl for years and the conversation came up many times, she didn't want to go into the sun in fear her skin would get darker, again, in their society darker skinned Filipinos are relegated to secondary class citizenry and given menial jobs even if they are very educated.

      My personal opinion is do what you feel is right and don't let others sway your decision.

      Good luck to you.

    Do skin bleaching creams work?? Any other suggestions??
    I have a discoloration of the skin above my lip-which makes it look like I have a girl mustach.I tried AMBI, over the counter and it didnt do anything.Makeup makes it look worse. Im afraid of what the sun will do...HELP!!
    Its not hair thats doing it- the actual skin looks darker

    • ANSWER:
      Yes bleaching creams do help can use stuff like (proscription only) triluma, epiquin , and many other bleaching creams out there...and for the girl mustache their is vaniqua...vaniqua is a cream that helps reduce the growth of hair.......if that doesn't help try Obagi....a cosmetic can get that trough your doctor as well... good luck...

    how can i lighten my skin without bleaching or creams?
    im spanish, German and french, my real skin color is like a german i mean really white but my arms and legs are ike three shades darker i heard this is not healthy so how can i lighten my skin?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't want to tell you anything wrong so I suggest you talk to a doctor...dermatologist or otherwise.

    I think I am ugly cause I am dark skinned black and there any bleaching skin creams or pills out there.?
    I wished that i was putero rican or white because i am stick tried of people calling me black or made fun how dark am. Everyone in my class at my school don't like me cause i am dark skinned they always say i look African and be chasing lions and eat elephant meat but i wasn't born in Africa i was born in new jersey. A girl in my class always say you burnt African you should use pills to get lighter. The light skin putero ricans,white,Mexicans always be getting treated better and say they have nice hair light skin pretty hazel eye,blues. They always been saying my dark brown eyes is ugly and my hair is nappy like Africans. I wish that god didn't made me African American cause I think it is ugly and i always get treated bad by people even in family my parents treat my light skinned cousins better than me she always hazel eyes and good hair. I wished i was light skinned instead of dark skinned. Do you think dark skin is ugly Is any way i can get lgihter

    • ANSWER:
      oh gosh, you remind me of myself.
      i am pretty dark too, and people make fun of me just like they do you.
      take it from me, people will always make fun of you.
      but you have to wake up every morning and look in the mirror
      and say "i am beautiful, whether anyone else knows it, i am beautiful"
      i was sooo horrible about it when i was young, but now i'm in high schooland i have tons of friends and people who love me for me.
      skin color means nothing!
      be confident and when those idiots make fun of you, just smile at them. don't give in. you may think im retarded, but believe me. i go through it every day of my life.
      bye =)

    how can I get fair skin with out bleaching creams?
    I want to be fair skin like selena gomez ! I need help my whole family is fair skin . And I'm sure I'm not. adopted ! Lol plz help me no comments

    • ANSWER:
      Drink carrot juice evryday in the morning 1/2 before your breakfast!!
      Grind carrot,beetroot,kheera pieces and mix required amount of water in it. Put 2-3 spoons of honey mix well. Drink it daily and you'll observe the differnce withi a week. The pulp remaining after the juice is added can also be applied on face with little amount of curd mixed in it and skin will glow!!