Vein Popping Out Of Leg

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Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm 16 & I have a vein popping out behind my knee?
    Wouldn't you think I'm a little too young to be having a vein pop out of my leg at 16? I don't even understand why i have this. I exercise regularly, if not more than need because I'm involved in tennis, dance, and volleyball throughout the year and would like to think i have a balanced diet. It doesn't cause me any pain but I'm embarrassed to wear anything above the knees because it's visible. Is there any way to get rid of it without surgical procedures? :/

    • ANSWER:

    I have a vein thats kinda popping out of my leg. I've seen this on elderly people but im only 19. Is this bad?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a varicose vein. It's probably not serious unless it's causing discomfort, but you may wish to see a doctor. I don't think it's common in people below middle age.

    Vein popped in leg Q ...?
    okay so i have a popped vein ..(i think) on the back of my leg just above the crease of my knee, and i was wondering....

    1. how did it pop? or .. etc any information ...
    2. can it get worse?... if so how...
    3. is there anything i can do to get rid of it?..or make it smaller etc..

    it really hurts when i touch it and im scared to stretch my leg out all the way..
    ive recently been exercising alot, can that make it worse?
    i am 17 and yeah im feeling really self conscious about it :(

    • ANSWER:
      Did you knock something bad ?

      I am not sure what you are exactly referring it bulging or something ? Then I think a vein specialist can inject - forgot the name- a substance to get rid of the blockage or the vein ( you will not die !) if it is a varicose vein.

      If it is spider veins..I think it could be hereditary ( had some on my legs since age 10 !!!!)..laser treatments do the jobs very nicely those days.

      But if it hurts or is bulging , it sounds like you have some damage..go and see a doctor or just a vein specialist ( my mother got rid of all of them like that..sclerotherapy I think is the name).

      Careful...clots might develop..and go to your heart in extreme cases..

    Athletes have veins popping out of their legs?
    Hi, is it true that the more athletic you are, the more veins you can see from the outside? I play lots of different sports, and the veins on my foot sort of looks like their popping up.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, this is true. It's because the blood pressure and flow increases, making the veins seem more dilated. I also get this, especially after lifting weights.

    How come there are veins popping out of my legs right now..?
    There are times when there are veins literally popping outta my calve muscle area, then there are times when it isnt.

    • ANSWER:

    girl that has vein popping out ?
    this girl on my cross country team has a normal sized leg,
    then a smaller, like skinnier and it looks a little shorter because she walks
    a little wobbly, but her leg has one big vein sticking out of it by her calf, and it shakes a lot.
    what do you think she has? i want to know, but i'm not going to ask her because i think it would be rude.

    • ANSWER:
      she has shakey-vein syndrome. it can be very embarrassing, what with all the shaking.

    for ladies, do you think its sexy for a guy to have a lot of veins popping out of the arms and legs?
    i have veins popping out naturally from my arms and legs, when i flex more veins starts to pop out from my arms and legs, but i dont got alot in my legs, just very little, but my arms is full of them, and people think im doing steriods, so ladys, is it attracting?
    AND im 18, and only got the veins all over my arms, just a little bit on legs.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh damn.
      Veins are a natural part of one's body, so if you are as immature as to say "Gross!" or "Ew!", please shut up.
      I personally find it beyond attractive. It shows that a guy has worked in his life instead if being a bum, both in the sense of exercising and a simple job.
      I love when a guy us athletic and muscular, it shows how important they think taking care of their body is. And that's sexy.
      So, please don't be ashamed. Be proud and flaunt them those arms and legs off (:

    Varicose Veins that pop out on right leg,chest pain, hard to breathe, doctors say not a blood clot? Help?
    Recently I saw that I had thick popped out varicose veins on my right leg, behind my knee that stick out. They hurt and tingle, and there is a weird stabbing feeling in the area.

    Also, I found out I also have a herniated disk in my lower back, and the pain shoots down all the way down to my right leg. Same leg as the veins.

    I have had chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness the past few days, and my veins pop in and out.

    I've been to doctor, even the ER, They have done an ultrasound on my leg to check for a clot a few weeks ago, they didn't find one.

