Stretch Mark Removal Cream

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If you are affected by the appearance of stretch marks, a top of the line stretch mark removal cream is the answer to your problem. Just a few years ago, there were little options for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. There were a couple of creams that helped minimally but there was nothing on the market that could do what today's stretch mark removal creams can do.

Modern technologies are producing lotions and creams to aid in aesthetics like never before. Isn't it great to know that there is help out there that does not require invasive and expensive cosmetic surgeries or lasers? Of course, if your stretch marks do not bother you in the least, stretch mark removal cream in unnecessary. However, you are reading this article, so the chances are that you are looking for a solution. The advanced treatments in production today offer the solution to your problem.

Four Reasons for Using Stretch Mark Removal Creams

1. Your stretch marks appear in a place that is easily visible when wearing pants and shirts, such as on the arms and/or neck area. Unfortunately, the stomach, hips and thigh areas are not the only places stretch marks can appear. Weight gain and muscle building can cause stretch marks to appear in those areas that are visible most of the time - unless you wear only long sleeves and/or turtlenecks!

2. Your stretch marks appear in places that are visible during the hot days of summer. If you roast all summer long because you feel the need to cover up stretch marks, a quality stretch mark removal cream can make all the difference. Wear shorts, tanks and bikinis again!

3. They affect your self-image. Whether you hate just knowing they are there or you feel self-conscious when unclothed in front of your significant other, the latest advancements in stretch mark removal can help! Don't let a negative self-image ruin your sex life or cause you to cover up for those moments that are most intimate.

4. Many stretch mark removal creams available do not just diminish existing stretch marks but provide preventative treatment as well. If you are pregnant or beginning a weight training regiment to build muscle, there is a good chance that your skin will stretch to the point of getting stretch marks. If you are genetically predisposed to stretch marks, these creams offer security.

There are many popular stretch mark removal and prevention creams on the market today. Some of the best known are TriLASTIN-SR by EC Research, StriVectin-SD Intensive Repair by Klein-Becker USA, Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention by Revitol, Barmon's Stretch Mark Cream by Barmon Inc., Bio-Oil by Union Swiss, and Mederma by Merz Pharmaceuticals.

You don't have to let stretch marks affect your life any longer. As you can see, there are a variety of treatments available that can help! Today's stretch mark removal creams offer results unmatched by previous treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Whats the best Stretch Mark removal cream or lotion?
    Whats the best Stretch Mark removal cream or lotion that is easily available?

    • ANSWER:
      palmers coco butter works well if you follow the directions. really faded some of mine from pregnancy and some it took away completely if they were not to deep.

    Whats the best stretch mark removal cream?
    I just had my first baby and got stretch marks really bad. Have you used any removal creams that have worked?

    • ANSWER:
      Bio Oil! Expensive, but so so so worth it! :)

      Help me, please?;_ylt=AnCj107GllX1IGuB0TlVgjnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110422110938AAJmlvk

    What is the most effective stretch mark removal cream for existing stretch marks?
    I have stretch marks on my breasts from a growth spurt when i hit puberty. What product actually works? I want answers from people that have actually had positive results and not just product names. These creams can be expensive and I want to feel confident in my purchase. My stretch marks are about 4 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm 14 and I had pretty bad stretch marks when I was 12/13 from a growth spurt. I tried Bio-Oil and it works reeeally well, it also doesn't take too long for it to help make the marks fade. I recommend applying it twice a day and you should see the results in no time :) hope i helped ♥

      Heres the Bio-Oil website

    What stretch mark removal cream do I use?
    I had a tough 3-4 months as a result I gained 10 kilos, so I am losing it now, I am trying and its working. But I have stretch marks. What creams do you recommend?
    What creams did you use and what worked?

    • ANSWER:
      coco butter babe

    Does anyone know of a TRUE and REAL stretch mark removal cream?
    I had a baby and i have stretch marks on my belly and my buttocks. I dont wanna spend money on something that will not work, Does anyone know of any cream that is worth my time an money?

