Ruptured Varicose Vein

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The first appearance of a varicose 00004000 vein is a lifeless, painful discomfort. The vein becomes bigger, knotted and bloated. In extraordinary cases a rupture of the wall sometimes follows. This is scarce but always possible.

The veins are the vessels that serve to return the blood from the capillaries of the different parts of the body to the heart. The veins are found in virtually each tissue of the body. They are bigger and altogether more numerous than the arteries. Thus , the entire capacity of the venous system is much larger than the arterial. The arteries, which are denser in structure than the veins, are also stronger and more elastic. They also preserve their cylindrical form when empty.

The veins don't have this property, and collapse when not stuffed with blood. They have thinner walls than the arteries and are not so well supplied with muscular fiber. Hence they are much more liable to distention at any part where stagnation is liable to happen. All of the larger veins are given valves. These valves serve to stop the flowing back of the blood. They are fastened by their convex edges to the walls of the veins. Their concave margins are free and directed in the course of the venous current. They lie in close apposition with the wall of the vein as this of blood takes its natural course.

If, any stagnation or regurgitation occurs, the valves at that place become twisted, their opposed edges are brought into contract. The present then is intercepted, and a distention of the wall of the vein ensues, which distention we know as that really distressing affliction, a varicose vein.

As the primal cause of the trouble is stagnation of the blood at that point, acceleration of the circulation there would relieve that congestion; and the only way this may be possible is by friction. The best methodology for achieving this is with the dry palm of the hand, and the most convenient time is in bed and in the early morning. The conditions are then favorable, as the body is relaxed and will readily make a response to cleverly directed efforts towards its rejuvenation or improvement.

The trouble will most probably appear on the inside of the leg below the knee, running along the calf of the leg, but it may extend many inches above the knee and along the inside of the thigh. With increased years, the congestion of the superficial veins will extend lower down, straight away above and round the ankle. This will become discolored and assume a deep bluish hue due to the stagnant blood.

Relief is obtained by friction, with the palm of the hand, daily and steadfastly. This exercise will relieve the congestion and will strengthen the minute muscles that support the venous walls. And if endured in methodically and systematically, will finally restore the deformed venous valves to their correct position and the trouble will vanish. It's a straightforward, simple and effective remedy for a terribly irritating affliction.

The most convenient position is lying on your side. Commence with twenty strokes of the hand up and down, following the course of the vein. Increase to one hundred strokes as the skin becomes toughened and used to the friction. In a normal stage, this exercise can guarantee remarkable results.

It is usually not peculiar to notice distention of portions of the giant veins in the legs as people age. This is common to those people whose roles need them to stand at a longer time. This calm, upright position produces stagnation of the blood in the legs. Thus pressure and a steady strain on the walls of the venous system at that point results to permanent distention, or varicose veins.

VenousBalm-Rx and VenousDrops are established to not only reverse conditions stemming from venous insufficiency, but also improve the overall tone of the veins. These are true venous blood decongestants and used to negate venous blood stagnation which causes varicose veins and venous insufficiency. The astringent properties of these treatments provide a tightening effect to skin tissue.

Varicose veins could be stopped and stopped if at an early stage, those folks that typically stand long hours at work will change their roles. But, during middle age when this affliction occurs, it could be quite not possible to stop or cure it with lotions or other medical remedy.

Surgical operation can cure and relieve the discomfort. However, aside from being a pricey process, it might cause you your job when you can't go to work due to healing time. Using an elastic stocking can offer relief but can't cure. Very recent advances in the scientific understanding of medicinal plants suggest a much broader use of natural medicine to eradicate varicose veins than science thought possible just ten years ago. To learn why the natural cure for varicose veins are superior to others, go to

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Ruptured varicose vein behind knee PHOTO?
    I don't know if it is def a varicose vein that ruptured or not. When I was pregnant, I had a fairly large and noticeable varicose vein in the back of my left leg. From where the bruise is, it made me guess that maybe the varicose vein ruptured?

    About a week ago, I noticed that it was really painful behind me knee... my husband noticed that it was swollen and red... a little bruised. Now a week later... this is what it looks like...