    I have been having horrible abdominal pain. I have fatty liver, and a urinary trac infection.

    I can't seem to find out why I can't breathe, why I have chest pain, and why I'm so dizzy.

    Help? Will choose best answer.

    Is this all in my head? My mom thinks I'm paranoid. I have anxiety by the way.

    I'm 17, and overweight. Female. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You are too young to be having these issues. You should take one thing at a time, starting with the primary issue which I believe is the root cause of your problems: you are overweight, and have a fatty liver.
      When you have a fatty liver, you are reducing the effectiveness of the liver to do it's job. While there is no cure for fatty liver from medication or surgery, there is only one way to eliminate it. That way is to go on a diet and exercise plan. Not doing so could result in cirrhosis of the liver and death. The first thing you should do is lose weight and get in shape, you are too young to be having this many health issues. Get out there and enjoy your life. Below are some sites that have helped people through their condition.

      Hope this helps.

    Veins popping out?
    When i do something like carrying things or writing, my veins will always pop out and a line of veins are visible on my hand. My legs have the veins popping out too whenever i walk. Because I play flute and i can't possibly show my hand with nerves popping out at the audience. I know relax is the way to stop it from popping out but i can't relax in the middle of playing the flute.. So are there any cure or medicine for that?

    • ANSWER:
      my veins pop out too on my hands when I have them resting......and you can see my veins on my calf's.....I have really pale's embarrassing......but, we're still pretty elsewhere

    Is there a name for veins that pop out of your skin?
    I know about varicose veins, but i am wondering if there is a different name for less extreme cases. I just have a few little spots on my legs where a vein pops out.
    Is there a name for this, & does anyone know a home remedy, or natural treatment for them? and while your at it, do you know what causes it?

    • ANSWER:
      buttercup - What you are describing sounds like the very thin "spider veins." Spider veins, also known as road-map veins, are very tiny superficial blood vessels that increase in size over time and commonly occur on the legs. Women, people who have a blood relative with the condition and workers who stand regularly in their jobs are more susceptible to spider veins.
      Heredity accounts for 80 percent of people who develop spider veins.
      Tanning does not hide the appearance of spider veins. In fact, excessive sun exposure can cause spider veins since harmful ultraviolet light breaks down collagen, which composes the walls of spider veins, and can cause thinning and spreading of the veins.
      Crossing your legs does not cause spider veins.
      Gaining a lot of weight does not cause spider veins. In fact, weight loss can make a person more prone to spider veins, as it causes the skin to collapse and reveal what is underneath.
      Vitamin supplements do not prevent spider veins.
      Sclerotherapy is considered the gold standard in treating people with spider veins. This procedure allows large areas of the veins to be treated efficiently with hair-thin needles containing a sclerosing solution, which irritates the lining of the vessel causing it to swell, stick together and the blood to clot. In a matter of weeks, the vessel turns into scar tissue that eventually fades and becomes barely noticeable.

    Is it normal for veins to pop out on my legs?
    I'm 14 and i'm indeed a male and highly athletic. I play baseball and soccer for my middle school and I plan on playing for my high school as well. I exercise very often and sometimes I have been asked if I have been using steroids. Veins have been popping out my arms for three years. Just recently, veins have been popping out of my legs.. Is that normal?

    • ANSWER:
      Thank you for your question.
      Veins that are "popping out" in your legs can be normal or not. This depends on the distribution of the veins. Prominent veins can be a result of muscle buildup. Another cause is called varicose veins. There are also other causes such as phlebitis. If the veins are not painful, red, bleeding or hard, they are usually not dangerous. A sure way to find out is to have your doctor take a look. By the look of the veins and the way they are distributed you can make a diagnosis most of the time. Sometimes an ultrasound is needed to make the diagnosis.
      I hope that helps. Good luck with your sports.

    Hip, leg pain due to Varicose Vein?
    Hello all. My hip ( from spine to side on right side) has been hurting real bad. My right calf n the outer side has been throbbing and painful down by my ankle. Then my foot is tingling too! Whats going on?! I am going to see my doc in a week but would like to know a few ideas of what this could be...I have a V. vein popping out above my ankle.. I though it may be a pinched nerve causeing the hip pain and the vein causeing the leg pain...the foot tingle from pinched nerve?? Help please!