    • ANSWER:
      There are creams out there that can help get rid of your stretch marks, but you need to find the right one.

      I found this on the site I put in the source box below:

      Things to look for in a stretch mark cream

      There are a lot of creams and ointments out there that claim to remove stretch marks. The best way to fight stretch marks is to increase your skins flexibility before your stretch marks start appearing by using a topical cream on the area before the skin starts to show stretch marks. If you already have stretch marks, hope is not lost. There are creams out there that contain ingredients that help heal the skin while minimizing scar tissue.

      Some of the key ingredients that you will want to make sure your cream contains are:

      Vitamin A Palmitate

      Vitamin A is an essential vitamin and is best known for having positive effects on vision. However Vitamin A is just as important to the largest organ; the skin.

      Clinical studies have shown vitamin A to have properties that block the absorption of harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as a stimulating effect on cell regeneration. It has been clinically shown to improve the appearance of striae (stretch marks) and regulate epidermal (skin) cell growth.

      Aloe Vera Extract

      Aloe vera has been shown in clinical studies to have a positive effect on wound healing and holds anti-inflammatory properties.

      As stretch marks start out as microscopic tears in skin layers due to overstretching of the dermis, aloe vera helps heal these small wounds without causing scar tissue to form, effectively preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Indians and Chinese to decrease the appearance of scars and to moisturize and heal skin.

      This extract from the aloe leaf protects skin from environmental factors and promotes skin regeneration.

      Grapefruit Seed Extract

      Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic used for many different types of skin ailments. It is a powerful ingredient to aid in the healing of skin damage. Grapefruit seed extract helps to restore damaged collagen and elastin, which strengthens and retextures the skin.

      As collagen and elastin are responsible for the skins elasticity, improving and stimulating production of the connective tissue cells will prevent skin from tearing and thus prevent the formation of stretch marks. The condition of the skins connective tissue also dictates how well the skin contracts after pregnancy. So not only does this compound improve the condition of your stretching skin, after the delivery it will also aid in the contraction of your skin to its previous appearance.


      DL-Penthenol is the scientific name for pro-vitamin B5. It has healing properties on damaged skin as it works to improve the structure of both the lower and upper skin layers. DL-Panthenol soothes skin while stimulating cell growth and differentiation.

      This ingredient aids in the regeneration of the skin, therefore aiding in reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks by replacing the scar tissue with new skin cells. It also acts to prevent stretch marks by promoting collagen and elastin production, which allows your skin to stretch without rupturing and causing stretch marks.

      A cream that has shown to be highly effective at preventing stretch marks as well as healing stretch marks that you already have is Stretch Mark Prevention by Revitol.

      Whether you are afraid that stretch marks may be in your future of if they are already a part of your life, the Stretch Mark Prevention cream is the product you will want on your side!

    Which stretch mark removal cream works best?
    I started losing weight and some stretch marks appeared at my lower back. Recommend me which cream i should buy to make stretch marks less visible. I know that technically i can't get rid of them, but at least i want to try make them less visible. Thanks!
    Lol i need product for men.

    • ANSWER:
      Creams don't matter!!!! Depends on the elasticabilititititititity of your skin. wikileaks

    What is the best stretch Mark removal cream or medicine?
    I have stretch marks on my knee,I know thats a little weird cause people usually have them on their stomachs,but I just wanna get rid of them with something thats not so expensive and something I can buy at a store. Please, I need an answer:)

    • ANSWER:
      Aloe vera gel worked for me. Also eating a lot of seeds and nuts that contain zinc prevent them. Vitamin E works also.

    Whats a good stretch mark removal cream?
    I have some stretch marks due to me losing weight a while ago. Are there any good creams or solutions to help diminish the marks? I know the marks will probably never go away but at least i hope i can diminish them.

    • ANSWER:

    Has any one ever used Stretch Mark Removal Cream from Professional Solutions for stretch marks?
    only want answer's if you have used this please if so how well did it work?

    • ANSWER:
      I was reading an article in a magazine about stretch mark removal creams, and found some reliable companies who are actually producing efficient products for stretch marks removal, my wife used Revitol cream and it s working quite good at the moment and we can see some results as well.

