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I am a 36-year-old mother of three. I'm healthy and active but for the past two years I've suffered breast pain, often quite severe. Lumps have been found several times but apparently they are harmless cysts. Recently had a full mammogram and scan and was given the all clear but I'm still in pain and I sometimes feel blue as I keep thinking something more sinister is going on. I was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid eight years ago and I now take a daily dose of thyroxine. Could you give me some advice?


Breast lumps are always worrying, especially because the awareness of breast cancers so high. Although many lumps are not malignant, as is the case with you, it's quite natural to feel worried. Let me explain my experience with patients who have this type of problem;

The breasts consist of soft, fatty tissue, fibrous tissue and numerous ducts, which join together to form the main tubes that open into the nipples. While you are breast- feeding milk produced by the fatty breast tissue collects in these ducts and is sucked out through the nipples by the baby. Lumps, both benign and malignant, are formed by division of the cells in either the grandular milk-producing tissue or the tissue that lines the ducts. The firm, fibrous tissue within the breast can also grow and feel lumpy.

One of the common causes of benign breast lumps is dehydration - not drinking enough water - and/or drinking too much coffee. How coffee causes the lumps is not exactly known. Many of my patients have found that giving up coffee and drinking more water results in a great improvement, with less swelling before their periods and no pain or tenderness.

Another common cause is infection. Babies, especially when they are teething, bite the nipples, causing injury to the tissue. Any infection -from the baby's mouth or from the surrounding area of the breast - goes in through the injured skin. Once the bacteria enter the sweet milky duct, they multiply rapidly. The original infection leads to an inflammation of the breast called mastitis, which can be very painful. Pus, which is made up of dead cells, may appear from the nipples, as the body's white cells - the infection fighters - notice the situation and attack. Large abscesses are often formed and when these heal scar tissue is created, which is also lumpy.

Benign breast lumps tend to hurt more when the breasts swell before a period. The swelling causes irritation in the nerve endings as they are stretched. Breast tissue swells in response to the production of prolactin, the milk-producing hormone that comes from the pituitary gland. As the level of prolactin rises, the breasts swell in readiness to produce milk At the same time ovulation stops. That is why breast-feeding mothers tend to be infertile nature doesn't want another pregnancy while the mother is nursing. It is worth getting the prolactin levels in the blood checked to see if they are abnormally high and whether that is causing the discomfort in your breasts.

The thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) is produced by the pituitary gland. Improving the blood flow to the pituitary through neck massage helps to stimulate its functioning and that could help resolve some of your thyroid problems.

Here is my advice for benign breast lumps

* Avoid coffee, excess salt and sugar, spicy food, pickles and preserved foods as they cause dehydration.

* Drink l.5 to 2litres of still, filtered water daily between meals.

* Massage the neck and shoulders twice a week this will improve the blood flow to the pituitary gland, which controls the thyroid and other hormonal glands in the .body, including the breasts. Massagingth e neck and shoulders helps many women patients of mine, especially before a period. It aids the relief of breast tenderness, which is one of the cardinal symptoms of PMS, and also helps to make lumps softer and less painful.

* Massage the breasts, particularly the lumps, with cocoa butter (widely available from health food sores), using the thumb and fingers. Do this every, day from mid-cycle until your period starts; repeat for four cycles.

* Practise yoga to help the circulation, particularly the cobra, boat swing semi bridge and child poses. You will find details in theropeutic Yoga, the book I co-wrote with Jiwan Brar, or you could join a local yoga class with a qualified teacher of therapeutic yoga.

* Take one capsule of aloe vera (Vega, 7.50 for 60) twice a day for three months.

* Drink a glass of aniseed tea each morning for two weeks: boil one teaspoonful of aniseed seeds in a big tumblerful of water for ten minutes. Leave to cool, add manuka honey to taste, then drink.

About the author: I have obtained MD in General Medicine with Honours in 1980 and joined The Central Institute of Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow for post graduation in Acupuncture. I have completed diploma courses in Acupuncture, Anesthesia, Iridology, Hypnotherapy and Clinical Fasting. Practicing as Integrated Medicine expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    lump in leg?
    I found a lump in my leg on the side about 4 inch above the doesnt hurt its freaking me out though

    • ANSWER:
      Check it out with the doc - nothing worse than worrying about something that can be laid to rest by getting checked out.

      Don't hang around. :-)
      R x

    Lump on leg?
    Okay, so on the front of my right leg just off the side of tibia a lump developed. It's one milimeter in diameter and raises about 0.1 milimeters off the skin. What is this? Is it cancerous? I'm freaked out. And it's the same color as the rest of my skin.

    • ANSWER:

    4 month old baby. shots. lump in leg?
    i have a 4 month old daughter who just had her shots on thursday. after she got her shots she had a little lump on her leg like an ant bite. now i just noticed the lump has turned into a knot on the inside. almost like a hard llump, bite. is this normal??

    • ANSWER:
      It's absolutely normal. The area might be a little swollen and red for a few days, but even after the swelling goes down, there still may be a hard lump for up to a few weeks afterwards. It won't be painful for your baby, but it's totally normal and nothing to worry about.

