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    how can i treat varicose veins above upper thigh in pelvic area?
    I wear thigh high ted hose. i was wondering if there is anything i can do for the veins above the thigh in the pelvic region. I am 4-5 months pregnant so i can't take asprin to thin the blood. any ideas from others out there?

    • ANSWER:
      for vericose veins use calcium tablets, drink milk atleast two times a day, masaage with kottamchukkadi oil (ayurved), avoid bringal, beej wali tomato, urad dal, rajma, chana etc.. and use sea fish too much, these things will help u from ur varicose vein problem.

    Is there a way that I could make the veins in my thighs not visible?
    I have faint red spots/veins showing on my thighs and I hate how it looks. Is there a way to cover that up or get rid of it? If i get tanner will it go away?

    • ANSWER:
      get tan and for the moment put base on it

    Raised skin, near veins on the outter thigh.?
    Width is about an inch, and the thickness is about a centimeter. there are veins that are near knee on my outter thigh. the raised skin feels like there is something in it, I thought it could be a popped vein, or blood clot but I am not sure.

    • ANSWER:
      If the skin is white, it could just be stretch marks which are common. But if you think it might be a blood clot you need to get it checked. A blood clot can be serious.

    why do the veins on my thighs show so much?
    It isn't just the normal blue looking veins that are really visible. I also have tiny purple veins in clusters dotting all over my outer thighs. I'm a 20 year old female, the normal causes are exposure to sun, aging, and pregnancy. None of these pertain to me. Does anyone know what else could have caused this? Could taking birth control for a really long time cause this? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have the dreaded spider veins or varicose veins. A lot of things can lead to them. Does your mother or grandma have them? It's probably genetics. Or if you're over weight that can play a role too. If you have the money, you can get them fixed. Doctors can inject a solution to shut off the flow of blood to that specific vein. No blood, no purple/blue vein. Or, you can try makeup. They make makeup for legs especially for this problem. Good luck.

    i am 21 and have varicose veins in my thigh. does it matter if i dont get them treated?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to be treated otherwise you could be in serious pain in a few years and possible thrombosis. I was friends with a girl of 22 who went into hospital to have around 5 - 6 removed from her leg. It was a farily simple op to carry out.

    Can spider veins occur in early pregnancy?
    I've been developing these spider veins on my thighs!! I'm a week late took a test 3 days ago --!! Still no period and still have symptoms of pregnancy! I'm going to retest next week but i'm wondering if any ladies have experienced this in early pregnancy?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm about 4 months along & I haven't experienced this, but according to "What to Expect When You're Expecting" it actually can happen in early pregnancy.

      It's caused by the pregnancy hormones & the increase in blood circulation. It can be hereditary.

    Pinching soreness in inner thigh, deep vein thrombosis?
    I've been through a bit of trauma recently, my father just died a few days ago, so I probably am a little too conscious of death right now. My problem is that the night after my father died, I began experiencing bad soreness in my inner thigh which later spread to the back of my calf. It hurt to the point where I limped for a day and a half. Yesterday, the pain was virtually gone, but today, the pain has returned (only in my inner thigh though, I believe I accidentally hit that area causing it to hurt again). I have also developed a slight cough, but this could be from anything.

    The reason I am paranoid is because I'm terrified of it being deep vein thrombosis . I have been panicking to no end over this because I cannot afford a doctor to check with.

    I am only 20 years old, I've never had surgery, I've never taken birth control pills, I'm not overweight. I have, however, been sitting for a long period, though not excessively long. Please tell me I am overreacting.

    • ANSWER:
      I've actually had a pulmonary embolism and when told my doctor I didn't have any pain in my legs, he said that it kills you so fast, you never know you have it. Go see a doctor if it feels like you have shortness of breath and a sense of impending doom, it can feel like a heart attack, if the vein is thrombosed then it may feel hot and look red. Do what you need to set your mind at ease. You can afford a doctor more easily than a nervous breakdown.

    veins in thighs?
    I have somewhat large veins in my thighs. Im SOO self cautious about them I dont like to wear shorts! Any idea on how to get rid of them? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      there are various surgical techniques you need to discuss with your doctor.
      have you tried a tanning product to lessen the contrast of the veins against your skin?

    Blue veins on thighs and groin area...pregnancy sign!?
    Been TTC for 5 months...I'm about 6 dpo and woke up this morning and noticed very pronounced dark blue veins (and a couple spider ones) on my thighs, and a huge one in my right groin area! Never had these before! Could this be a pregnancy sign??

