Varicose Vein Pain In Thigh

for some patients sclerotherapy can be used to treat varicose veins ...

Deep vein thrombosis can manifest itself in a sudden onset of pain in the calf or thigh muscle with one calf swollen to round an inch greater than the other car muscle. If you identify freshly swollen veins in a painful limb this can also be a sign of DVT and in either of these cases you should seek medical advice immediately.

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition defined by a blood clot, or thrombus, forming in a deep vein. Commonly affecting the leg veins, such as the femoral, popliteal, or the deep veins of the pelvic region, DVT can prove fatal if the clot comes loose, makes its way into the blood, and enters the heart.

There are other factors that contribute to a person's risk of having deep vein thrombosis. Factors such as age must be considered because those who are above sixty are at a higher risk. Being immovable for a long time like in a plain ride is also dangerous. If you have a family member who has the condition of increased blood clotting or you are pregnant or overweight or having various spider webs of varicose veins on your legs.

A person who is inactive for an extended period of time is at increased risk of DVT. This can happen during a long airline flight, while wearing a cast, following surgery and even when in the hospital for another condition. Other risk factors include:

* Varicose veins

* Blood clotting disorders

* Family history of DVT or clotting disorders

* Heart disease

* Obesity

* Chronic leg swelling

* Dehydration

* Birth Control Pills containing estrogen

* Hormone replacement therapy

* Pregnancy/recent childbirth

* Smoking


While recent research shows that various factors prove to put a person at risk for DVT, a more common cause for deep vein thrombosis is inactivity. The less you move, the slower your blood circulates, thereby increasing the chances for clots to form. Business travelers, people who spend long hours in cramped airplane seats or in cars, and people confined to wheelchairs are especially at risk if they are unable to regularly circulate the blood in their legs.

Symptoms include leg pain or swelling, tenderness of leg tissue, increased leg warmth and increase in redness. This most likely occurs only in one leg or extremity. Symptoms of DVT may include varicose veins, tenderness, pain, swelling, and redness in the affected limb. Other conditions that exhibit similar symptoms include skin infections in particular, and muscle strains.

Deep vein thrombosis happens when a blood clot forms in the lower leg. If the clot breaks off, it may travel to the lungs. That can then be fatal. If you have symptoms such as pain, redness and swelling in a leg, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.


Here are some tips to help reduce the risk of a DVT:

a€¢ Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration before and during your trip.

a€¢ Try to keep your thighs clear of the edge of your seat.

a€¢ Wear loose fitting clothing.

a€¢ Keep the legs uncrossed.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Acute varicose vein pain?
    Hello, obviously I realize looking on the internet for health info is
    a dangerous thing. I had injured my back a few weeks ago and had
    numerous chiro adjustments. I thought the pain in my leg from thigh
    to knee was sciatica, used lots of heat. I now realize it's vascular.

    I am 48, female, active but considerably overweight. Don't smoke,
    have high bp, take verapamil every day for that. When I stand up it's
    a very all over pain all down my left leg ending above the knee usually but sometimes a vein in the back of my calf hurts too. It's kind of an all over million stabs kind of thing.

    Sometimes I feel it in my groin. If I sit down, or lay down with feet
    elevated it is fine. Walking is painful, but bearable. Sometimes it feels a bit better after I force a bit of a walk, been too afraid to walk far. I now have
    been treating with ice rather than heat and that is making a big
    difference. Taking Horsechesnut, grape seed and butcher's broom since
    yesterday and on no salt diet (yuck). This pain wakes me up in the
    night and is controlled with elevating the leg. I have no swelling,
    no hot spots but am worried.

    I'm a wife and mom and am just starting
    to realize that I need to lose this weight and take care of my health.
    Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. It's been about 2
    weeks and I'm maybe a bit better but not appreciably. Staying off my
    feet, etc. My veins are rather ropey, and visible but no change in
    them. I'm deeply grateful for your answers.

    I did see my primary (2 days ago) and she looked at my legs, noted the veins but that was it.
    I think we were both thinking it was from my back situation at that

    Thanks again, can you have DVT without the swelling, hot spot,
    etc? My friends think this is an extreme varicose vein flare up as I
    was on my feet a lot last week entertaining visiting family.
    ***I should note that I have no swelling in either leg. Thanks for the answers so far.

    • ANSWER:
      Here you usually get genuine persons answering very appropriately to most of the questions.
      DVT must be ruled out as it may have serious consequences. Specially if you have been on oral contraceptives.
      For varicose veins, keep your legs elevated whenevr you are sitting and if you find it possible. Avoid standing long hours and use stockings.
      Best will be to get doppler study for DVT. Hope it turns out negative, but you need to rule it out.
      All the best!

    Varicose vein in left leg causing extreme cramping & shooting pain, should I go to the ER?
    I have had a varicose vein in my left leg for about 2 years. The varicose vein runs the entire length of my leg but only a portion is visible. I needed surgery before but I didnt have any insurance. I recently got insurance and last night I woke up with extreme shooting and cramping pain in my left leg, mostly behind the knee and into my thigh. The pain has also been causing my vein to throb and quiver and feel as if my leg is falling asleep although it does not. The new doctor cant see me for about three weeks since I am a new patient and my old doctor moved to florida so I have nobody to ask right now.
    What should I do? Is this something to be concerned about? Could this be a blood clot or something more serious? Should I go to the Emergency Room to have it checked out? Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this or has had what I am describing. I developed this at about 24-25 yrs old. I am now 27. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Could you maybe have a Potassium deficiency? My legs ache and I get shooting cramps, It is from lack of Potassium. You should call your Dr. office and describe the pain, they can work you in, if need be for an emergency, because If you go to the ER they will notify your Dr. then. Please don't ignore the pain, especially if you think that it could be a blood clot.

    35 weeks pregnant extreme pain in between labia and inner thigh and buttox no bumps, no itching, no discolor?
    I have this shooting pain in my upper inner thigh, butt, and around labia on left side, it is so painful, that at times I cannot walk and it only is severely painful when I sit for more than 20 minutes and/or if I sit on a hard surface and try to get up it is so painful, but there is no discolor, no funny discharge, no bumps, bruises, varicose vein lines, nothing different about my body just that it internally hurts. Will it go away, will it stay, what could be the problem, is the baby on a nerve, I know I was driving a stick shift a lot with no power steering and hard to shift could I hurt myself doing that?

    • ANSWER:

    Varicose veins in a 23 year old guy?
    I'm 23 years old, and I'm perplexed by the appearance and progressive worsening of varicose veins on the inside of my left leg. Isn't this sort of odd?

    Anyone else in my demographic ball park talk to their doctor about this?

    I also get sharp pains in my thigh a couple times a this bad?

    • ANSWER:
      it's probably genetic or you stand all the time, it's easy you can get it stripped by a doctor (my mom had to get one stripped she's in her 50s) all they do is cut a slit in your leg and pull it out (and it's outpatient surgery) and then you rest a couple days and are fine again

    i have varicose veins!! How do you get rid of these? What type of surgery is most effective?
    Ive never had varicose veins before!! I have small spider veins which arent that bad b/c im olive coloured but now with this pregnancy i have a big varicose vein behind my knee going down my calf and another one starting just below my bum on my upper thigh in the back. I started wearing those compression socks at work but i know its too late. What type of surgery is effective with the less amount of pain? Any suggestions of any good clinics in Michigan near Detroit?

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