Candida Yeast Infection

The general candida yeast infection symptoms are familiar to many people. As with many other health conditions, candida yeast infection symptoms are a clue to imbalances in your body that trigger many off-shoot conditions that form a vicious cycle where weight gain is usually one of the unfortunate results.

In particular, the candida yeast infection symptoms that affect weight gain the most are food cravings and digestive problems. If you're young, not sexually active, and you've never experienced candida yeast infection symptoms, you may not realize that you have, in fact, contracted this common and pesky condition. Doctors can administer tests for Candida, but most practitioners administer a questionnaire in order to determine if a person has the common candida yeast infection symptoms.

So what are the most common candida yeast infection symptoms. The candida yeast infection symptoms include itching and burning of the outer vaginal area, redness and inflammation of the labia, and a heavy, odorous vaginal discharge. The most common candida yeast infection symptoms are: fatigue, food intolerances, poor memory, feeling "spaced out", mental fogginess lack of mental alertness, confusion digestion problems (constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, bloating), food cravings (especially for sweets, refined carbohydrates or alcohol), erratic vision or spots before the eyes, lack of sexual desire, allergies (rashes and hives), headaches, mood swings, dry mouth or throat, heartburn, nasal congestion, bad breath, thrush (oral or vaginal), vaginal discharge / irritation or pain, persistent cystitis, vaginitis or prostatitis to name but a few. Some of the vaginal candida yeast infection symptoms include: Abnormal vaginal discharge which can range from a slightly watery, white discharge to a thick, white, chunky discharge (like cottage cheese); Vaginal and labial itching and burning; Redness of the vulvar skin; Pain with intercourse; and sometimes discomfort on urination.

There are different ways to attack candida yeast infection symptoms, but my recommendation is to try the natural method of diet and supplementation. No matter which method you try, do it under the care and supervision of a qualified practitioner, particularly since the practitioner can adjust supplement doses to counteract die-off candida yeast infection symptoms which often occur during the program as Candida is destroyed. You may be able to ignore the candida yeast infection symptoms and hope it goes away on its own, but you will never ignore a urinary tract infection caused by the yeast infection. Fortunately, while you're being treated for the urinary tract infection your physician will also treat the underlying candida yeast infection symptoms that caused this mess to begin with. Finally, to correctly identify candida yeast infection symptoms, your gynecologist will need a urine and blood sample to rule out more serious, even life-threatening conditions like cancer, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, genital herpes, genital warts, and syphilis.


We do not represent any yeast infection medication, neither do we advocate any specific yeast infection treatment process. A yeast infection is an irritation of mucous membranes of the body, such as the vagina, intestines, skin or mouth. If it happens at the mouth area, it will be called oral yeast infection. If it happens on the skin, it will be called skin yeast infection. Regardless of where it happens, the primary cause of yeast infection is still the same. It can also be found in a man (male yeast infection), even an infant (baby yeast infection). If you have recurring Candida yeast infections and are familiar with the very earliest signs, including itching that is not directly located in the genital region, don't wait for the symptoms to get worse. If you have only been using over-the-counter medications and find the Candida yeast infections seem to come back relatively often, ask your physician about an oral medication. If you have several Candida yeast infections over the course of many months, you may qualify for a maintenance dose of the oral prescription. Candida Albicans or Candida for short is the name given to yeast that lives in the bodies of each and every one of us. These yeasts are generally found in the intestinal tract and the vaginal regions. Under normal conditions, our body is easily able to cope with the presence of these yeasts and our natural defense system and beneficial bacteria control the spread of yeasts.


The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.

Important Disclaimer:

The information on this page is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease or give medical advice. Always consult your doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anyone know how long the yeast infection Candida lasts?
    So yeah, I want to know how long it takes for Candida(the yeast infection) to cure. Does anyone know the anwser??

    • ANSWER:
      Candida treatment can be tricky. If it is vaginal, the sypmtoms can be treated with the over-the-counter medications and they should have a treatment duration on the label. The main problem with candida, is that according to most information (and you can look this up online), the candida started in other areas of your body, most likely your gut, and then overgrew to the places you actually see the obvious symptoms. If you have noticed other things like digestive disturbances, intermittant rashes, sometimes diahhrea, or other symptoms, it may be that there is a candida infection in your intestinal tract. For information on treatment of that, you should look online for: candida, yeast infection, etc. The usual treatment for what may be an ongoing yeast (candida) infection usually involves a specific dietary regime, along with prescription drugs that most doctors won't prescribe - or herbal remedies that contain products that kill the overgrowth of candida. For an ongoing problem, which can account for more symptoms than already mentioned above, it can take up to six months for complete removal of the overgrowth. Symptom relief, only, may be sooner with recurrances due to not erradicating the source of the original infection. Antibiotics can cause or aggravate candida.

    How to know if I have candida yeast infection for certain?

    I have done the spit test, and it is positive, I do have it.
    But how to be definitive about it?

    • ANSWER:
      positive test = definite answer.. pretty simple stuff..

    should man too be tested for candida yeast infection and treated?
    in a case if a woman has candida yeast infection, should her partner be tested/treated too? or is it woman-specific disease which is not transmitted sexually?

    • ANSWER:
      A yeast infection CAN be transmitted to a man if his partner has one and they are having unprotected sex. It is not really a STD. Yeast infections can usually be treated with antibiotics.

    How to get rid of candida/yeast infection?
    yeast infection (male)


    • ANSWER:
      You can buy something called Canesten from any pharmacy. It is a cream to clear up the infection. Ask your local Pharmacist about it. You could also try using natural yoghurt as it's known to restore the PH balance of your lady bits and soothe the symptoms. Hope this helps!

    What can untreated Candida (yeast infection) do to your immune system?
    Can it do any harm?