    • ANSWER:
      sure could be! Your cervix will actually turn BLUE because of the increased blood flow (my OB asked if I wanted to see it with a mirror!) So I would think its TOTALLY possible to have increased blood flow to your groin area. Your breasts will also start looking like "road maps" with blue veins all over them! Pregnancy... SO sexy! LOL

      GOOD LUCK! I hope this is it for you!

    Artery or vein in my thigh?
    Today I noticed a vein (or it might be an artery) that runs along down the inside of my thigh had become enlarged. It became almost as prominent as the veins in my hands look, and I was wondering what could be the cause of this. Any ideas?
    I am only 15 years old, and no my leg doesn't really hurt. Thanks for answering!

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a vein. If your into sports or working out,or possibly just alot of walking is causing the vein to bulge. Alot of pressure on your leg could be the cause,you can try relaxing your leg at the end of your day,by soaking in a warm bath and then elevating your leg when you lay or sit down. If it becomes painful at any time you probably s hould let your doctor know,but like I said it most likely is just pressure on your leg, if you have been active alot lately,walking or maybe just retaining some water causing the leg to slightly swell,and your noticing the vein in your leg. Or your eating alot of salty food,which then you should see your doctor then.

    Tiny, dark spider veins on thighs & large varicose veins behind my knees, any treatment besides surgery??
    I'm sick of my spider veins, and as I'm getting older, they are progressively getting worse!! (I'm only 27) I would still like to wear shorts in the summer, but it has gotten really bad :( Is there anything I can do to hide them, or fade them, perhaps? I know there's surgery procedures, but that is only if they are hurting or bulging...etc. Thank God I'm not at that stage, yet..!? Maybe any pill I can take, I DUNNO! I have pale, thin skin as well, so in fact, ANY vein throughout my body shows, and it's embarassing. (especially behind my knees...) Any suggestions would really help. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      consult a doctor

    77 year old broken vein in upper back thigh. What is the danger of a clot? Should she stay off the leg?
    she stay off the leg or keep it up or apply ice?

    • ANSWER:


      It's better to be safe then sorry! Believe me. *_*

    Bright Purple Veins On My Buttocks/Upper Thigh - Blood Pressure?
    So I'm 5 ft 7, 147 lbs, nearly 17 years of age. I'm not very well developed physically I guess you could say. Still a bit of a babyface and generally small. I'm also a vegan, and I'm pretty sure I'm aenemic and I'm not getting enough Iron because I don't eat much good stuff.

    Now, recently I've been trying to generally gain weight and get bulkier. On 4 days in a week I will drink 6 cans of pepsi and a bag or two of jelly tots. Lots of sugar, basically, as I'm really lethargic.

    So I've been getting really red cheeks lately. Always had them to a degree but now it's just horrendous as times. Whenever I drink a lot of pepsi/jelly tots in one go they flare up really bad and are damn near purple. I've developed a gut lately. Not a huge one, and I'm still not fat by any means, but it's noticably there now. I'm pushing 11 stone when a year ago I would have been about 9 1/2. I haven't 'shot up' or anything so its just my junk food.

    I just looked at myself and noticed that at the top of the back of my thigh/bottom of my...well...bottom, i've got those purple squigly vein-thing lines in abundance. I've seen overweight people with them on their hips and stomach, but they're on my buttocks for some reason.

    Does this sound like high blood pressure? I'm getting out of breath more easily now too I have noticed.

    Sorry if there isn't much in the way of sentance structure but i've rushed it.

    Just read up some more - could they be spider vains from weight gain?

    • ANSWER:
      You might want to get a doctors opinion.

    question about the veins in my legs?
    i have veins in my thighs and they are starting to show a lot. how can i stop that?

    • ANSWER:
      exercise. If you get the muscle toned, they won't show as much.

    Why are my veins so visible?
    One of my friends noticed that the veins on my upper thigh are really visible. This also made me aware that the veins on my arm are also visible. Most of them are green, but some of the ones in my inner wrist area are blue. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      The visibility of your veins depends mainly on the level of pigmentation in your skin. If you have lighter skin overall, then your veins will be more visible. If you have darker skin, you might not see the veins. This also depends a bit on your level of physical fitness and blood pressure. If you're athletic with little body fat, your veins will show more. If you've got high blood pressure, or even if you've been resting on one of your arms in a funny way, the veins will pop out more.