    Has anyone tried Cosmetyn stretch mark removal cream?
    Just received my free trial bottle, and wondering if anyone has used this product before and what they thought of it. Also, is it safe to use during pregnancy, I am 2 weeks away from my due date. Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      i have it & ive been using it for 2 weeks so far & ive been seeing an improvement.. but if i was you i use the prodcut after your done giving birth cause even though you have 2 weeks left you can still get more strechmarks & i dont know if its good for the baby.. i say wait the 2 week. the product isnt cheap its like dollars a bottle. its a free trial now but if you use it or dont send it back in exactly 2 weeks they will charge you the full price on your credit car

    Has anyone personally used revitol stretch mark cream removal and seen results?
    Please respond and also let me know how long it took for results. If you have any before and after pictures, please show me. I would like to know before I order the product. Please be truthful and no scams please. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      No, i used, Belisi creams its good result,:) here some good article that migh help and give you ideas and information

    whats the best stretch mark removal cream?
    now i know about strivectin,revitol,and Trillastin ..ive never used any because im not sure which one ive read reviews but im still not sure ...does anyone have any suggestions?
    Severe stretch marks from pregnancy!

    • ANSWER:

    Im staying in South Africa, Johannesburg. How can I purchase the TriLastin Stretch Mark Removal cream?

    • ANSWER:
      My girl friend buy Stretch Mark Cream online from amazon it's ok ship fast.

    Stretch mark removal cream?
    Kindly help me selecting the best stretch mark removal cream for me, as i'm tired of these home remedies for stretch marks.


    • ANSWER:
      There are various stretch marks available, but as one of my friend tries Revitol and its working quite efficiently, so i guess you should go for it and check it out yourself. good luck.

    Where can I buy Revitol Stretch Mark Removal Cream in Singapore?

    • ANSWER:
      buy it online at

      thats where i got mine

    Has anyone used the stretch mark removal cream Trilastin or Cosmetyn? ?
    What was your result?

    • ANSWER:
      i havent heard of these creams (in aus) but palmers cocoa butter is good and bio oil is brillant as is kosmea rosehip oil. they definately work over time

    Does the Barmon Stretch mark removal cream work as good as the site says it does?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it is a waste of your money...K

    Best Stretch Mark Removal cream for weightlifters?
    I have gained some stretch marks as a result of weightlifting over the years and need some advice on which cream works effectively to reduce/remove them

    ZENMED Stretta seems to have good reviews online, does anyone know about this product?


    • ANSWER:

    what is the best drug store bought stretch mark removal cream?

    • ANSWER:
      I got Mederma at CVS and it lightened my stretch marks TREMENDOUSLY!

      I haven't found Cocoa Butter to be helpful in lightening, but it does smooth them. You can get Cocoa Butter at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens...all those places.

    best, cheapest, and fastest stretch mark removal cream you know of?
    so I noticed that I got stretch marks on the side of my butt during the winter, they're not bad at all but you can still see them! And knowing that summer is right around the corner, I'm freaking out about wearing a bikini. After working all winter on loosing weight and getting ready for bikini season, I notice this and it is really messing with my self esteem. I want to know of a good (but cheap, on a budget!) and fast working (like within 2 months) stretch mark removal cream. I am desperate!
    I'm not asking for them to disappear, I know that's impossible. But of something that will really tone them down

    • ANSWER:
      many companies claim to sell the miracle cream, however no such product exists (not one that works anyway...). Since stretch marks happen under the skin, the only thing that will eliminate them completely is lazer surgery... which is very expensive

    Can stretch mark removal cream get rid of acne scars?

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend use Acneace!
      I used it, and after 1 months, my acne and acne scars was COMPLETELY gone!
      Hope it works for you.
      you can get From Google Search Acneace Official site. Good luck.

    do u know of any stretch mark removal cream that actually works?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing I've tried has really worked for me, but I'm sure all people are different. My mom swears that cocoa butter works wonders. If your stretch marks really bother you, you should make an appointment with a good dermatosligist. If he gives you a cream to use, make sure you stay on the plan he made for you. One of my problems is that I tend to use the cream for a week and then get discouraged and just stop using it.