    • ANSWER:

    Can guys get a Candida yeast infection?
    I've been having alot of bloating when I eat fruit or sugar or wheat, this all seems to be symptons of candida..

    • ANSWER:
      Men can get yeast infections too, but this doesn't sound like a yeast infection to me. It could be a reaction to having gluten products. See what happens when you take out the sugar and wheat from your diet for a couple of weeks.
      If you had a yeast infection you would be having some discharge coming out from the tip of your penis.
      If it doesn't get better then you should see a doctor.

    Has anyone tried the garlic clove in vagina for candida/yeast infection?
    If yes, how did you do it and did it burn a lot???
    I'm currently on my period and need a solution to this yeast infection fast! It's getting very irritating

    • ANSWER:
      Just buy a cream from your pharmacy dear, it's really not good to mixture with home remedies like this, especially not as the garlic probably would only burn your already irritated vagina & mucus membranes.

      To the person below, NEVER use salt on your vagina as this will dry it out & might cause permanent damage. Salt is EXTREMELY drying & is used to dry out foods, now imagine putting this in contact with your sensitive mucus membranes. Don't do it.

      If it's also internal you'll also need a pill that you insert at nighttime. But go to a gynocologist & either by a cream over the counter, or have a stronger one perscripted to you.

    Can supplementing a dog with omega fatty acids aggravate a Candida(or yeast) infection?
    My dog is recovering from what I belief to be a yeast infection(Vet wouldn't say.. She simply said "Secondary infection from flea allergies".) It is almost gone, but where it is/was, it was always super oily, not dry like most skin infections.. So I'm assuming supplementing an oily dog with oil would be bad, right? Just checking, because I've read about all the other benefits of giving dogs omega fatty acids.

    • ANSWER:

      Derm caps may actually help.
      Derm caps are a balance of omega 3 and 6 with vitamin e.
      Try a shampoo like hylyte 2 days after flea prevention treatment.
      Make sure to fully rinse the dog and brush.
      Brushing daily will help stimulate the oil glands to work properly.
      If oiliness continues I would try an anti seboreahic shampoo from the vet.

    Can the Candida Yeast Infection prevent one from having children?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it doesn't. However, you should treat it. Canesten vaginal pessaries are effective, and so are nystatin pessaries.

    How long does it take for a yeast infection/Candida to clear up?
    I think I might have it, not too sure although I did have some die off symptoms.
    oh I am not sexually active and its more to do with my digestive system rather than sexual organs.

    • ANSWER:
      If you aren't sure and if you are sexually active, go to the doctor ASAP! Even if your bf or partner swears he hasn't slept with anyone else 'cause he can carry something forever and not have symptoms. If you have never had sex, it is probably a yeast infection if you have a discharge. I REALLY RECOMMEND THE 3 DAY TREATMENT as opposed to the one day. You should see results after a day but keep using it every night! If it doesn't go away, go to the doctor. If there is an odor, that's a sign that it's probably not a yeast infection as well. Are you on antibiotics at all? 'Cause antibiotics can cause yeast infections (everytime I take them, I get one!). ARE YOU SURE IT'S NOT AN URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS? SYMPTOMS CAN BE SIMILAR! There is a test that they sell at the drugstore to tell if is, I'd try that. Irregardless, if you are atleast 13, you should be seeing a gynocologist yearly so it wouldn't hurt to schedule an appointment to make sure everything is okay. And if you can't afford it, consider Planned Parenthood, they are fairly reasonable! REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE SEXUALLY ACTIVE AND SOME OF THE SYMPTOMS ARE STILL THERE (AS YOU PUT IT), I AM VERY CONCERNED IT MAY BE A STD! STDs can be sooo serious and they are sooo curable nowadays so take care of it ASAP! Good luck and I'm glad people aren't embarrased to ask questions like these! Just remember, that your best advice is always from a MD or a nurse practicioner in person!

    When you Have a yeast Infection like Candida or maybe a lil worse then that how do you get rid of it?
    I have a Yeast Infection and I don't know how to get rid of it. My doctor told me to take two different meds for it and i did but for me its hard to take the pill when your suppos to so I skipped around on taking it. and now my yeast got a lil badish. I really need someones help! Is there and thing I can do or take to get rid of it for good?

    • ANSWER:
      You got a great answer from the other girl. The problem I have is that you started to take a medication and then stopped because it was hard to take. You can't do this. You could have called the pharmacist and asked them if you could split it or break it up to make it easier to take. Pharmacists have both the expertise and knowledge to tell you how you can do this safely. Please remember this in the future. When you stop a medication you've already started it can make you tolerant to it so only a stronger medication will help you the next time if there is one. You already know the results of what else happens too. Either go back and get another medication or try the advice from your other answer. The decision is up to you but please make it wisely. You can try the home remedy for a few days and drink plenty of water too. This helps strengthen the immune system to help fight the infection off. About 8-10 glasses everyday. You need to keep track anyway it's easiest for you, but you need to do this for yourself too. Good luck and God Bless

    What are the best supplements/probiotics to take, to get rid of massive Candida infection?
    I am too lazy to change my diet, so I'd like to know if there are any specific antifungals/probiotic supplements that work pretty well to destroy an intestinal yeast infection...?

    If you managed to cure a Candida/yeast infection, what products or drugs did you take? How well did they work?

    I REALLY need help on this as I am faced with a serious health problem that may or may not be Candida overgrowth, but without medical insurance, I can't get extensive testing done to figure out what condition I really have. However from my own research, it seems likely that Candida is a major component of my longterm illness, if not the whole thing.

    Can you treat Candida effectively with supplements/drugs, without making significant dietary changes?

    I'm getting all sorts of symptoms now that keep increasing, something like IBS (I feel things moving in my digestive system, and constipation is severe) and blurry vision/eye pain/bloodshot eyes, water retention, fatigue.. I need some help!