    • ANSWER:
      What kind of Doctr you wil see? If it s your primary Doc you will need a referral for a orthopedic doc. Try to go to an orthopedic doc that specialize in spine problems. The doc wll sent yu for xray, this xray will not show pinch nerv problems. A god MRI will show yor spine condiion. You coud have your lumbar bones, with poblems. Ort Doc will be able to evaluate yu and help. Depending of what he finds, he will refer to Therapy. Physical theraphy will help as wll as a good chiropractor. I can not funcion without my spine doc, my hysical therapist and my chiro. Some times I have to swim, other activites I can not handle.Good luck.

    I'm 15 and I'm starting to get a varicose vein, is that bad? And how can I stop/get rid of it?
    It's on the back of my calf, and it's pretty small. Probably almost an inch. I've noticed purple lines on the backs of my calves for a few days now and today I saw the vein popping out.

    I cross my legs all the time and I feel like that's why, but could there be another reason?

    Please give me information, I do not want spider veins.

    • ANSWER:
      Everybody gets an occasional varicose vein; usually they don't cause a problem. But some people get them worse than others.
      It's actually caused by the failure of one or more valves within the vein. Since the leg veins have to carry blood against gravity up to the heart, and since there is not a lot of pressure in the veins, there are valves every so often in each vein to keep the blood from flowing backward. When one of these valves doesn't work right, the blood can sometimes flow backward a little bit until it is stopped by the next valve down. That's when you will see the vein pop up.
      Varicose veins can be made worse if you restrict the blood flow upward. When the blood isn't able to flow freely upward, it will tend to pool in the vein.
      So, to keep it from getting worse, you should make sure the blood flow above the varicosity is not restricted. When you cross your leg, look and see whether the vein pops up more. If it does, then crossing your leg is making it worse. If crossing your leg doesn't make the vein pop up, then it's not.
      You may be able to help prevent varicose veins, or keep them from getting worse, by getting plenty of exercise, elevating your legs sometimes, and avoiding too much sitting and standing still. If you are sitting or standing for longer periods, flex your feet and ankles now and then to encourage blood flow.
      Doing hand stands and shoulder stands-- or hanging upside down on an inversion table, if you have access to one, are also beneficial.
      They also sell stocking that compress the calves and so keep the blood from pooling in the veins too.
      Taking extra vitamin C may help strengthen the blood vessels so they are less likely to be damaged.
      Good luck with this.

    Veins pop out of my legs-- and I'm a girl?
    So, I'm a healthy, lean 21 year old woman. 5'6, 120 lbs. BUT, whenever I walk, run, or even stand for a while, my veins will pop out of my legs (above my calves). They're pretty big too. And obvious. Other people have noticed this and pointed it out.

    Is this gross? They're not vericose; I know that. They just make me self-conscious.

    • ANSWER:
      Stop worrying about it.

      I personally don't think this is a bad thing. You are just getting more of a vascular "Pump" than most people do.

      There are hundreds of bodybuilders out there that would kill for the veins in your legs!

      Just Kidding! But seriously, stop worrying about it. Laugh it off and realize that you are awesome :)

    Hard vein on inside of leg after hurting ankle?
    I was walking out to my car when I twisted my ankle and started to fall down. I probably would have broke it if I wasn't caught by the siding on my house. But I looked down and of course was crying, but on the side of my leg, right on my calf muscle a huge blue vein popped up. It's really hard and large.
    I'm of course not going to the ER, considering I can limp on it but that vein hurts, bad....I'm assuming it was from the pressure of hurting my ankle but how long will it take to go away.

    • ANSWER:
      I was reading on some google searche, could be a blood clot which is blocking the flow of blood past the spot where the vein is bulging. I think you should go to the doctor. A clot can end up being life threatening if it comes loose & starts moving as it could end up blocking blood flow to your heart. Go to the ER just to be safe.

