Varicose Vein Surgery Recovery

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Frequently Asked Questions

    varicose vein surgery?
    Im going into hospital on Tuesday to have a vein removed from my leg, what is the average recovery period to return to work ?

    • ANSWER:
      Had mine done 2 years ago. It took a month or so to recover.
      Good luck. Your leg will feel a lot better for having the operation.

    how long is recovery from vascular surgery in the legs? varicose veins operation?
    how long before able to travel on plane?

    • ANSWER:
      24 hours.

    What will you normally feel after the varicose veins laser surgery?
    What will you normally feel after the varicose veins laser surgery?
    My auntie got an laser surgery for the varicose in her leg a week ago.
    Until this moment, she still feel pain, itchy, or even cramp in her leg. Is it normal?
    What should we do to have the speedy recovery?
    thanks a lot

    • ANSWER:
      About 90+% of patients have minimal symptoms within a couple of days post-op. She's due for a post-op check, so the surgeon can judge whether or not what she's experiencing is normal. There's no way to judge without examining.

      There's not a lot you can do to help.

      Have her f/u with her surgeon.

    Varicose vein in my left testicle?
    I for sure have a positive vericoselle vein in my left testicle,the docters making me have surgery to remove it in about a month because it gives me a lot of pain and has a really dull ache.I'm only 16,but when me and my girlfriend have sex,after i starts a very dull ache and thats when it hurts most. Why is this?and has anyone ever had a varicose vein removed before from the testicle?did it hurt?how was recovery?ive also noticed i cant get hard and maintain an erection as well anymore,can the varicose be affecting that?

    • ANSWER:

    Varicose Vein removal?
    I am having a vein in my calf removed. I will be on a local ant. and the Dr will make an incision and pull out the vein with a hook. How much pain will I have after the surgery? How long until I can exercise - other than walking?
    I have a big test that I need to study for - would the recovery interfer with trying to study because of pain, etc..??

    • ANSWER:
      basically the anasthetic will cover you for at least an hour after the procedure. You must cover yourself with anti inflammatories and pain relief combined this work well do not be worried about taking too much within a day the pain should be fine. i reccomend paracetamol and brufen together a few times a day. I f you have any past medical history of stomach ulcer or asthma dont take brufen. You will be able to walk.