    • ANSWER:
      Yeast is controlled in the long run by correcting diet and lifesyle habits. If you don't want to take charge of your diet and change it to eliminate the fungus permanently you will continue to have issues.

      Parasites feed on fungus and fungus feeds on sugars.
      Parasites can cause all of the symptoms you are talking about. has homeopathic remedies you can use to cleanse both fungus and parasites from the body.

      Changing your diet will eliminate the IBS stuff. To permanently and effectively eliminate fungus and parasites you have to change your diet.

      I teach clients everyday how to get well without prescriptions, by changing thier lifestyles, habits and diets.

    Has anyone tried the garlic clove in vagina for candida/yeast infection? Women answers only thanks?

    Have any of you gals out there (no male answers thank you - honestly lol!!) around the world tried the treatment for thrush/yeast/candida infection where you put a garlic clove in there overnight?

    If so how many days did you need to do this,
    did you leave the garlic clove whole, or score it or crush it a bit,
    and how effective was treatment?
    Just for your information ladies it CANNOT get lost up there or "work its way past/into the cervix"... this is not possible :)

    Also please assume that one has already visited the doctor and told that it's thrush. There is more than one way to get rid of thrush, the chemist is not God!!

    Please answer only if you have tried this or if you have a friend/sister/mum etc who has tried it. :)

    • ANSWER:
      Fresh garlic in contact with mucous membranes is a dangerous thing. Cut it in two or crush it and you are really asking for big trouble. Garlic is strong stuff. It will "burn" the mucous membrane of your vagina and leave sores which never really heal properly.

      I have had clients who did that and regretted it ever after. Same thing with people who put half a clove of garlic up their nostrils to ward off a cold: they get sores inside their nose which never heal properly for the rest of their lives.

      The best cure for candida/yeast infection is GSE (grapefruit seed extract). I'll give you the treatment by email if you are interested. It's a bit long to put it here.

      All the best for good health very soon!
      Lisa J

    How can I infect lab rats with candida albicans (yeast infection) for my project?
    I plan on making an herbal ointment to cure topical Candidiasis. Can the rat be infected when I would cut it and swipe a swab of the fungus on the wound?

    • ANSWER:

    i need to know about good books for candida yeast infection im thinking of purchasing one?

    • ANSWER:
      cadida actually is simple fungus & its treatment is easy with use of topical antifugal & but depend on the site of infection usually nystatine is enough. but for more sever infection can use broad spectrum

    Is it possible to transmit Candida infection to someone else by putting something in their food?
    Because I had this insane crazy roommate and right when things blew up between the two of us, I began getting symptoms, digestive, etc. It turns out I have candida yeast infection. Is it possible that he put something in my food, and if so, how would it be? spitting into it? putting something else in it? please, this is weighing heavily on my mind.

    • ANSWER:
      May be. But why he/she will do it. If you think of your bad relation with that person, avoid them.
      If it is not possible to change the room, try to make good relation with him/her. This is a very critical situation.

    Candida yeast infection diet?
    Hi, could anyone tell me if i can eat as much as i want of these on the Candida yeast infection diet.

    Rice cakes
    rye vita
    shredded wheat
    rice dream milk alterantive stuff.


    • ANSWER:
      Forbidden Foods:

      Breads - including yeast-free wheat and rye breads.
      Exceptions: rice and corn breads, and yeast-free pita breads are OK.
      Dairy Products - including yogurt.
      Fermented Foods - Mushrooms, champagne, wine and beer or anything fermented; for example, miso and tofu.
      Fruits - including apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, peaches, prunes dates or dried fruits (too much sugar).
      Fruit Juices - especially when fasting.
      Exceptions: The juices of allowed fruits, and those only sparingly, cut with natural healthy water, completely free of pollution. (I like Trinity Water at:

      Wheat and Rye - in crackers, cereal, breads and pasta.
      Tea or Coffee - not even caffeine-free coffee or herbal teas.
      Sugar - in any form; no honey, molasses, maple syrup or artificial sweeteners.
      Sauces - of any kind unless homemade without peppers, sugar, vinegar or syrup.
      Vinegars - including those found in salad dressing, mustard and mayonnaise. Peppers, Horseradish and Canned or Fried foods.

      Avoid: refrigerated leftovers, especially meat. Freeze the leftovers and heat them later (especially for meats, because they will become damp and moldy overnight.)

      Allowed foods:

      Water - distilled
      Vegetable Juices - freshly squeezed, not canned (such as V-8)
      Cranberry Juice - unsweetened
      Wheatgrass Juice
      Fruit Juices - of allowed fruits, in moderation and cut with distilled water Coconut and Rice Milk
      Chicken, Turkey & Egg whites
      Most Fish - preferably cold water fish (salmon, true cod, sea bass)
      Vegetables - steamed or stir-fried; avoid eating them raw
      Rice and Corn Breads, and Yeast-Free Pita Breads.
      Rice Cakes, Rice Crackers, Corn Tortillas, Corn Chips, Nuts and Seeds.
      Exceptions: peanuts and pistachios.

      Legumes - (beans) soaked and drained several times for a minimum of 24 hours.
      Leafy Greens - lettuce, tomatoes and avocados with flaxseed, avocado or linseed oil and a dash of lemon juice as a salad dressing.
      Tropical Fruits - papaya, mango, kiwi, pineapple, banana, honeydew melon, coconut and guava.
      Caution: use fruits only in the morning. Do not eat after other meals. Some people (10%) cannot eat fruit at all because of the high fructose content or acidity (banana and pineapple).
      Ambrotose Classic 100 gram (link provided) triple blind placebo study revealing macrophage (white blood cell) 98% kill of candida albicans due to cell recognition. Results felt by 14% of people on the classic is a candida flush, mucous, minor headache, minor skin rash, fatigue, all temporary due to the body getting rid of the candica rapidly. What helps this process along is water, and walking to increase circulation. Typically lasting a few days.