      My dermatologist suggested a treatment that he heard about at some kind of convention for dermatologists. There was a dermatologist who had injected saline solution (water that contains a significant concentration of dissolved salt) into areas of his patients skin that were covered with acne scars, which eventually dissapeared after he treated them. He thought that it was possible for this to work on stretch marks too. My dermatologist agreed to try the treatment out on me, so now I go to his office about once every three months and get my stretch marks injected with saline. There hasn't been much improvement, though, and it has been extremely expensive since my insurance won't pay for it. I wouldn't advise you to do this, and I don't think I'll be going back for any more treatments either. Frankly, I just don't have enough money to spend on things like this, not to mention the fact that it hurts a little to get injected and it leaves small red dots on the stretch marks for weeks. Unless I start seeing more improvement, I'm going to tell my dermatologist that I'll no longer be coming back for treatments.

      Sorry that I've written so much, especially since reading this will probably get you nowhere. I hope that whatever you choose to do, you'll end up happy and free of stretch marks.

    Does Trilastin-SR stretch mark removal cream really work?

    • ANSWER:

    does trilastin stretch mark removal cream work?

    • ANSWER:

    does any one know a good stretch mark removal cream that actually works?

    • ANSWER:
      If nothing works, try regular vitamin e oil from any drugstore or pharmacy! They help remove / lessen scars and marks! Its the most natural way to do it and theres no chemicals at all.

      Hope I helped.

    does celtrixa , the stretch mark removal cream , work ?

    • ANSWER:
      Not as effective as using biol oil over like a 6 months period of daily massaging it in....


    Do stretch mark removal creams actually work?
    I'm thinking of buying the stretch mark control cream from clarins but before I buy this pricey product I would like to know whether these creams actually work.

    I'm 17 years old and I have stretch marks on my thighs and butt and I really want to get rid of them!! what is the best method?

    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      I use it and it does fade but it takes FOREVER!! geez! Try this it worked for me you can't even tell I had them... And its SUPER FAST, faster than anything else PROMISE. Take a warm/hot shower. After you dry off... get a few Vitamin E capsules (oil) cut them open and spread the oil where the stretch marks are and then cover it with some plastic wrap. Get you a heating pad put it over the plastic wrap... I slept with mine over night on a medium-low setting (works best & fast) or you can put it on a high setting for about 30mins-1hr (takes 4 or 5 times in a row/nightly). When your time is up remove the plastic wrap! Viola! Instant results! Good luck hope I helped! Also to keep them less visible I recommend every other night or atleast 2x a week! I done this for about 8 months (even tho I couldnt really see them) and I havent had to do them since..except in the winter when my skin gets dry. After you do the vitamin E gel and heating pad thing... Try this as well! When u get out of the shower get the lotion you use (I mixed my cocoa butter lotion with baby oil and a little victoria secrets for smell) add some coffee grains in it and rub in circles where the stretch marks were and then wipe off with a wet (warm) wash cloth. Makes your skin silky soft and keeps them less visible as well! Good luck! and I promise this helps!

    What are the best stretch mark removal creams?
    I'm losing weight so I can be comfortable in a bikini this summer. Only problem is I have stretch marks on my breasts and hips. I just need a cream that will be done working by June, is cheap, and will work even though I'm not completly done losing weight.

    • ANSWER:
      i dont know an exact brand but anything with alot of coacoa butter.mabye just plain coacoa butter.

    whats the best stretch mark removal cream or lotion that you've used and and it worked?

    • ANSWER:
      Try Cocoa Butter or this cream is really good too

    does TriLASTIN-SR stretch mark removal cream really work?

    • ANSWER:
      I can only agree with Mark. My daughter used it this summer after childbirth and she was very satisfied with this cream. I would recommend it. After all they do offer money back guarantee in case it doesn't work as Mark mentioned it already. Try it.