      Good luck!

    lump on leg by shin bone?
    i was playing softball about a week ago and got a line drive into my shin. immediately i got a bump on my shine bone where it hit. it hasn't bruised much but is a little tender where i got hit. about two days ago i was putting on my socks and i got a really bad pain in the same leg that was hit but not where i had a bruise. i started feeling my leg where it hurt and noticed a lump that wasn't very noticeable if you looked at my leg but if you felt it you could feel where there is a lump. i am 200% sure that i didn't hit or something else hit my leg. did getting hit with the ball cause this other bump? and what could it be?…

    if you look at this link the the second lump is about right between the Peroneus brevis muscle and the Extensor digitorum longus muscle on the left side.
    when i was putting on my socks it was a different lump that i found.

    • ANSWER:
      The other bump may be caused by the ball. Put some ice on it so the bump will go down probably.

    Hard lump between leg crease and top of vagina? HELP!?
    well about almost a week ago i noticed this hard lump a little bigger than the size of a pea, between my leg crease and top of vag(horizontally in line with my clit). it feels as if its attached to a bone or something. the skin on top of it moves around, but the actual lump doesnt. it doesnt really hurt or anything, theres been no discharge (i havent tried squeezing it though,,). there is a little red mark on the skins surface, where the lump is but im not sure that its got anything to do with the lump.
    I havent shaved down there in about 2 months, so i dont really think its an ingrown hair but who knows?

    does anyone know what this might be?

    i dont really want to go through the embarrassment of going to the doctors, or telling my parents. oh and im between the age of 15-17, and freaking out :(
    and im not sexually active.

    • ANSWER:
      it is a cyst, I would have it checked by a GP or dermatologist. That is the easiest and the quickest way to get rid of it.

      They may prescribe antibiotics, I used to get an oral antibiotic and an ointment to apply and it would take a whole course of antibiotics to get rid of the lump.

      These cysts are sometimes removed by draining and then taking antibiotics but your sounds way too solid for draining, I say you should only get a prescription drugs to clear it.

    What could a lump in lower leg above ankle be if its not tendonitis or cyst?
    The area around and the lump aches alot. The lump is more distinguished when crossing over my legs.
    Also not a lipoma
    also, the lump is on the outside of my leg, so could it be the veins thing? its bigger than the size of an american quarter..

    • ANSWER:
      Is the lump on the inside of the leg or the outside? This might be a varicosed vein, these do have a tendency to increase in size when the legs are crossed.

      If you have bumped your leg at any point, this may be due to a local haematoma. If this is troubling you, do get your Dr to have a look.

    Any doctors here? Weird lump on leg. Getting annoyed with going to the doctors.?
    I havn't been to the hospital or doctors since i was born. But in the last 3 months or so Ive been to the doctors with an ear infection, a lump on my neck, and a couple of other little things. Now I feel like a total idiot because all of a sudden things keep happening to me and I feel bad for bugging the doctors (its also a bit embarassing for me) Im afraid there going to start not believing things are wrong with me because what are the chances all of a sudden things kep going wrong... anyways

    I just went to the hospital like a week ago to get the lump on my neck removed (thankfully the swelling went down so they didnt need to operate) and the rash around it started to dissapear. But... Last week when I was shaving the razer was going strait then hit somthing and went around. I didnt notice the thing in my leg because its not visible with the eye.But sure enough theres a hard marble sized ball about 3 inches above my ankle right in the center of my leg. What's wrong, should i worry

    • ANSWER:
      Greetings, it could be anything from a fatty tumor, to a lymph node, to a hard cyst. I would get it checked out if it doesn't go away within a few days. Peace of mind is worth the trip to the dr.

    dog has big lump on leg!?
    My dog is an 11 year old golden retriever. In the last 2 months she's developed this really big lump on her back leg, just above the ankle. It's not hard, quite soft really, like it's just liquid inside and when I touch it firmly it doesn't seem to bother her. She's a very fit dog, runs everyday, still I don't think is bothers her, because well she can still run on it. It's just a matter of getting her to the vet, because quite frankly I can't afford the vet bills at the moment, So just out of curiosity has anyone experienced the same thing with their dog, and if so what do you think it could be?
    Also just to give you an idea of how big it is, it's just a bit bigger then a tennis ball or large orange

    • ANSWER:

    Lump on leg that feels like a bruise?
    I noticed this lump on my left upper thigh yesterday. It's not discolored or anything, but it feels exactly like a bruise and I don't recall hitting it on anything. I've also been having a lot of varicose veins popping up and I've been feeling weak and tired all the time. I'm only 20 years old. I'm not sure if if it has anything to do with my job or not, I do a lot of standing and walking and I haven't really had a day off in over a month. I'm a housekeeper at a hotel for 4 days a week and I'm doing my internship for Medical assisting school the other 3 days. I would ask one of the other MA's or nurses but I don't really feel comfortable telling them my health issues considering I work with them. Can anyone tell me what could possibly be going on?