    I have been using Virgin coconut oil MeritVCO to cure my candida yeast infection has anyone used coconut oil?
    Q. How does coconut oil work against yeast infections?
    A. Coconut oil has several unique properties that make it an excellent treatment for yeast infections.

    Among the most potent natural yeast-fighting substances are lauric acid and caprylic acid, both derived from coconut oil.

    All medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil kill yeast, viruses and bacteria.

    Some of these substances are stronger against one type of organism and some work better against others, so when all these elements combine forces in this unique type of oil, they become a daunting weapon against dysbiosis.

    When I began researching coconut oil, I noticed that many patients mentioned they were getting relief from a wide variety of symptoms, including fatigue, joint pain, irritability and recurrent bladder infections.

    Of course, you’re aware that people suffering from candida infections often complain of precisely these symptoms.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Gives me a headache, due to Herx die-off reaction. I reccommend you take 3 tablespoons per day, after meals.

    Candida Yeast Infection, causes Diabetes?
    Is it true that Candida Yeast Infection causes Diabetes?

    • ANSWER:
      No. Many people with diabetes get Candida problems. I used to work in a urinalysis lab. A large percentage of the urine's that were positive for glucose showed Candida under microscopic analysis.

    Candida yeast infection?
    Hi, i have candida yeast infection on my penis and just wondered if there is anything else i can do about it. i have watered down some tea tree oil which i have been applying, is there anything else. I have been told to dilute tea tree oil with a oil can anyone recommend a good oil so i can directly apply. Have also been told about chamomile tea. Any other ideas would be great.


    • ANSWER:
      Go to the chemist and purchase any of the excellent anti-fungal creams on offer, they actually work!

    i think i have candida yeast infection in my tongue what is the best way to deal with it?

    • ANSWER:
      You need an anti-fungal rinse. Nystatin is what I would use. You need a doctor or dentist to prescribe it.

    How do you tell when my Candida yeast infection is gone???
    I need a little help with finding out how I know my oral yeast infection (Candida) is gone. I've been on a VERY strict diet of almost only veggies, a few raw nuts, and some berries, which are permitted on the diet due to their low sugar content. I've been on this diet for a week and feel great! However, I'm afraid that once I go back to my regular vegan diet including fruits and grains, that the Candida will come back. Does anyone know how to tell when it's gone?? My throat is clear, my tongue is almost completely better, but I just don't know. I'm afraid to risk it.

    If anyone has any answers or suggestions I would be extremely appreciative...we have quite a few family functions coming up and I would be miserable if I couldn't partake in some of the foods. :(

    Thanks to anyone who can help!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      your mouth should be the way it was before. Also, to speed things up a bit: eat a lot of acidophilus and other bacteria plain yogourt. It doesn't taste very good though, but is extremely healthy and effective. Also, check your pharmacy for "Jamieson" products. Look for acidophilus. Take three a day at every meal. Total: 3 not 9.

      good luck!

    what is yeast candida infection medicine which is available in india and effective?

    • ANSWER:
      Its a fungal infection. Fluconazole is good medicine on that but I will suggest you to visit your family doctor.

    How Much Longer Do i Have to Follow Candida Diet?(YEAST INFECTION)?
    when can i eat pizza and stuff that contains yeast?
    iv been on monistat1 for 4 days now everything seems a lot better
    if i just continue to eat eathly foods on the candida diet but also add some pizza or something will it be ok?? or do i have to stay on the diet forever? :(

    • ANSWER:
      Monistat will kill the bacteria anyway so you should be fine to eat what you like. To prevent yeast infections from occurring in the future though, you might want to incorporate some yogurt with active cultures like L. Acidophilus in your permanent diet or taking acidophilus supplements which you can find at your local pharmacy.

    is candida yeast infection..?
    the same as eating yeast thats for cooking and baking? im really confused. eating yeast used in breads and stuff is ok right? then whats candida yeast infection and HOW DO YOU GET IT? i tried making bread yesterday and i didnt add sugar so it didnt turn out but it cooked and i ate a little of it. it had yeast. its safe right?? the yeast isnt going to grow in my intestine or something, right??? im confused on that and yeast infection. is that how u get it?
    please help!
    thanks so much :)
    i know its a dumb question.

    • ANSWER:
      There is NO such thing as a "dumb question"

    so im a guy and i think i might have a yeast infection/candida and i need help fixing it!?
    This may get a little personal, but I'm uncircumcised and I have some white stuff appearing under the foreskin of my penis.
    Yeah, I'm going to have to go with personal hygiene not being a problem here. I shower daily and I know how to use a towel. I'm asking a legitimate question seeking some useful help. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Well the only person who seems to have a sensible answer is Wazir. You havent got any problem - smegma is a perfectly natural thing and every natural guy in the world has it.

      I saw recently that 90% of the world male population is not circumcised, so I guess that makes your "condition" prettty normal.

      The best way to fix smegma is to make sure you masturbate a couple time a day and flush it out in the process. You will normally also flush it out when you piss. I am assuming here that you dont usually retract your foreskin (like me) and I want to assure you that that is ok.

    what Should I eat if I have a yeast infection/candida?
    is toast ok? or grapefruits?
    and would it be ok if I medicated myself with meds for this kind of probem even though I haven't seen a doctor ? I'm 100% positive it's a yeast infection

    • ANSWER:
      If its just genital thrush then it doesn't really matter what you eat. Its just a superficial infection. You would just get yourself a cream like cannesten or even use natural yogurt / probio yogurt.