    Anything to worry about or will it just go away soon? Thanks!
    I had my daughter 8 months ago, btw.

    • ANSWER:

    What to do when a varicose vein in the leg ruptures consecutively 4 times?
    My mom has varicose veins and recently one of them ruptured, after the first time it has ruptured 3 more times. She started to take antibiotics today because is kind of red around it.

    • ANSWER:
      A varicose vein will not go away until her doctor either removes the offending vein in a surgical procedure with multiple incisions, or injects it with a substance that plugs it up. Between 33 and 45 percent of those who have the injections will need them repeated, doctors say, while surgical complications such as scars and nerve injury occur in 5 to 20 percent. But no matter which procedure she chooses, her body will rechannel blood through other vessels.

    what is the danger of having a ruptured varicose veins?

    • ANSWER:
      The worst thing that can happen is bleeding. Lots of bleeding. If it doesn't stop with direct pressure, go to the ER/A&E.

    This is a touchy question, my husband is experiency "varicose vein rupture" in his?
    testicles, tiny little vessels break and it is just like he has a period, he never knows when this will happen, has any other man gone through this and how did you handle it?

    • ANSWER:
      My Fiancee has this problem also. He did visit a Doctor who provided some Oral and Topical medicine for him. It has helped alot , but its took awhile for it to work. Get him to go to the Doctor, this is important and he will feel better afterwards..

    is it possible for varicose veins/spider veins to rupture?
    I'm concerned for my daddy, it looks like one of his varicose veins has ruptured... If it is possible, is it a bad thing?
    My dad is 53 years old, 6'2 and in good health. what do you think?

    • ANSWER:

    Can a swollen or varicose vein in penis turn into future problems?
    I have a swollen vein in the sulcus ( the area behind rim of the head) that looks like a small round ball when I'm soft and becomes bigger and flatter when hard. Now, could it become a problem in the future? Could it rupture and leak blood if too much pressure is applied? What could I do to reduce it size or get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      I take it your not circumsiced? It shouldn't be a problem, but if it does someday, it's easy to treat. Also, by the time it is a problem, you'll feel more comfortable talking to your doctor!

    I have varicose veins and I think they ruptured in my leg will they come back? and is this a serious problem?
    I have had them for a couple years now and the other day my dog was excited to see kids knocking at me door when I was holding him back his tail wiped them and now I have this huge bruise it only hurt that day and now it only hurts if I touch it. I don't have insurance so going to my doctor is out! They appear to be gone! the bumps anyway I run my hand over the bruise and it smooth now not like it used to be! Anyway does anyone know if this is something that is going to be a problem for me or if this means they are gone? Any info would be great thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      my suggesting would be getting as much information as you can before taking any action,here

      is a good place for that purpose.

    i have had various ruptured veins, but my symptoms don't match anything i can google.?
    in the last 2 1/2 years i have had five different veins suddenly swell and burst. i do not have varicose veins and i do not fit the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis. what happens is that i feel sudden pain and pressure (bad pain), and then i can see my blood vessel swelling to multiple times its size, bulging out of my skin. after about five minutes the vein ruptures, leaving me with no more intense pain, just a large painful bruise. first time it happened was in my foot on the top/side near the arch(just a little vein), few months later in my groin(a big one this time), six months later on the side of my hand by my pinky, months later one in my calf (thought i was a goner this time, super painful and massive bruise) and just recently on the underside of my wrist. i do not take birth control pills, am not sedentary and am only 32. i have an auto immune disorder called sarcoidosis. my eleven year old daughter just had a cavernous angioma removed from her brain a couple months ago.
    i have always had very low blood pressure. even when i was pregnant it never went above 110/65. all five ruptured veins have been on my right side.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi ya. You really need to get this checked out this with a specialist. The condition your daughter has is often genitically related, so considering your symptoms it would appear that this may be from your side of the family. Your GP should be referring you to a vascular neurologist for an indepth assessment. I am shocked that since your daugthers event your doctor has not followed this up. You need to get this sorted as the incidence of your illness is increasing as time passes. You obviously have weakened areas in your vascular system - for now they appear to be mostly on the limbs but really until you are fully examined a hidden danger is constantly present.