    • ANSWER:
      Your varicose veins could be related to your work and so much standing. The standard recommendation for that problem is to lose weight and wear support stockings. In terms of the lump, there are quite a few things that could cause it. Check this site and you will see a discussion of at least 20 different possibilities.

    I have this lump on my leg, its the size of a large spider bite?
    ITs not itchy at all, so i think this rules off the spider bite possibility. It is a fairly big lump, and just lately i had been in the bush.

    Ive had it the same size for 3 - 5 days. And im wondering what it could possibly be?

    Im thinking a tick .

    • ANSWER:
      It might still be a spider bite ...

      in any case you should still see a doctor about it

    Why do i have a weird lump in my leg?
    I had a bruise from smashing my leg into a table.....but the bruise is gone........the lump got bigger.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you damaged soft tissue. It should go away in 2 weeks. If not, visit a DR.
      Hope you are okay!

    What was the black hard lump I squeezed out of my leg?
    When I was younger I had a lump on my leg which I knew there was something in there so after a few days of squeezing, I squeezed out this extremely hard, wrinkly, dark lump the size of a pea, and now im left with a big scar and dent in my leg. what was it? im not sure if I was bitten or if it just grew? thanks for answering :)

    • ANSWER:
      It was a cyst that hardened. Sometimes the body will form a cyst to encase a piece of foreign matter or a minor infection. In most cases the cyst will be filled with fluid, but in some cases it will contain calcium and other matter that form a kind small stone. It's nothing to worry about. I had a similar growth in my upper arm, that came out similarly. The scar will eventually fade.

    I have a tender lump in my leg?
    I have a half a lemon sized lump in my leg, just under a knee. It has been there since I was a teenager. It is tender and a little painful when touching. The limp does not seem to be growing. What could that be?
    Sort before getting the lump, I had an accident, I fell down and hit the same leg in the same place. I was wondering if that could have caused it?

    • ANSWER:
      Probably just a cyst, but please go to your doctor!

    dog developed a big soft lump on her leg seemingly overnight, should i worry and get to to the vet immediately?
    It's about as big as one of those big marbles and very soft like there's liquid in it. I hear that 24 hour vets are incredibly expensive so should it wait till tomorrow?
    It's near her wrist

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a tumor or just some skin my dog is 18 years old and has a lot of those his are tumors but he is 126 years old in dog years so you should take to a vet could be nothing but could be very bad even if it does cost a lot you should do it any way so please take her to a vet

    Fell about 3 months ago. Got a big bruise and lump on leg w/ bruised toes. When it happened.?
    My doctor HAS looked at it and felt around it but seems he only thinks I over extended the legiments. He said if i had insurance he would order x-rays for it and put me thru PT. (TOLD me what to do on my own w/ the PT) And thinks i'm just a slow healer. I did a number on myself. (Had my foot under me while working on a computer and instead of testing my foot out first I stepped down right on it. It went to sleep on me.) I also have Fibromyalgia which i'm wondering if could be cause of slow healing (poor circulation) or if there's something else going on here. I can put my foot in very, very, very icey water and swelling goes away. (Not good for someone w/ Fibro) Sometimes the foot throbs but as for pain there isnt any just some strangeness to it. Hard to explain.

    QUESTION: Since hot doesnt work and cold does does that make a difference on what's going on w/ the foot?

    • ANSWER:
      calcium build up,ok

    I have a soft painful lump inside my lower leg.?
    I have taken up running and have recently stopped because of the lump in my leg. It hurts to run and it is tender to touch. It is not visible at all looking at it, but you can feel it. I am going to have it checked at the doctors but if anyone has a clue what it may be, let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a knot in the muscle which should feel better with massage, but may well be a blood clot, or it could also be cancer. Get it checked out as soon as possible. I'm not a doctor but I've had blood clots in the leg and my friend had a painful lump in the leg and it turned out to be cancer. Be safe; don't wait.

    my dog of five years has a soft round lump on her leg?
    its been there a few months now and when u press it, it feels like a sac filled with fluid, recently ive noticed she also seems to be in a little bit of pain aswell but she seems to be eating ok. im taking her to the vet tommrow
    can anyone tell me what it might be?

    • ANSWER:
      Glad you're taking her to the vet tomorrow, good decision. Might have been good to take her when you first noticed it though... I hope it'll all be ok. Hopefully it's just a cyst (defined by as "a closed, bladderlike sac formed in animal tissues, containing fluid or semifluid matter") that they can drain or something... I'm no vet or doctor, but cysts are often not to be too worried about. Humans get them too. I had a small one once and it went away on its own. Sometimes they don't go away but can be drained to get rid of it I think. Good luck!

    I have a Lump on my leg what does that mean? Please Help?
    I was playing soccer the other day and i went to kick the ball and it felt like i pulled a muscle in my leg or something. Now every time i sprint and kick the ball the pain comes back, when before any kicking or sprinting the pain was gone. Now i just realized i have a sort of lump where the pain is.
    Can anyone tell me what's up?

    • ANSWER: