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American Cancer experts said the patinets over 60 years of age will not be promoted to do chemotherapy. The Cancer patients over the age of 60, because the senior citizen the immunity is low, Chemotherapy will be killing a large number of immune cells, the elderly are difficult to bear it. if they accept the chemotherapy, that may reduce survival. large number of statistical reports show that Survival of the elderly patients did not accept the chemotherapy longer than the people accept. one-third survival to be extend.
if accept Chinese medicine treatment for cancer, decreased and the quality of life was enhance in those patients. it does not mean that chinese medicine can cure cancer. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine not only contains the ideas of materialism, but also the ideas of dialectics.
The cancer patients should to understand the true meaning of cancer and to face life positively, especially the elderly cancer patients. The elderly physical function began to decline, immunity function lessening. Chemotherapy make the body immunity ability that can let old people drops quickly, and restore hard. While chemotherapy can kill cancer cells, but can not kill all. Residual cancer cells will rapidly spread or metastasis in the case of decreased immunity. Sometimes doctors will reduce the number of chemotherapy drugs based on the patient's physical.

It is very important. In the course of treatment, a percentage of cancer cells can not be kill and the patient's immune system is caused decreases, the residual cancer cells multiply rapidly in the case of weak. TCM to improve the immune system of patients while reducing side effects.that can prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis effectively. Medical workers in their study found that Chinese medicine can be resumed cells to chemotherapy sensitivity. Can improve the quality of life of patients.

It can help improve the diet of patients, it's easy to have a healthy lifestyle, and it's important to eat a balanced diet. Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment, but not for everyone, but there are good treatment entirely. Acupuncture can alleviate pain for cancer patients.
Between 2% and 30% of cancer patients have reported using acupuncture for various kinds of symptoms.

tcm treatments