      Systemic candidiasis is a lot more serious and then you should minimise carbs but the worst one is fructose. Candida uses fructose to make new cells. Fructose is in fruit veg and normal sugar. Sorbitol is changed into fructose by the liver so avoid that too.

      Putting on yogurt on to the genitals is obviously not dangerous so there would be no need to see a doctor. If that doesn't work then try the cream. If that doesn't work then you should see your doctor.

    Eye Troubles that are possibly related to Candida Yeast Infection?
    Ok like everyone else i have a little sleep in my eyes/ gunk in the corners when i wake but lately ive been waking with white milky junk on my actual eyeball and crustiness that is no longer just in the corners its here and there across my eyelashes.I have 2 known medical conditions , one which is a Candida Yeast Infection and the other is a scalp condition that is a result of the candida called folliculitis decalvans, My question is could my eye problem be a result of my candida? I haven't gotten anything in my eyes or scratched them in a long time that i can recall. I do have spring allergies which aren't as bad as they usted to be thanks to eating local honey. I tried this site because im sick of sites trying to sell me things. If anyone has any insight on this please let me know or email me at

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a medical condition (ie: idiopathic T cell dysfunction) that makes you susceptible to candidiasis, then you are susceptible to candida just about anywhere on your body. You should definitely go see your physician and tell them you are getting a white film over your eyes.

      Allergies could indeed be a culprit, but the MD would have to see it to diagnose you. Homeopathic remedies are not the first answer here!

    What could it be? Breast Cancer? Candida Yeast infection? or What?
    I nursed my son for 16 months, just weaned a month ago.. During the course of that time a small dark spot (not raised, just flat surface of skin) developed near the aerola of my breast. I thought it was due to his having bit me more than once during the course of weaning, or the fact that my skin around the nipple would often crack, and was always healing or bleeding.. Now a month after I've completely weaned my son off, my nipple and aereola is peeling and dry. The dark spot appears smaller and faded now, but itches like crazy! I've done a full breast examination twice so far and feel nothing different or wierd. So I don't think it's cancer, but I could be wrong. I spoke with a nurse over the phone, she said that it could be candida yeast infection. Does this sound accurate? Does anyone have a clue? I'm waiting for my GYN to call me when they have there systems back up, so far no available appointments till 2 weeks from now. -Extremely Worried-

    • ANSWER:
      Dear Only Human,

      Please don't be too worried yet. Most breast lumps are not cancerous, but only a doctor can tell.
      - Breast discharge is a common problem and is not always a symptom of cancer.
      - Nipple inversion is a common variant of normal nipples, but nipple inversion that is a new development can be of concern.
      - Changes in the skin of the breast include changes in texture, redness and puckering. These changes are usually caused by skin diseases and most of times are not breast cancer symptoms.

      My best regards

    Best home remedy for candida infection?
    Just interested in the best home remedies for candida( yeast) infection. I was told plain yogourt, any others?

    • ANSWER:
      cleanliness & good airation.

    what can i do for my dog that has candida yeast infection?
    bought yeast kit use grain-free holistic food use coconut oil on skin and on food bought cozy comfy cone for head muzzle and feet guards that he has chewed up still his legs feet ears and face

    • ANSWER:
      When natural methods don't work, it's time for a vet.

    Could someone please tell me the difference between thrush, candida, cystitis and yeast infection?
    How are they treated. I already tried some research but still can't get it.
    I have already asked my doctor but he went off topic. I think I have Candida and want to be armed with information when I go back.

    • ANSWER:
      ok - thrush is a yeast infection. it is caused by a fungal infection (yeast is fungus) calld candida.
      candida can also cause atheletes foot, oral thrush and others - thrush is when the delicate balance of bacteria in the mouth, vagina or penis etc becomes out of balance and more of the candida fungas becomes present. candida can also affect other areas of the body such as stomach
      they are treated with anti fungal ointments, pessaries or oral tablets usually, but there are natural remedies that help (live yoghurt is great as it helps restore balance of good bacteria)
      anti biotics are often the cause as they can disturb balance of bacteria. candida is usually present but in harmless amounts

    a natural and free treatment for candida albicans yeast infection?

    • ANSWER:
      One positive aspect of using apple cider vinegar as a means of treating the infection is the fact that vinegar naturally gets rid of odor. Make the mixture by adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to two quarts of boiled filtered water. You can douche with this mixture twice a day. You may consider adding two cups of pure apple cider vinegar to a hot bath and sitting in the bath water for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Open the lips of your vagina and allow the warm medicinal water to enter into the infected area.

    what does a yeast infection(candida) look like?
    just wondering if you have a yeast infection down below, what does it look like, how do you know you have it? and if left untreated for a few months is this dangerous?

    • ANSWER:
      cottage cheese on a rye bagel!!! get help asap!!!

    do i have yeast infection or candida?
    I am having Stomach gas since last summer and i had IBS. one day i was eating a bread and my stomach got worse and started farting. then i thought i have something with yeast. then i google it and found that candida is yeast infection and it makes you gas. but i don't have those stuff on my pennies or my mouth or anything. i just fart. i did the split test and it was negative than the youtube video that i watched. do i have yeast infection??? please help

    • ANSWER:
      Many IBS Sufferers are Lactose Intolerant and don't know it. Your symptoms sound like you have a problem with milk. Stop eating milk products and see how that makes you feel. Be sure to read the labels of the food you eat, milk is an ingredient in alot of different prepared foods. Keep a food journal so you can try to figure out what is causing the symptoms. A problem food will usually trigger an IBS symptom within 3 to 6 hrs. For more information on IBS visit Hope this helps!

    Candida or systemic yeast infections: why do doctors act like yeast infections all throughout the body aren't?