      I dont want to frighten or worry you, however please get this checked out.

    Painful Varicose Veins...what should I do?
    I am 30 weeks pregnant with my third child and I have started developing varicose veins. I never had this problem with my 2 other pregnancies. (sorry to be graphic) but They started on the outside of my vagina and on the crease of my inner thigh. Now they are spreading all down my thigh. They are not only really ugly and gross to look at, but are very painful as well. I saw my doctor for it when the problem first started, but it has gotten worse since then. All she suggested to do was wear a maternity belt, and that has not helped at all. Is there anything else that will help?

    When I deliver my baby is it possible that the veins will rupture? Should I have a c-section?
    wow no help at all...thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Its normal. As your weight and blood volume increase, more and more pressure is placed on the veins of your legs and the legs themselves, resulting in pain. Try putting on support stockings (try JC Pennys, Target, Wal Mart, and Motherhood Maternity) as soon as you get up in the morning to ease the pain. Also, stay off your feet as much as possible.

    Traumatic occurrence this summer, need clarification?
    This summer I was at my grandparents house and my grandpa (who sleeps downstairs) went into the other room and was yelling for my grandmother for almost 10 minutes, I was asleep on the couch and I thought the dog had peed in the house or something like that, was the reason he was yelling. About 10 minutes in I got over my laziness and decided to go in to see what he wanted. I walked into a room with blood all over the floor and my grandfather on the chair slumped over. I ran to get my grandma( who sleeps upstairs, which is why she couldn't hear him) I got her, she had no clue what to do, so I called 911, being a law and order: SVU fan I knew what to do, I clarified with the operator on the phone first though, So I held cloth over his wound till the ambulance arrived, they took him to the hospital, a varicose vein had ruptured in his ankle, The med crew had to take pictures to make the doctors realize how much blood he had lost, they couldn't believe it.... I still feel like I almost let him die, like I was too lazy to go see what was going on...

    • ANSWER:
      You didn't even come close to letting him die. You're not expected to tell the difference between a yell over a dog pissing and a yell over a severed ankle vein which sound exactly the same. You're not even expected to have some sort of camera in the house that watches everyone to make sure they're okay.

      How are you supposed to tell if someone is hurt if you can't even see them? Obviously, you can hear your grandfather, but yells for different reasons all sound the same when you're old like that, whether they're over pain or being angry.

      Your grandfather lived a long life, hopefully full of all sort of somehow positive events. He didn't earn the title "grand" in front of "father" for nothing. As a grandparent, you've pretty much accomplished all your goals in life. You're pretty much just waiting for the day you die.

      It's not your fault. You couldn't have prevented what caused the ruptured vein (what did cause it, anyway?), you couldn't have told the difference between a pissed-yell and a hurt-yell, and you couldn't have responded any sooner. Don't be thinking "if only I..." for the rest of your life. No, it's not only if you, it's the fact that you did. Think of it as if you just arrived home from school/work and walked in on someone being dead on the floor. You couldn't have done anything about it, because you were at school/work at the whole time.

      You did what you could out of good intentions. I'm proud of you. Instead of standing there lolly-gagging and pissy-fizzling around, you HELPED. You called 911 to get the right professionals with the right tools to do their thing, and you did what an amateur could do. You basically dove into the burning car to save the car crash victim. Be proud of yourself. I wish you the best of luck.

      Also, did your grandfather die? How did the vein get ruptured in the first place?

    swollen veins?
    my mother has what appears to me is like a black and blue area anterior, a bit below her right knee on the left, like on her calve, when i touch it she says it pains very badly, but around it does not hurt, she says its a "burning" sensation like its "blazing" so when i felt it, it feels like veins, swollen, i have her laying down and her foot elevated, he has high cholesterol and high blood pressure, she has taken her pills for the day for both those conditions and has also just checked her pressure which was 141/100. she is very stubborn and does not want me to take her to the ER and i am getting scared that is like varicose veins that will burst or rupture or something? should i have her put ice on it? or have her take an aspirin? can some one please tell me what i should have her do? can this happen from being on your feet too long because its only in one small area, not on the whole foot.