    What is the best stretch mark removal product?
    I need it very bad. I'm 17 and i've been involved in sports for a long time. My body and muscles have grown a bit to fast, therefore i've got lots of stretch marks, and yes i mean a LOT. I have them on my back, hips, biceps. I worked to hard to keep and shape and to earn a nice body, but im now dealing with stretch marks! please let me know if there are any stretch mark removal creams out there!!

    • ANSWER:
      There are two fabby products that I know work... Bio Oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Oil. Use regularly and you will see the difference. Plus, your skin will be super soft :D

    Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream?
    Has it worked for you?
    catface: how did bio oil work out for you? after how much time did you see results?

    • ANSWER:

    does anyone know of a good stretch mark removal cream?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, Bio oil is good and so is Palmer's cocoa stretch mark cream and oil. They don't perform miracles but help by making them less noticeable.

    What would you say is the most successful Stretch Mark removal cream?
    A year ago I was put on a lot of different medications to help me deal with panic attacks and depression. I was also put on a contraceptive pill to help deal with my fear of pregnancy. All my medications cause weight gain and in the last year I jumped from a size 14 to an 18 and have got really bad stretch marks. They cover the bottom of my belly, stretching from my belly button down to my pubic area. I'm only 19 and find them very distressing. I've had them before down my hips but they've gone the silvery colour now and don't really upset me. It's just the ones on my stomach they are so red and big and was just wondering what cream you would recommend to help get rid of them. I have tried bio-oil but nothing happened! Please Help :(

    • ANSWER:

    best stretch mark removal cream/lotion?
    ive tried vitamin E and olive oil. i need someone whos experienced stretch marks. which works fastest and best?

    • ANSWER:

    Pregnancy stretch mark cream?
    I would like to if there are any effective pregnancy stretch mark removal creams?

    • ANSWER:
      It becomes extremely difficult to remove stretch marks if they are severe and old, and after pregnancy marks are even more darker. in that case you can try Revitol Stretch mark cream, which is best known for its highly effective results.

    Quickest working stretch mark removal cream?! HELP!?
    About 1-2 months ago i got stretch marks on my inner thigh, they are not very big, but they are very embarrassing. I play two sports. One is indoors and we all wear shorts and the other is outdoors and we will wear shorts soon. I understand there is no way to get rid of stretch marks but is i want to know the one with the quickest results, PLEASE! thank you so much :)
    You would see the inside of my thighs because if you didnt understand by my obvious name, im a gymnast. Yanno Splits and stuff? And have you seen the uniforms we have to wear?! Thanks...

    • ANSWER:
      I'm in the same boat s you! & to who ever asked "Who is looking at your thighs" when you're and athlete, EVERYONE! lol

      Anyway what I found that works best is actually the cocoa butter thing. It will reduce and fade out the stretch marks that are rep,purple-ish, and pink. BUT for the older ones that are like white & skin toned I found you can tan over them. Just get some good self tanning lotion, or but coco butter on them and lay in the sun.

      If you try both they should fade quickly, but not over night!

    Has anyone used COSMETYN Removal Stretch Mark Cream?

    • ANSWER:
      haven't tried it.. what's really good for stretch marks is Bio Oil. i've got stretch marks on my waist and have been using Bio Oil for abouttt.. a couple of months i think? and have seen improvements (very noticable).
      good luck! x

    Top 5 best availabe in Nigeria stretch mark cream removal?
    Best ones available for sale in Port Harcourt or Benin in Nigeria

    • ANSWER:
      shea butter

    Do any stretch mark removal creams actually work?
    if so what brand and how fast?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, it depends on how long you have had stretch marks and how bad they are. Mine were really really bad and now you can bearily see them. I went through 2 tubes of Solutions stretch mark remover and used them until I emptied the 2 tubes. My clients have actually smoothed out their stretch marks. You can get direct delivary from I sell Avon now because the prices are great and the product actually work.

    My wife is looking for a great stretch mark removal or prevention cream?

    • ANSWER:
      My wife uses Revitol and loves it.