    I have veins popping out under the chin, is that healthy?
    I am a 19 year old woman, and a little overweight. I am about 5'4. Lately, I have been noticing that my veins are popping out everywhere, including my arms, hands, legs, and other places. I know most of this is natural but, is it a healthy thing to be able to see the veins just under your chin? I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac, because sometimes I feel that I am, but I always thought it was never a good thing to see veins in the neck/chin/face/head region. Can someone help?

    • ANSWER:

    Veins popping out? Not the whole thing just parts? And it hurts?
    I'm 18 female. The past 3 weeks I've been getting 'hot flashes'. I'm either really hot or really cold. Today I noticed a veins popping out but just over my pinky knuckle. I touched it and it hurt a lot. Kind of like a sting. Then about 15 mins ago I was looking at it again abd I noticed another vein popping out in the middle of my hand, close to the knuckle. I tried to massage it but now my whole hand hurts.

    I haven't lifted anything heavy. Im not into sports or really skinny. - I've also noticed that since these hot flashes started more veins are appearing everywhere, esp on my chest and legs.

    Any ideas what it could mean?

    • ANSWER:

    Men: What do you think of body building women?
    You know, the women that have bigger muscles than you? Huge rippling legs, veins popping out etc. That kinda thing?

    • ANSWER:
      they're hardly women at all

    Why is my leg skinnier than the other?
    Ever since 1983 my right leg is skinnier than the other. It is also weaker and now i see veins popping out of my skin. I went to the local doctor to check it out and they could not figure out why it was the way it was. I also had open-heart surgery in 2009. What could be the problem? It's starting to make me worry alot more now. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    my mom was outside cleaning the vacuum when she felt a sharp sting in her leg now the back of her leg has a ?
    vein popping out that was first dark blue w green edging now the whole area is dark purpleish blue and is a big knot. does anyone know what this could be?

    • ANSWER:

    my veins pop out of my legs and arms when i lay down, stand up or sitting down watching tv or on the computer?

    im 5'11 and 140 pounds

    • ANSWER:
      well your normal but if by any chance you find out your not pls let me know as this happens to my husband all the time an the doctor said it was normal!!!

    Veins pop out when I stand up?
    everytime I stand up my veins pop out.. out of my legs and it hurts what could this be?

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds like you have varicose veins. Normal veins have valves so that the blood doesn't go backwards. When those valves are inneficient, blood can go back, especially when you stand up, because of the gravity.

      Besides being painful, sometimes they can be dangerous because blood clots can form inside and mayve go to other parts of your body, causing a pulmonary embolous, for example.

      You should go to your doctor because there are some drugs that can make you better and also, if it gets worse, you can take them out with a surgery. Meanwhile, you should try to get your legs up everytime you can and sleep with a pillow under your feet so it helps blood to be drained.

    Why do I have varicose veins?
    I am 25 years old, I'm skinny and I never been pregnant. I am active and keep a healthy diet. I work out an hour a day plus I take my dog on 3-4 walks a day. I don't keep my legs crossed and I wear compressed socks.

    I started getting varicose veins when I was 14. I've always been skinny and so is my family. Varicose veins do not run in my family. My family is pretty healthy. Both sets of grandparents are still alive and disease free. My veins have never hurt but I started getting bad purple, rope like veins that are extremely obvious and unattractive. The older I get, the more I get.

    I have talked to a vein specialist and I've been told my varicose veins are not threatening and they are not affecting my health at all. I do not feel any pain but I did get a laser treatment for my veins when I was 23. They told me my insurance was going to cover it in full, so I got it done. However, it was just a cosmetic procedure and they told me my legs will look a lot better, because I have these veins all over my legs and they look hideous. People comment on them all the time, and I don't wear shorts or skirts in the summer. I got the surgery and was told my legs will look stunning after a couple weeks. But the surgery did not work and I am getting more and more veins popping up. My legs are almost covered in these veins and they are getting worse. Not only did the surgery not work, but my insurance didn't cover it but I was told they would cover it in full. I later got billed for ,000. I have since gone back to the doctor and my legs now look like a 90 year old woman's legs. All the doctor could say is that I have no health risks and they don't wanna do the surgery again since it never worked the first time. I was told that is rare for it to not work and the doctor told me I'm a rare case. I look online for laser vein surgery and it apparently works for everyone. I don't know what to do now. I understand I'm not in a health risk but I don't want my legs to look this way anymore. I can't even wear a dress, even with nylons. Everyone can see blue and purple veins through nylons. If people ever see my legs, they are so fascinated by how veiny I am. People comment how it looks sick and it must be painful for me, but it's not. If I wanna scare a little kid, I just show my legs. How can I get normal looking legs and why am I going through this since none of the causes of varicose veins are affecting me at all?