      Now, the level of pigment in your skin varies in different areas. The back of your hands and arms generally darkens more than the underside, near your elbow and wrist- it usually gets more sun exposure. Also, the skin near your wrist and elbow is thinner- that's why, when blood is drawn, it's usually taken from the inside of your elbow.

      Now, why the veins look different colors- I'm going to guess that you have a yellow or olive cast to your skin. When you see veins through areas of greater pigmentation, those areas are going to look green- it's layering of yellow pigment over blue blood. In your wrist, the skin is lighter and thinner, so the true color shows more clearly.

    Oh my word I have Varicose veins at 17!?
    Can someone please help me! I have varicose veins in my thigh and I am 17! I was shocked when I saw them and got straight on the net to google it :O Im 17 Im not meant to have these things wrecking my legs! My mum has them and shes in her 50s! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!! :)

    • ANSWER:
      I got them early too. It is not that uncommon. I had sclerotherapy in my early twenties, and stripping and ligation done when I was about 26. Just go to your doctor and start getting them treated now. I am now almost 34 and I have no problems with my vericose veins anymore. Start getting them treated. They will start to get itchy, sore, swollen, and very uncomfortable/painful (as they get worse). Don't cross your legs. Prop your legs (especially the affected one) up us much as possible so that the blood won't pool down there. Maybe think of your future profession too. I still chose a stand up job, even with the vericose veins. I don't care. But standing for long periods of time is def not good for those veins.

    I have a blue vein on my inner thigh, since my knee was injured and swollen. Will it go away?
    I injured my knee from over-use at the gym, and have been resting it as it's swollen at the moment and a little sore. This was around 10 days ago, but a week ago I noticed a blue vein on my inner thigh. I don't know if this is varicose veins, it's noticeable only some times/days, and it only appeared since my knee is injured. I'm healthy and in my 20's, and haven't had this appear before. I guess I'd like to know will this go when my knee gets back to normal? and does this sound like varicose veins or not?
    I have put some ice on my knee but that hasn't been for a few days. I'm mainly concerned about the blue vein though. Will it go when the swelling has gone, I don't know much about blood clots etc. The blue vein does go right past my knee around the problem area.
    I'm quite dark really, and these veins seemed to start at the middle of the my thigh, straight past the knee, and stop a few inches below.

    • ANSWER:
      A swelling at the joint will always put slightly more pressure on the veins than usual. Ice is a good idea as it will slow the blood flow to the injury and get rid of the inflammation and you should find that the vein will calm down when the swelling does.

    I have these tiny little red veins on my thighs and a bit of celulite...?
    I have these tiny veins on my thighs they aren't grouped or anything just in random small spots i guess but all on my outer upper thigh area in little V 's you could say or a lillte line, nothing big but i dont want them to become more or more noticable either. I also seem to be developing a bit of celulite in my thighs.... im a 20 year old car model, not something I want to be showing off. Will exercize help with both these problems fast??? please help, creams, exersise all tips are welcome and advise, suggestions. What are these veins anyways?
    I dont think it is varicose veins since, it doenst hurt, nor is my skin swelling nor the area.

    • ANSWER:
      for the cellulite program, if you're already a car model you probably are already in pretty good shape, what you need to do is pickup a quick fix to get rid of that last bit of cellulite fast. For me cellulean worked wonders, you can get the 14 day trial for free, plenty of time to clean up the problem, link is in souce

    what does it mean if you have purple veins?
    i have small purple veins in my thighs what does it mean???

    • ANSWER:

    I have veins on my inner thighs?
    I've never had this before in my life and recently its spread down further, its like the veins are agasint the skin, what caused this and how do i get rid of it? its really wierd and disgusting looking.

    • ANSWER:
      If they are vericose veins .. these can show up from lack of crossing your legs. Some veins come from weight transferring. Then there are some people that are just pale or more prone to them. take care.. and dont be so hard on yourself.

    very early varicose veins?
    i'm 17 yrs old and i just noticed some purple varicose veins on my thigh.....earlier this year i had electro-shock therapy in that same area because i tore my quad...i also run track and field so could these be the cause to it? and how can i treat them? thank you everyone =)
    they look exactly like my mom's so i think they are real =(

    • ANSWER:
      Are you sure they are varicose veins? Just because you see some purple veins doesn't mean they are varicose veins! Normally I would expect them at an older age, and around the calf or knee to start with Perhaps they are just enlarged because you are sporty.