      She gets hers from

      I hope this helps.

    I was wondering if you were using a stretch mark removal cream, lotion, oil, etc, and it was working to diminish the marks, would they eventually go away if you kept on using it? Or is there a certain point where the marks stop fading away? I plan on using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Stretch Mark Cream. (My stretch marks are a little dented, but they are light, not the severe purple/red looking ones.)

    • ANSWER:
      ive tried it all i think its best just to leave them alone mine are white now n not very noticeable

    The best stretch mark removal lotion/ cream?
    Please help!
    I have stretch marks on/ around my knees and i hate them sooo much!
    <3 thanks

    • ANSWER:
      All of the over the counter creams and lotions I have purchased have been both expensive and ineffective. Apparently they can work, but are most effective with new stretch marks. If your stretch marks are older, there are some methods of successfully dealing with them at home, using simple and natural products.

    Which stretch mark removal creams work the best?
    Which brands work the best?? Do any actually work at all!!

    • ANSWER:
      Cocoa Butter works best before the stretch marks actually happen. Strivectin-D works best after the stretch marks are already there.

    Stretch mark removal creams..are there any that really work?
    I have a few stretch marks on my hip/butt region and I've been looking at Stretta, Revitol, and Trilastin but I can never completely go on reviews. These products all have a money back guarantee but I always read tons of reviews on products before I buy them and half the time they still don't work. Does anyone have experience with using these products or maybe know b/c they are a dermatologist.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not a dermatologist, but I do have a lot of experience with stretch marks. I would suggest using cocoa butter lotion. Put it on everyday after you take a shower, which will help remind you. It doesn't completely get rid of it, but it greatly lightens and reduces them. It's less expensive than speciality lotions or creams, you just have to remember to use it everyday.

    Stretch Mark Removal Creams...Are there any that really work?
    I have a few stretch marks on my hip/butt region and I've been looking at Stretta, Revitol, and Trilastin but I can never completely go on reviews. These products all have a money back guarantee but I always read tons of reviews on products before I buy them and half the time they still don't work. Does anyone have experience with using these products or maybe know b/c they are a dermatologist.

    • ANSWER:
      if your stretch marks are still red, they will fade over time. There are some medications that can speed up the process. If they are white, I don't think that there is anything much else you can do other than possibly losing a little weight if you need to. I have stretchmarks on my legs, and when I lost weight, it reduced the appearance of them.

    Best Stretch Mark Cream?
    I want to know that which are the best stretch mark removal creams in the market which i can buy and try for my mother?

    • ANSWER:
      Even though there are lots of stretch mark removal creams out in teh market but i would suggest you to go with Revitol Stretch Mark cream, as it is available online to order and try for free, so if it works you can buy more online as well.

    Does anybody know of any stretch mark removal creams that actually work?!?
    Mine are about 6 months old and they're dark red and purplish. I've tried Mederma already and I couldn't tell much of a difference. I've heard a lot of great things about cocoa butter, so if you know anything about that it would be great to know, also!

    • ANSWER:
      I have always used Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It works great for me. I was at the doctor the other day, and she asked me if I have had any children. I have 1 daughter(17). She was amazed at how nice my stomach was... no stretch marks!!! I definitely recommend Palmer's! I am always using lotions. I apply after a shower, every time I wash my hands... I have always used lotions, and Palmer's smells so great too, but if you don't like scented, they have unscented!

    Where can I find Revitol Stretch Marks Removal cream in New Delhi?

    • ANSWER:

    Do I need to apply numbing cream before a stretch mark removals?
    Honestly speaking, I'm a bit fat when i was a child, and when i'm beginning to be an adult, i noticed some stretch marks on my different body parts, It is looking not so nice when somebody also noticed it, that is why i planned to get rid of it once for all, I applied for a stretch mark removal this coming month and i'm getting ready for it now, i plan to buy numbing cream for pain minimizer. how long does the treatment takes? is it painful?

    • ANSWER:
      It'd be beneficial if you told us what type of removal you're getting, like what method you're getting done.