    If you have experienced yeast / candida infections in other parts of your body can you please tell me what you did to eliminate it. A natural diet I assume.
    Where in my question did I say doctors are wrong?

    evirusthelaye: Just to let you know, If you are the only one that answers I would rather delete my question then have you chosen as best answer.

    Here is the TRUTH since you like to go on assumptions. I at least ASK questions as part of the way I SEEK the to find the truth. a woman I know who was hiking / camping all over Australia, Hawaii and New Zealand came home to have her doctor give her this diagnosis- she did not define if he was a naturopath or a regular doctor. He gave her some pills or meds to take - I did not see them - and she told me about it. She said "did you know you can get a yeast infection throughout your body?" I said NO I did not know. Then I went to try and find info about it on the web. I could only find advertising info to buy products and ONE that was NOT selling anything. Seemed he was genuinely trying to help people and he gave them ways on how to "cure" it themselves by modification of diet and acidolpholis / bifidus.
    Your answers are based on assumptions. And I am the "idiot" questioner??? You can email me if you want to continue this since this is not a chat format.
    This I do KNOW yeast needs sugar to "grow"

    use your assumptions on THAT!
    Every industry INCLUDING medical / pharmaceutical are a money making industry and they need your money to continue and it has grown to a money making scheme - hence the insurance industry is booming. I know the HEALTH industry is a money making scheme also. However, there is truth in some of those industries also.

    God gave us this earth and in it can provide for our life and also for cures. Not in a bottle, not in a scheme. Those that are greedy and selfish try to find ways to make you pay for it.

    YES, diet does matter. You have been INSTRUCTED about what you should eat and what you should not for optimal health. If HE has given you life here HE has provided for your life HERE.

    • ANSWER:
      What Evirustheslaye and Skep said.

      Systemic yeast infections are only seen in severely inmmunosuppressed people and you would require hospital care if you have such an infection. The alties want you to believe you have yeast everywhere in your body so you will buy their cleanses and detoxes- the amusing thing is, even if you did have a systemic yeast infection, the crap they tell you to take won't help anyway !

      Such an infection s possible but is very rare and there is no reason for people to routinely believe they have such infections.

    is there a good cure for candida yeast infection?

    • ANSWER:
      Eat yogurt. Cut down on your sugar intake. Sugar feeds the yeast and makes it grow. Your body should regulate the amount of candida it has. Look it up @

    Dietary advice for curing candida (yeast infection)?
    I've just finished a long course of antibiotics and have been warned that because of my compromised immune system, I'm likely to end up with candidiasis. I've already started to show symptoms but have heard that eating certain things can help, such as natural yoghurt. Is there anything else I can try?

    • ANSWER:
      It is always best to start these natural methods when you start on antibiotics. Cranberry Juice, yogurt, acidophilus pills (the active pro-biotic in yogurt) are also available. As a diabetics I am used to these infections. most of the time these things help me prevent a yeast problem, but often I have to take one prescription Diflucan. that takes care of it.
      I have also found it helpful to wear loose fitting, white-colored only, cotton-only undergarments. yeast thrives in warm, moist, poorly aired areas.

    yeast infection -Candida, help please !
    i have yeast infection, again. its my third time in my life and the second time in this year. i had it about two months ago. i haven`t seen a doc yet because i am sure its Candida. i have a serious relationship and he has absolutely nothing. my questions are : is the cream enough or should i complete the treatment with antibiotics? Are my infections too often? should i be alarmed? could the infection be caused by the water in pools? i was at a public pool a week ago and i want to know if public pools are dangerous. Is it possible that my bf has the infection too even if he does not have any symptoms at all?
    please help, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, your bf may have a yeast infection and he is continuing to reinfect you. This doesn't mean that he's been out messing around. He probably got it from having sex with you the first time you were infected and you keep getting treated, but he isn't so he's reinfecting you. Your bf needs to go to the doctor and get a culture (which he's just gonna LOVE...LOL) and if he's positive for yeast then he needs to get treatment.

      No, you can't get a yeast infection from a public pool. With all the chlorine and chemicals in there to kill any bacteria, fungi and viruses - I think it's pretty hard to get something.

      Good luck, honey!

    I have a candida yeast infection. How can I cure this????? what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      if you really want to get rid of yeast infection then you must follow these tips - they worked for me:

      1) Eat yogurt!!!! It contains helpful bacteria (live cultures, including acidophilus and bifidus) that destroy yeast. Use only plain yogurt with active cultures.

      2) Douche with a solution of 1 to 3 tbsp. vinegar in a quart of water. Repeat once a day while having symptoms, but no longer than a week.

      3) Decrease or eliminate sugar and sugary foods. Sugar promotes yeast growth.

      4) Use a garlic clove as a suppository. Garlic contains a natural anti-fungal agent.

      5) Try gentian violet. It's a traditional remedy for yeast and other infections, and can be found in pharmacies. Swab the area with it once or twice a day. Make sure to use a thick pad - it stains everything.

      6) Use an herbal douche. Combine equal amounts of sage, raspberry and comfrey with 1/4 part goldenseal. This can be combined with cider vinegar.

      7) also you should use some herbal treatment. In that case Yeastrol is really good (probably the best) product that gets rid of yeast infection comparatively fast and makes you feel more confident knowing that it wont reappear again!
      And of course it is better if you use full course (5 months - if I remember correctly). For me it worked very fast + I dont get yeast infections anymore (almost 2 years) ...

    candida yeast infection sexually transmitted. true/false?
    Apparently my girlfriend has started to have symptoms of candida yeasts. She told me I might have transmitted to her, and i am trying to find out if I really did transmit it to her or it was a result of her low immune system. Is there a way to find out this? how long does it take for the symptoms to show up? days or weeks?
    thanks for the answers, but is there a way to understand if she got it from me or she just developed it on her own??

    • ANSWER:
      Leah doesn't know what she is talking about!