      I cannot tell without seeing them, I suggest you visit your doc if you are worried, I doubt they are varicose (but I cant be sure without an exam).

    Why am I getting spider veins and how do I get rid of them?
    I'm only in my mid twenties and I've noticed a lot of little spider veins on the back of my thighs. I'm fair skinned. What's up with this? And what can I do to alleviate them?

    • ANSWER:

    What's the best way to prevent spider veins from becoming varicose veins?
    I am a healthy, active 26-year-old woman and I first noticed spider veins when I got a bad bruise on my thigh at about 18 years of age. I have since developed many more in my legs, especially in my left leg (is it weird that they are asymmetrical?). My mom developed varicose veins when she was pregnant with me at my age now, and on her feet all the time because she owned a restaurant. I really want to do everything I can to prevent my problem from becoming a bigger problem. Any ideas out there from anyone with experience?
    I might agree that the spider veins from the bruise were a coincidence--but they came out in the exact pattern of the bruise when I got the bruise. It was a big purple lump from getting hit with a ball. When the bruise went down, the veins were there, right where it had been. That's a pretty far stretch to be a coincidence, I think.

    • ANSWER:
      Spider veins do not turn into varicose veins. They are two different veins.A bruise should not cause spider veins. I think it was a coincidence.

      People can get varicose veins from being on their feet. But, you can get varicose veins from doing nothing. The surgery to remove spider veins is done all the time and it's an easy outpatient surgery.

      I would go to the doctor, talk to him/her about preventive tactics and have the surgery to remove the ones you have now. It evidently bothers you and there is no reason not to have it taken care of.

    is this a vein in my thigh?
    in my thigh this small bubble like thing moves a little when i touch it. A lady told me it was a vein but shes not a doctor but a computer engineer.

    • ANSWER:
      Seems to me that it is a vein.

    Deep vein thrombosis in thigh?
    Is it possible to get DVT in the thigh rather than the calf?
    I have a strange lump at the top of my thigh. It is hard and tender. At first I thought it could be a spider bite, but I'm thinking it can't be and might be DVT (now that I've looked that up ).
    I haven't flown recently and not on any medications.
    I am overweight but I do get some exercise.
    Thank you both for replying.

    • ANSWER:
      It is possible to get a DVT in the thigh.

      What you are describing does not actually sound like a DVT, but if you are very worried you should get your doctor to check it out. Clinical detection of DVT's is very poor and so either a blood test (to detect the amount of clot you have) or an ultrasound is often the best way to exclude a DVT

    pain in vein on my thigh?
    i have a pulse on my thigh thats pretty hard,i have it about 10 times a day for 3 days now..should i be concerned?

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds like a nerve or a muscle jumping, not a vein.

      I get those all of the time. If it's still happening after a week or so, you might want to go to the doctor and have it checked.

    ICK! What to do about Spider Veins?
    I'm only 20, but I already have quite the little collection of spider veins on my thighs. I'm in good shape and have relatively little body fat, so i don't know why I have this problem.
    My mom has really bad ones-mostly from pregnancy she thinks, but i'm afraid mine will end up like hers when i'm her age.
    What can I do about these nasty parasites? How can i lessen the chances of getting more?

    • ANSWER:

    How do you get veins to appear in your thighs??

    • ANSWER:
      workout like crazy and they'll pop out

    Question about varicose Veins?
    I want a tattoo on my leg but varicose veins runs in my family. I'm 18 and already have some spider veins on my thighs. I suspect its from the unnecessary weight on my thighs because it seems all my fat growth or whatever is centered at my butt and thighs. Anyway, my mother says the varicose veins are worse in places you have been injured. Would a tattoo cause the veins to be more prominent in that area??

    • ANSWER:
      I would imagine having a tattoo over varicose veins to be something a good tattooist would refuse..
      For example,say you developed a clot in affected veins years from now in an area covered with a tattoo,it's much harder to spot for you and a Doctor basically.
      My Mother has them quite bad at the bottom of her legs and a few years ago had redness pain and swelling it turned out to be a clot and she got immediate treatment and is fine now.
      It's true about the injury part too ,if she bumps her legs where the varicose veins are,and i don't even mean very hard,her varicose veins can look like she's been in a road accident!
      I guess the answer is to not have tattoos where you have any varicose veins,or think you may get them?
      More information here :