    • ANSWER:
      plastic surgery?

      i'm sorry hun i have bad veins too. :(

    Do guys think that girls who have big veins are unattractive?
    i'm a runner
    and the veins in my legs pop out a lot, on a daily basis
    it doesn't look creepy as much as it makes my legs look buff,
    i also get big thick veins on the backside of my hand

    i dont mind it, but do guys think its weird ?
    i'm also pretty short
    and younger -

    • ANSWER:
      I think it's hot! Really! I can't really explain why, but it definitely doesn't make me grossed out or anything that's for sure.

    does running increase calves to get bigger?
    cus my calves are already big for my height, and i dont want them to get any bigger, and i think in the past couple of days they got just a little bit bigger, i run for cross country, so the distance and stuff.
    im 14, and like ive notice today theres like more veins popping out, like 1 more extra, and i notice another muscle is popping out, (on my right leg) like on the left side of my left leg, another muscle is starting to show, or got bigger.

    • ANSWER:
      Running is not going to put ALOT of mass on your calves - only weight lifting will do something like that. If anything it will tone the muscles there, for the act of running builds muscular endurance, not bulk.

    is this a sign of clogged arteries.veins on my leg?
    am 21 male. 166lb. i was walking and my leg was intching so i looked... i had a vein that pops out while am standing and walking on my right leg and it still is abit bumpy when i sit down. Does this mean anything?

    • ANSWER:

    How to gain ten pounds in a healthy/natural/quick way?
    I weigh one hundred and thirty-five pounds, also five feet six inches. I'm male and I believe I'm kind of skinny. On my legs, feet & and arms veins pop out most of the time and its nasty to me is there anyway of gaining ten pounds naturally , healthy and quick. I have patience so it really doesn't have to be a quick way. (Thanks)

    • ANSWER:

      There is no quick way.


    ew veins, somebody help me pweaseee. :(?
    alright, so You can see my veins in my legs.

    sometimes they pop out and i'm only 17..

    it's so embarrassing. anyway, i'm going to ask my doctor what i can do.

    but i have a question, do you think that my veins popping out has anything to do with needing to gain weight? I know that I have too and I am. Like they kind of always popped out before....but now my parents are just saying just try gaining weight.

    so i'm like okay - but i remember that they always popped out!!!!

    ugh. so stressful i wanna wear shorts without people like pointing it out.


    • ANSWER:
      i think you can have some 'near the surface stuff' little stuff removed. if it's like an artery tho, you prolly would n't want to do that. we need those, you know.

      i will say ,you probably notice it more than other ppl do, and that if you want to wear shorts and such, prolly nobody else is going to care if you have a vein showing,and you should just do it.

      love your body- dammit.
      that is all ~amen.

    why are there alot of veins showing on my legs? alot of the people i know dont show like mine?
    this never use to happen the veins pop out and show mostly on my right leg why? this never happened before and alot of ppl say to me there legs dont show veins on them. is there somthing wrong why did this happen.

    • ANSWER:
      no worries. this is sorta common. Have you lost weight recently? that could be a key factor. Or, you might be getting sick, but thats not likely. Actually, you could be developing an allegy to something near your legs. or you could be getting old, but thats another story.

    Can all you pregnant ladie's out there please please help me?!.?
    What do you think, is this a good way to get pregnant?
    Hey do you think this will work for me?

    I am trying to get pregnant so i am going to do this.

    Me and my boyfriend are going to start over again.