      Candida is not a sexually transmitted infection as there are many ways that it can start to grow.

      However, once established it can be passed between sexual partners.

      It is NOT a sign of infidelity - I got a Candida infection when I was still a virgin.

    Does anyone know how to get rid og oral candida (yeast infection in the mouth)?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to consult a doctor. There is medication available that you swish in your mouth, then swallow. A couple of the most common ones are Nystatin & Diflucan. It's just an antifungal that will get rid of the yeast pretty quickly. Also, what caused the yeast? Lots of antibiotics will lead to this. Perhaps there's another medication this person could take if this is the cause.

    yeast candida - yeast infection cures?
    i will like to know about curing yeast infections. Yeast infections cures do exist with some excellent product but can anyone explain to me how here .....................

    • ANSWER:
      Look on PubMed, there's loads of papers about the mode of operation of anti-fungals

    WHAT DO I HAVE ?do i have candida yeast infection >?
    i have no other symptoms put discharge thats sometimes clumpy & bumpy yet my vagina feels very watery !!

    • ANSWER:
      A yeast infection is very common form of vaginal infection. The fungus may overgrow your vagina when you take antibiotics, or the bc pill, over douche or have diabetes, wear a wet bathing suit too long or wear sweaty leotards (among other reasons). The symptoms of a yeast infection are vaginal itching, redness and intense burning, and a thick cottage-cheese like odor. It is important to see a doctor the first time you have a yeast infection to make sure you get the correct diagnosis. Once you know what the symptoms of a yeast infection are (and it was confirmed to be a yeast infection) you can try the anti-fungal medications sold in drug stores.

      Good luck, Your BEINGgirl Experts

    candida yeast infection diet?
    Hi, for he past 3 days i have been really good and not had any of the stuff your not supposed to have but mum's given me a piece of chocolate cake to eat tonight will it hurt to eat it or should i just hide it.

    thanks kitt, that's what i thought might happen. the infection is in my penis, i have been using tea tree oil diluted in water and placing directly on (what oil would be best). Any other ideas on what i should be doing.

    thanks again

    • ANSWER:
      To cure your Yeast Infection, you might want to consider using home remedies such as cloves of garlic wrapped in cloth and applied with tea tree oil to the affected area daily, yogurt or its substitute, acidophilus, hot sitz bath diluted with vinegar and staying away from foods with yeast.

      1)Drink at least six glasses of water each day. Water helps to remove toxins
      2)Aloe Vera Juice twice per day is very good for detoxifying the body from all infections because it strengthens the immune system.
      3)Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water and drink it. This kills all the bad bacteria in the body and you can even lose weight in the process. Don’t do this more than 1 to 3 times per week.
      4)Eat yogurt on a daily basis. It contains the good kind of bacteria, Lactobacillus Acidolhylus , that is found in the body.

      Below are some good sources that I found to be helpful to get rid of my yeast infection and it never came back again.

    Can a yeast infection (candida) affect fertility..?
    while ovulation.. yeast infection.. does it decrease chances of conceiving..?

    • ANSWER:

    I think i may have a Candida Yeast infection.?
    I've had Oral Thrush frequently for the last 2 Years, a thick coating on the tongue which can be scraped off, I'm Irritable, Dark circles Fixated under my eyes, no matter what i try they will not go away!

    My face is quite spotty, with little spots that look like they're under the skin, when squeezed a thick 'substance' comes out. It is not a liquid, almost like a black head, but more 'string' like and larger and less greasy.

    I've been having trouble sleeping for a very long time and i've become quite depressed because of it.

    When i drink fizzy drinks, strong sugary cordial, i instantainously get a thicket coat on my tongue and become more thirsy, i never feel "100%" and always quite tired, no matter how much sleep or how well i eat.

    I'm constantly thirsty due to the oral thrush. I've been to the doctor's regarding this they never mentioned Candida, and have taken me for blood tests Twice, both harboring the same results that everything is fine, i've been apointed the same Oral medicine twice also with aboslutley no effect. It feels like every time i go to the doctor's i'm repeating the same routine with no help.

    Online there seems to be alot of 'candida symptoms' whcih match mine!

    • ANSWER:
      If all else fails, I urge you to try this book that I've bought recently. I've gone through this book twice to understand the program and am pleased to say that I'm on the road to recovery. Heck, this is better than seeing a doctor. The doctor I've seen gave me medicine to alleviate the symptoms, not curing the root of the problem.

      One thing though, you really got to eliminate sugar from your diet. It makes candida happy. :(

      You can see positive reviews in the site below.

    Does anyone out there know how to treat deep rooted candida(yeast) infections?
    I'm looking for something to kill yeast overgrowth permanently. I eat very clean, and avoid foods that are triggers. I've tried probiotics, and as long as I take them everyday I'm fine, but they don't actually kill the fungus just keep it in control.

    • ANSWER:
      Thanks for saying my answer was good Zambiti. I can never actually tell if people like the things I say on here :x

      Here's the response I wrote, with some edits/additions. I mispelled Kefir in the original one.

      I read alternative therapy books a lot, and from them I've learned a few things:
      1) Candida is a nasty conditions that causes a lot of problems.
      2) Most doctors don't awknowledge that it exists (and say it's in your head etc), or they use completely incorrect ways to treat it (ie. antibiotics).
      3) It's really difficult to treat, even with alternative approaches like naturopathy which normally work when conventional therapy fails.

      One of my friends came up to me and told me that she had candida, and explained how it was messing her up and that the doctors she'd seen hadn't really done s**t (or prescribed anything that work). I asked her if she'd tried fixing her diet and not eating sugar. She said she had somewhat, and it helped a little, but it didn't really make a difference. She also had eaten probiotics, which helped a bit.

