Varicose Vein Leg Lump

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Ever dreamed of flaunting your legs like a Las Vegas dancer? If you answered yes, then make sure that your legs do not have spider veins! Although this venous problem does not pose any danger to you, spider veins can nevertheless make your legs unattractive and discolored. So you really have to deal with spider veins before they become a major patch on your legs.

But you do not have to lose sleep over your spider veins. Fact is, almost sixty percent of all Americans experience having cosmetic problems relating to their veins and a lot of these problems are linked to spider veins. And while spider veins affect both genders, this venous problem wreaks havoc more on women than men. Age factor also plays a role in the development of spider veins; it is observed that people aged 40 to 50 are more prone to the growth of spider veins.

Major factors that contribute to this venous problem include excessive weight, standing for extended periods of time, and hormonal changes brought about by menopause. Pregnancy is also a major cause for spider veins; in fact, pregnant women are known to have spider veins even in their private parts.

Nevertheless, the legs are the most susceptible to the development of spider veins. This is simply because the veins on your legs bear the brunt of transporting back the blood up to the heart against the pull of gravity, and not to mention, against the burden of your body weight. These pressures result to the eventual malfunction of your leg veins; which, unable to push the blood up to heart, becomes a pool of idle blood. The lump of blood causes the veins to bulge and discolor and finally become what you see as spider veins.

As mentioned, spider veins are not life-threatening. However, they can seriously reduce your skin's elasticity, particularly on your legs. Bulging and damaged leg veins often result to swollen feet or legs. In some severe cases, the overall blood flow from the legs to the heart can be seriously constricted which can lead to constant feeling of fatigue and stiffness in leg muscles. Pain in the legs are rarely caused by spider veins, but this venous problem can sometimes bring about prickliness and burning sensation to the skin on your legs.

Apart from the legs, spider veins can also develop in the face, arms and stomach area. The unmistakable red and blue pigments that define spider veins can appear like bruises on your skin. Although spider veins and varicose veins are both indications that you are having problems with the flow of your blood and the valves of your veins, you need to see your doctor to make sure that your spider veins are not varicose veins because these two venous problems can have different treatment approaches.

To reduce or eliminate the appearance of spider veins, you must ensure that your veins are functioning at their peak. Oftentimes, it is about making sure that blood from different parts of your body, especially from the legs, is flowing smoothly and unlimitedly. You can do this with a wide variety of procedures, from as basic as a relaxing massage to as sophisticated as solution injection. It will also do you good to avoid the major causes of spider veins as mentioned above.

Also, there are numerous products in the market that can help you reduce the color and the size of spider veins. To bring back a more youthful and tender appearance for your legs, you can try treatment products like Veinuderm. Visit for more details about fighting off spider veins on your legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

    bruised vein on leg?
    okay well a couple of weeks ago i finished shaving my legs and i was rubbing in moisturiser normally when out of nowhere a purplish bruise appeared on the side of my right shin. It looked like a vein and it really hurt when i pushed it, but i had no idea where it came from because it had only appeared then and i hadn't felt anything there before.
    today i was looking at some lumps i have on my knee (from running in the grass) when again, out of nowhere, a purple bruise lump appeared just above my left kneecap to the left. This was the same as my shin a couple of weeks ago, i had not noticed it before, and it just appeared there.
    Does anyone have any idea what they are and what has caused them?
    what should i do?
    they're not varicose veins or anyything, just lumps.
    The one on my shin from a couple of weeks ago is now a large bruise but no lump.
    thanks, x0

    • ANSWER:
      you might want to go to the doctor.
      i hurt my right leg 2 and a half years ago shaking off the dirt of a baseball cap close to my leg, it hurt like hell and still the veins remain visible and green, it is a very sensitive area since then. i keep putting on from time to time some relaxing creams to keep the pain away.

    I have a lump between where my leg meets my vagina. It's under the skin and is about the size of a grape.?
    Could this be a blood clot? I gave birth 4 months ago, and I have developed varicose veins in my left leg. They have started hurting pretty bad the last week or so. I have an irrational fear now of dying of a blood clot traveling to my heart or lungs.

    • ANSWER:
      Not to be annoying, but I have to say it . . . unless there is something weird about your anatomy, you leg does not meet your vagina! I think you are speaking of your vulva.

      And I agree. It's probably a lymph node. But get it checked out if you're worried.

    I have small lump under the skin on my upper leg about size of a lg grape. Should I be concerned?
    I had my varicose veins taken care of about 3 years ago. I am now developing the same problems plus added ones. My legs ache all of the time. It is worse when I go to bed. I have to take pain killer to get some relief. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I can't move.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you should go to the doctor and get it checked out. Any "lump" on the body is not a good thing. Good luck to you!

    massive bruise due to varicose vein???
    I have this huge vein around my leg that starts a my inner thigh and wraps around my leg and goes to the out side of my knee. Yesterday at my daughters game a knelt down to tie her shoe and my knee snapped and a lump the size a golf ball deveploped. Today this nasty bruise has developed and has a fever to it and now my knee is very achy. My uestion is can those veins bust? And should I be concerned? I will send pics if I need to
    For one I do not have Cow legs and second of it is not gross, I asked a simple question asking for help and I really don't need your smart ass comments so if you are not here to help, back off!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds so much like an ACL tear or a patellar tendon rupture. ...with the pop and all. But to make u understand i have to describe some medical basics, so bear with me. The ACL is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Your knee is a hinge joint located where the end of the femur (thigh bone) meets the top of the tibia (shin bone). And, there are 4 main ligaments connecting these two bones. One of those ligaments is the ACL. The ACL lies in the middle of the knee, and prevents the tibia from sliding out in front of the femur. It also provides rotational stability to the knee.
      It is usually athletes who experience an ACL tear,and so i do doubt that this is ur case, but u make it sound so "textbook-y". Yes, the area can be hot and painful. But im leaning more toward a patellar tendon rupture. It also presents with a classic audible "pop" sound. Your patellar tendon is what connects ur kneecap to the tibia(shin bone). It can occur in ppl whove had a history of patellar tendon rupture in the past, in ppl who are overweight, ages 30-50, atheletes. But then again ppl with none of these descriptions also present with patellar tendon ruptures. My suggestion is to go to the doctor, first of all, because we can"hypothesise" for u what it is, but we can't make it better for u physically. If the rupture isn't very significant, ur doctor may decide to give u a knee immobilizer/brace, crutches, tell u to elevate the leg, put ice on it, If it is a complete rupture, surgery is probably the only other option.
      If this is an ACL tear, then ur doc has to use his judgement on whether or not to give surgery depending on the extent of the tear, ur atheletic status and so on. I know this was quite long, and possibly boring, but i hope it helped somewhat, and good luck to you. But please...go to ur doctor...NOW! And yes...u should be concerned. All the best!

    dangerous to do calve raises when you have varicose veins?
    I have a varicose vein on my left calve.It is pretty much like a small lump sticking out of my skin.I have started doing a lower leg workout like squats,leg press,calf raises and was wondering if this will make my varicose weins worse?

    • ANSWER:
      is those the fat veins that are purple?
      maybe doing those exercises might get more circulation through your legs, which might be good.