    • ANSWER:
      Blood Pressure sounds a little high on the diastolic side. Whats her breathing rate? How is her pulse rate? is it steady or irregular and does she have a cardiac history? Go to Web MD and check out DVT and Varicose Veins. Also make sure she didn't get bit by anything. Watch her and if she if her vitals change wildly or she starts running a fever, the discolored area grows and or swells significantly complaining of more pain, the pain starts to move up her leg, back, chest, problems breathing, or nausea, or red bumps on her stomach and chest, or any loss of sensation or ability to move the foot. Or she starts to develop edema below the site or her skin becomes greyish or blueish or her starts to get worse drive her into the ER or call 911. For now, just read up and watch her, take a pen and draw a circle around the border of the injury and watch for swelling outside the boundary. She can consider waiting it out and scheduling a doctors appointment for tomorow but When in doubt an ER trip is definately a good choice.

    Cause of Painful legs and unexplained bruises?
    For quite a while now I get very achy legs and hips. Didnt happen constantly, until recently its gotten worse. Im on my feet at work all day, but have been for 4 years now so dont see why it would just suddenly cause a problem.

    Last week I found a small black/purple bruise on my inner thigh with loads of purple spots around it, I was told by a chemist that the spots were caused by ruptured capilliaries. But the thing is something like that.... I would have remembered knocking into something to cause that surely? and its in an awkward position so hard to hit that area. When I touch it, it makes the whole of the top of that leg ache. Today the spots have slightly faded and the bruise has gone yellow, and then ive noticed overnight 5 other small yellow bruises round my leg? I dont bruise easily! Also I noticed small varicose veins around my legs? could this be the cause? The pain right now is achy and also a pain that is almost like pins and needles.

    Sorry for all that info, but need some advise!!

    • ANSWER:
      Go and see a doctor. Is there a way for you to work sitting down in the mean time to ease the ache?

    I need the name of the song and the artist. I have some of the lyrics.?
    Do the knife fight
    stick it in and twist
    into the ribs, between the bones
    I don't care where it goes

    I think the time is right
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    grab the sheets
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    I wanna rupture your jugular
    I wanna splay your varicose veins

    • ANSWER:
      The Unicorns "Do The Knife Fight"

    My dad's in the hospital but I'm a little confused about what's going on?
    Alright, my dad has something equivalent to varicose veins in his throat, and he has some pretty bad liver cirrhosis which is the cause of it. The other day, one of them ruptured and he had to go to the ER. The day they took him, my mom said that the doctors said that he had a 60% chance of survival, which of course worried me. This morning he had some work done on him that stopped the bleeding and any other problems needing immediate attention.

    Today I went and saw him and he seemed fine, just pissed off he had to stay in the hospital, and they were talking about letting him go tomorrow. The thing is, though, my mom is still acting really worried and paranoid about it, and she usually doesn't overreact about things. I guess I should say I don't really know what to think. Should I be worried that my mom is worried? Would they have kept or changed that percentage after they operated on him? I'm being kept pretty much in the dark about this so any insight anyone else has would be nice.

    • ANSWER:
      Your father had what is called varix or varices. These are unwanted veins that grow when someone has cirrhosis. The problem is that these veins are not like the ones we are born with. They tend to be weak and can leak and even burst. If they are very large, it can turn into a very dangerous crisis in which the person can bleed to death. Your father had a crisis from his disease and got help in time to get him through the crisis. They do a procedure called banding to get rid of these unwanted varix that grow. They can do an endoscopy to find these veins. Then they can tie them off with a ring that looks like a thick rubber band. In a few days, the vein will die and fall off. This greatly reduces the risk of bleeding when a person has cirrhosis. I had cirrhosis and used to get checked every 3-6 months and never had a bleeding episode.

      I don't know what has caused your father to have cirrhosis, but this is permanent liver damage that does not go away. If he is not able to stop the disease from progressing further, he will need a transplant in the future. Maybe he needs one soon. Your mom probably knows this and worries about it all the time. I'm sure the doctor has discussed his options about his disease while he was hospitalized. I'm sorry that your father is so sick.