      I'd recently finished reading a book on oxygen therapies which said candida is exteremely difficult to cure, regardless of what you do, but hydrogen peroxide seemed to actually do the trick very quickly.
      They advocated intravenous injection (which is a pain to do), but I thought drinking it might work as well since candida hangs out in the gut. I had some lying around and I'd used it for other stuff, so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it. Neither of us thought it would work.
      Generally, intravenous injections of peroxide are considered to be much more effective and better than drinking peroxide, but at the same time they are more invasive and not as easy to do (I always have a bias towards doing simpler things when I practice medicine on my own), hence we avoided it. However in your situation, it might be worth looking in that option. In the literature I read, all the people who had dramatic reversals of chronic incurable candida used intravenous peroxide.

      back to my response anyhow, I checked back with autumn in a few days, and she said that she didnt think it would work, but she started noticing changes after about 3 days, and within 10 most of her symptoms had gone away (in 2 weeks she said she felt like she as 95% of where she had been before, and "wow I can't believe how much candida messed me up").
      At some point, she lost the peroxide I gave her, and then went for about a week without it, at which point she noticed she got a lot worse (to about 50% of where she had been before she started, and said "I hope I don't have to use this stuff for the rest of my life."). We talked about it, and I theorized that the peroxide would probably need longer to completely kill the candida, but it might also be necessary to inject it to get some of the candida hangingou out in the bloodstream outside of the gut (in all the case studies I'd seen where peroxide worked, it was done intravenously, which we did not yet want to do).
      A bit later, while still not having peroxide, she came across a drink called kefir (another strong probiotic one), and started using it. She said that it got her to the last push of 99.9%, and that she planned to use that from now on, and has been fine ever since.
      Total sucesses with candida are very rare (a lot of these herbal things people suggest might work on one person, but never have consistent success since the condition is hard to treat), but I thought I'd share that example since I'm certain it happened (first hand experience), and I'd advise trying something similar.

      Candida normally occurs when you have too many things in your guy that feed the fungus (ie sugar), or your stomach bacteria are supressed and can't contain the fungus. The latter commonly happens when people are overperscribed antiobiotics (which happens a lot since doctors use antiobiotics zealously). Ie, it's very common for people to get a candida infection immediately after being treated for pneumonia.

      In our approach to treating it, we first killed off most of the candida with peroxide. Then once it was mostly gone, we put a lot of friendly bacteria in to put the balance in the gut back to where it should be. I don't think doing the latter will work if the Candida population is there in full force to begin with.

      As far as hydrogen peroxide goes, the stuff is harmless good for you if a few safety measures are followed:
      1) It has to be in a very low concentration (if you drink 30% you will most likely die and it burns skin if you touch it, whereas .05% helps your health a lot).
      2) It can't have toxic additives in it (most peroxide sold does)
      3) It needs to be drank away from meals (when you eat the stomach acids and proteins in gut can turn it into OH-, which is bad for you).

      The procedure she followed was very simple.
      1) Get a little bit of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide* from me (you can buy it online), and an eyedropper.
      *It should be stored in the freezer if not used.
      2) Put 1 drop of 35% in a glass of water and drink it on the first day as far away from meals as possible.
      2) 2 drops the next day
      3) Keep on increasing* until it feels like you've done as much as feels comfortable (10 is the absolute max, she settled at 7).
      Some people increase at a slower rate, such as 1 drop for a week, then 2 for the next instead of 1 per day.
      4) once it feels peroxide has cleaned you out, switch to kefir (you cannot use both at the same time, since peroxide will kill the recently added probiotics)

      I'm not an expert on probiotics, but I do know their quality greatly varies from source to source, so you need to make sure you get a good brand. All I can say is that Kaffir seems to work well. If you don't want to deal with this, you can also just keep on using peroxide, or consult a doctor that works with oxygen therapies (and say can give you intravenous injections).

      Sometimes when you use peroxide, it will detoxify your system, and cause a lot of crap that was stored in your to come out quickly. This can be unpleasant for a few days (toxic flush syndrome), but once it passes you feel a lot better than you did before.

      Everything I said can also be done with ozone, and ozone colonics for instance work really well (as does drinking ozonated water). However, I do not have personal experience with either and both are more expensive than peroxide (and you asked for cheaper approaches). Oxygen is really good for getting the body to purge and flush stuff out, and if you follow a peroxide regimen it will most likely get a lot out of your system.

      Anyhow, I hope this helps. Candida is very difficult to cure and has a profound effect on people's lives, but hopefully if you follow this you'll be able to get better. One of the things which is not appreciated about the condition is that the disease spreads to the bloodstream from the gut (creating things like chronic fatigue), and then enters the brain and starts affecting your mood (ie. making you more depressed and emotional). Autumn said this was the biggest thing she noticed with Candida before and after being cured.
      Considering how much it helped my friend, I figure it's my duty to pass the knowledge on.

      Hope you liked my revised version!

    Yeast infection, Candida, Acne?
    I believe a yeast infection is causing me spots, i took the good bacteria in a pill form and also took odurless garlic for 2 months, my acne cleared up, whether the infection was the cause, i dont know? Because after that the spots came back again. Is there any real way to clear up the yeast infection for good?

    • ANSWER:
      Candida is an internal problem. It has been said all disease starts in the colon. That being the case, health must begin here as well. The most effective way to heal yourself of Candida is doing a Complete, Natural Oxygen Colon Cleanse and following step-by-step instructions found inside “Yeast Infection No More” e-book by Linda Allen.

    what to do with a yeast infection?
    anyone had candida/yeast infection in their intestines before and experienced it cured throughtout natural remedies?

    anyone know of any natural remedies that really helped your candida?

    oh and where to buy it in canada

    • ANSWER:
      You might find what you are looking for here:

      Good luck!