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    Varicose/Spider veins and EVLT or Sclerotherapy.?
    I have some minor varicose veins, but they are emerging quickly. To find out how much the more recent treatments cost yo must have a consultation (and most likely pay for a consultation too). I was just wondering what kind of ball park amount I can estimate for the removal of veins. Thanks a lot:)

    • ANSWER:
      I dunno but I wish I didn't have varicose veins either and i'm only 25. My doctor doesn't advise removing them because she said you're kinda screwed if you need emergency surgery and need the vein for use in another part of your body.

    has anyone had evlt, laser on their varicose veins?if so how was it, was it worth it?
    this is endovenous laser therepy, a way of treating varicose veins without stripping, it is done in the doctors office under local. I just wondered if anyone had gone throught this procedure, and if so was it successful. thank you

    • ANSWER:
      you might want to do some research, depending on the severity of the varicose veins, you may want to try the scleratherapy, such has are they painful. some varicose veins can cause superficial clotting. so its important for you to dicuss all options and definitely get a second opinion. yes this is not a big procedure. but.... it can be very costly.

    I am looking into having EVLT for my varicose veins. Has any one tried this laser treatment? nervous....?

    • ANSWER:
      Dearest, you didn't give specific info like ur age, and how long u had it, and most importantly how bad is it etc. If it involves "big" veins, laser Tx wouldn't be much successful, it works well for spider ones. The treatment place will of course try to "wash ur brain", so if possible, try to have lots of other opinions. I have varicose veins, and I've accepted it, and no longer want any interventions... Take care,

    Varicose veins, Any Doctors Able To Answer?
    My Mom Has varicose veins, im trying to look up some kind of treatment for her. im aware that there are both surgical and non-surgical procedures available (EVLT getting my attention). from what i have read of EVLT im assuming that it closes the veins, and i was just wondering if surgically removing them would be better or is evlt more effective/safer? is it okay to keep dead veins in your leg/will it interfere with the flowing veins/ are there any risks in surgery or EVLT. i just need like overall explaination cause like i said i dont know anything about it thank you very much. Merry christmas

    • ANSWER:
      The "best" method for your mom depends on :
      1) the surgeon's experience &
      2) the layout of her veins.

      Surgical removal (ligation & stripping) completely removes the vein. No chance of return. Methods of ablation (laser & radio) cause the vein to scar down. Minimal chance of return.

      Leaving the vein doesn't cause a problem.

      If given the choice, I'd opt for ablation. Less pain, up quicker.
      In the hands of a skilled vascular surgeon, both are eaually safe.

      Most insurance requires a period of conservative treatment (rest, elevation, compression, use of meds like motrin, aleve, etc, and ice). This can vary from 6 weeks to 6 months.

    Varicose Vein treatment .... I have been advised EVLT procedure .?
    can anybody share the experience.......Is Radio_frequency ablation (RFA) any better than EVLT...???

    • ANSWER:
      I work for Vein Clinics of America and Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT or ELT) is a treatment option our doctors preform often. It's quick and doesn't require hospitalization or complicated surgery. The entire procedure, from start to finish, takes about 1 hour and there is very minimal to no pain. I've seen the procedure performed several times and the patients did not seem to be that uncomfortable. I have also seen patients with great results from having it.

      A small optic fiber is inserted through a needle into the varicose vein under ultrasound guidance. The laser is activated and, as the optic fiber is removed from the vein, it heats and closes the vein. Once the vein is closed, the blood that was circulating through the vein is naturally re-routed to other healthy veins. Over time, the varicose vein is absorbed by the body.

      ELT cannot treat veins that are too small, too tortuous, and/or too close to the surface of the skin due to laser fiber size and flexibility requirements. This means that the average ELT patient will require Sclerotherapy in conjunction with ELT to treat the smaller veins. Sclerotherapy, combined with ELT, usually meets the needs of all patients from the smallest spider vein to the largest ropelike varicose vein.

      Another advantage of treating varicose veins with Endovenous Laser Treatment is that it can be covered by most insurance plans.

      I'm not a doctor so I can't really give you any medical advice but if you've been advised to have ELT, then I would receomend it. See if there's a Vein Clinics of America in your area and find out if ELT is covered by your insurance, by calling 877-304-8033.

      I hope this helps!