    I'm waiting for my next period to arrive, It is due 8August, once i have that period and when it end's i will wait a week and then i will start having unprotected sex a thew time's until i ovulate, i get told that conceive had your period 2 week's later you ovulate so i am going to let my boyfriend ejaculate in me 1 week before i ovulate a couple of time's, do you think i will get pregnant easily?
    Ill probably do what the web site's say, put a pillow under your hips and have your leg's in the air for about 20/30 minute's and might go on the folic acid tablet's fo about a month,
    I hope it work's i am starting fresh to make thing's easier than before, if don't get my period on the date it's due, i will take a test if it is late,I've been feeling pregnant for a while now, but all negative.
    I''m happy with this plan, If any off you guy's have different way to get pregnant fast please do tell me!.
    22 hours ago
    Additional Details
    I didn't want rudeness please!.
    I got told by a doctor, if you are trying to get pregnant yes you can have sex everyday and let your partner ejaculate in you alot, but not everyday. you need to let those little guy's swim up to the eggdon'tt let freshoness into you.
    I'm doing it every 3/4 day'sdon'tt make me change my mind. And please for heaven sake! be nice.

    Iain'tt stressed no more, but the weird thing is i keep crying?
    Why do i keep crying and mostly idon'tt know why i'm crying =/
    I used to stress so much i missed my period for 2 month's and i found out i was pregnant for around 1 week or 2. i lost it from thinking i was and wasn't, so i gave up.
    AndI'vee been getting sign's on and off and i have a blue vein popping up around my areola, ive got it on both boob's. and there's a skinny green vein slightly purple. my areola's look puffysome time'ss and my nipple's do go darkco louredd likere dishh or purple and i had these white spot's but theydisappearedd they are deep in my areola and dont pop up no more, andI'veealsos been getting load's off blue vein's and some off them look like spider vein'sI'vee even got load's off vein's around my stomach. Oh one more thing, i can also feel something little like a funny shaped ball around where the fetus issupposede to be, what could this be? any good information please andthank youu. pleasedon'tt be rude.I'vee put up with so much :/.
    Thank youu to all the nice people and good information i get.Cheerer's's!.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the difference between the buff and ripped skin tones in NBA 2k10?
    For every catagory press 1 if buff muscle tone wins the cataogry, 2 if ripped does. Just leave a list of numbers.

    1. Cut and defined.(You can tell by the arms they have a six or eight pack.
    2. Veins(there are a lot of veins popping out of the arm and maybe legs.
    3. Visible Strength(Does the player look strong, with awesome muscle defenition.)

    • ANSWER:
      1) 2
      2) 2
      3) 1 & 2

      being buff will make the player look bigger, but being ripped will probably make him look stronger because it is more defined muscle

    Upper Leg Pain in the right thigh..Please Help?
    For the past few months I have had the weirdiest feeling in my thigh, usually occurs after I stand up sometimes it feels like its numb (ice cold feeling) sometimes it feels like something is crawling on it..some times a sharp shooting pain that feels almost like a vein popped,this morning I put my hand on my leg and it woke me out of a sound sleep it felt like I had a raw burn and I touched it, I freaked turned the light on and saw nothing but some redness...this is all very strange...any help would be greatly appreciated, I plan to call my doctor but I know everything I am saying sounds nuts.. thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    My mom has swollen feet and she is wondering what can she drink Or take some kind of medicine?
    Ps every time she jogs in the treadmill do u think her veins pop out on her feet and legs? do u think if she stops running will it be a good idea?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe she has too much salt in her diet. Heat can make the feet swell. She needs to drink lots of water and reduce her salt intake. Potassium is supposed to be good for pushing salt out of the body. So eating a banana every day would be beneficial.

      Wading in water is also a good way to release excess salt (in a pool or at the beach) and reduce the swelling. She can also prop her feet up and that will help the swelling go down.

    How can I relieve the pain of aching legs?
    After I get home from work(active job) my legs, especially my right leg, aches like anything and prevents sleep.
    Last night the pain was bad in my right leg and the veins were all popping out/very visible.
    What can I do to relieve the pain or take for it?

    • ANSWER:
      This is very painful and pain pills do not help. I have had it for over a year and the doctor was slow to diagnose it until I was in critical shape.

      Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is caused by a blood clot in a muscle and can be life-threatening. Symptoms include swelling, pain, and tenderness in the legs. Risk factors include immobility, hormone therapy, and pregnancy.

      DVTs can occur anywhere in the body but are most frequently found in the deep veins of the legs, thighs, and pelvis. They may infrequently arise from the upper extremities usually because of trauma, or from an indwelling catheter (tubing) or device.

      A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition wherein a blood clot (thrombus) forms in a vein of the deep system.

      Thrombophlebitis is a condition in which there is both inflammation and a blood clot in a vein. Thrombophlebitis can occur in either superficial or deep veins. Superficial thrombophlebitis occurs in veins close to the skin surface, and usually causes pain, swelling, and redness in the area of the vein. Superficial thrombophlebitis usually is treated with heat, elevation of the affected leg or arm, and anti–inflammatory medications. A thrombosis in a deep vein is a much more serious problem than one in a superficial vein. The reason for this is that a piece of the clot in deep vein from a DVT can break off and travel through the deep veins back to the heart, and eventually be pumped by the heart into the arteries of the lung. When this happens, the condition is called pulmonary embolism (PE). The blood clot is called an embolus (plural emboli), and the process of breaking off and traveling to the lungs is called embolism.

    what are the symptoms of early pregnancy?
    my girl took plan b about two weeks ago. but she's still having the side effects. is it normal to have it for this long? she's spotting brown for the last week and a half. she spotted before her period. she has massive headaches, extreme tiredness, nausea (no vomiting), lower back pains, sore breasts, pelvic and abdominal pain, really bad leg cramps, and she started to notice blue veins popping up in her legs. we have taken two pregnancy test and both came out negative. probably it was too early to test.
    my girl took plan b about two weeks ago. but she's still having the side effects. is it normal to have it for this long? she's spotting brown for the last week and a half. she spotted before her period. she has massive headaches, extreme tiredness, nausea (no vomiting), lower back pains, sore breasts, pelvic and abdominal pain, really bad leg cramps, and she started to notice blue veins popping up in her legs. we have taken two pregnancy test and both came out negative. probably it was too early to test. I tried and take her to the doctor but she's sort of phobic about it. Im going crazy :(
    I want to find out if she is or not.
    And i forgot to mention that she's having flu like symptoms too.

    • ANSWER:
      You can detect the pregnancy as early as 1st week with the home pregnancy test and it is more accurate to take it on the first pee in the morning.

    How to get rid of this wierd mark??? o.O xxx?
    Since as long as I can remember I've had this mark in-between both my eyebrows but slightly further down my nose, it's a bit like a bruise or a vein but under the skin, my mother has a thing where she has like veins almost popping out of her legs, foundation and concealer don't won't, can anybody think of any good ideas ???

    • ANSWER:
      if its a scar of something you could use bio oil that helps quite a bit. but it works over time, so you have to put it on about twice a day :) you can buy it from boots or and local chemist.. it's quite expensive though :(

    Cramps? How to get rid of them in your calf muscle?
    My father has knots that you can see with your eyes in his calf muscles, for the last 24 hours/ Large veins that pop out in his leg also. The Cramps will not let him get any rest. 64 year old/on heart medicine.

    • ANSWER:
      OK this is can be serious FYI, so read cautiously and then decide what to do: At first I was going to say he probably just needs to take some vitamin K, or particularly potassium, supplements. Leg cramps can often times be caused by potassium deficiency because potassium aids in normal muscle contractions; if the muscle lacks potassium, it has to work harder and produces more waste that isn't cleared out by the blood supply very quickly, which causes pain and cramping.

      However, he very well could have a blood clot, perhaps DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Did he just get off of a flight? Has he been sitting for extended periods of time? This is common (and often times extremely fatal) in the elderly or those with poor circulation. And the fact that he's on heart medication indicates that his circulatory system isn't necessarily working very well anyway. Is he on blood thinners. do you know? Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition in the legs in which a blood clot forms due to sluggish movement of the blood up the veins of the leg back toward the heart. the pain would therefore indicate tissue death and pressure due to the blockage. the fact that his veins are bulging could indicate a back up of plasma and blood due to the blockage. When this clot breaks apart, it will eventually go straight to his lungs, block a pulmenary artery, his blood will not get oxygenated, and he very well could die.

      I DO NOT MEAN TO SAY THIS TO SCARE YOU, but he needs to get to the doctor ASAP to rule out this possibility ASAP.

      K, good luck and god bless.

      Also, until you get him to a doctor, refrain from massaging the area. If this is DVT, you run the risk of loosening the clot and expediting your dad's problems. Seriousyl, just take him to a doc and have ti checked out, I've seen this happen to way too many people to not take this seriously.

    Is this normal during pregnancy?
    I'm 6 mnths pregnant and i have been having awful headaches and severe stomach pains.... light senstivity, and my ankles are swelled too the extent that i can't walk, is it normal?

    plus i can see my veins popping out of hands, legs, arms, feet, pretty much everywhere.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should see your doctor,all of the things you mention can be normal but sometimes it can be a sign of pre eclampsia and you would need to be monitored very closely if you had that.

      Your doctor can tell by testing a sample of your urine for protein and monitoring your blood pressure,don't panic but it's wise to get it checked just to be safe.

    I dont know what is wrong with me?One of my legs is very inlarge and discolored.Veins pop out on back calves.?

    • ANSWER:
      I do not know your health history however the most common reason for this is DVT deep vien thrombosis or heart problems. See a physician as soon as possible. Both can be life threatning!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Strange vein, help please!?
    Last night as i was sitting at the computer i got up to get a glass of water and i felt a vein inside my left leg really stretched and it was popping out of the leg skin. At first it hurt so i couldn't fully stretch my leg but today it seemed a little bit better with some exercises. After a little documentation i searched on wikipedia and i found out that it's the Great Saphenous vein that has the problem. It has not fully popped out but the tension starts in the upper pelvic joint then it extends to the lower femural zone and it extends to the network of Saphenous veins on my tibia. I am 18 years old and a little bit underweight, i do not smoke or take any kinds of drugs. Is it possible to treat this problem or does anyone know if this is a serious disease or problem?

    • ANSWER:
      treatable see a doc

    my jack russell is now always "hopping" on his back leg?
    about a few hours earlier, he had pale gums and was sitting next to the heater. he had drunken all his water and only half his food. so i filled up his water bowl, put his jumper on and let him run around a bit and now his gums are pink again and hes more energetic. could he have just been cold? some people on YA suggested he could have internal bleeding or cancer. for months and months now (almost a year) everytime he is halfway between walking and running, he will hop on one of his back legs but he walks normally and runs without a problem. he doesnt seem to be in any pain either but it looks like something is bothering him when he hops. ive felt both his back legs and one of theme feels like a vein is popping out moreso than the other but once again, he was not in any pain when i pushed, pulled and prodded. is he going to be ok? i heard jack russells have a tendency to get back leg problems


    • ANSWER:
      Jack Russell's are very energetic and can learn lots of tricks as they are very smart and agile. Your dog may be trying to get attention by hopping on his hind legs.
      If you think he is having physical problems then your vet would be the best one to tell you if there is a problem.

    What's wrong with my leg?
    I got a pain in my left leg and it seems to be coming from the same area where a vein is popping out and there are other vein visible around it that weren't there before.Right now my leftfoot seems to be swelling up and the reason I awoke early this morning was because of pain from the swelling in my right foot and knee.At first I attributed this to my dancing yesterday but now i'm getting similar feeling in the bridge of my nose.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know, though I agree with a previous poster that you should go to a doc. Mainly because I've never heard of that feeling on the bridge of your nose!

      I've had swelling in my legs and feet, and it does hurt...went to my G.P. about it and he said it was a medication I was taking too much of. (Plus sitting up for too many hours on the puter!) :-}

      Had a friend whose legs swelled up also, and she also had the veins showing...she used cocoa butter on those areas and that helped.

      The thing that helps the most is to put your feet up as often as you can; watching tv, resting in bed, reading, fact it helps pretty quickly and is a great relief.
      Hope this helps you.