Visible Veins In Legs

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Question. I have noticed some ugly veins coming up just under the skin. There is a pinkish-purplish knot of tiny veins on my face and then I have some larger bluish veins just behind my knees and near my ankles. They do not hurt, but I want to know whether I should be worried about these. Will they grow? Will they start to hurt? Could it lead to anything serious? Can they be fixed?

Answer. Ugly veins that creep up under the skin are usually due to venous insufficiency. This has nothing to do with skin health. Veins become visible just under your skin because the tiny valves inside blood vessels become weak and are no longer able to push blood forward and keep it circulating. This forms a pool of blood which you see as bloated blood vessels just under the skin. This is more common in legs since valves here are working against gravity and need to work harder. You may also see tiny veins creep up under facial skin, too. This can usually occurs in very fair-skinned people and can be because of prolonged exposure of skin to sunlight. Interestingly, visible veins are more common in women than they are in men.

You asked whether such veins could lead to anything serious. Most visible veins do not cause any harm, but they do spoil the physical attractiveness of your legs which is why many women prefer to do something about it. There are several clinical methods that close up the vein or make it collapse - all of these are safe methods but the process is usually related to a great deal of discomfort and expense. In some cases, these veins do grow bulgier and cause much discomfort, they could even burst and bleed. To help avoid this kind of deterioration of vein health, you should use proactive measures to support vein health. There are nutritional methods you can adopt such as vein support supplements. Nutritional vein support supplements that contain horse chestnuts, diosmin, hesperidin, gotu kola and butcher's broom are considered to be very effective for getting rid of ugly veins that creep up under the skin. The combination of herbs, nutrients and antioxidants in vein support supplements specifically target vein health.

In addition to taking vein support supplement, you may want to try:

  • Exercise. Exercising regularly helps support blood circulation in the body.
  • Maintain an optimal weight.
  • Include an adequate amount of fiber foods in your diet.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes and high-heeled shoes as these tend to restrict circulation.
  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods. If your job requires it, take a break every two hours from your position to circulate the legs.
  • Keep your legs elevated on a few cushions when you sleep
  • Massaging your legs every night may also help support vein health.

Look for a vein support supplement that contains targeted nutrients for vein health. Horse chestnuts have been traditionally used to support vein insufficiency. Disomin is an antioxidant that supports vein elasticity and tonicity. Hesperidin, derived from citrus fruits, is an antioxidant known to specifically support vein health. Gotu kola is an herb that helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in blood vessel valves. Butcher's broom is another herb that helps support blood circulation and vein health. You'll find quality vein support supplements are well-formulated and contain quality ingredients offer superior benefits for vein health. Try a nutritional vein support supplement like Vein Matrix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Visible veins in legs?
    Does anyone else have this? they don't bulge so I don't think they're varicose...and they're not spider veins. I have an especially dark one behind my knee that I HATE! Anyone else have this?

    • ANSWER:

    Is it normal to have veins visible in your legs? I'm not sure if they're just from working or they're normal?
    I've noticed some veins popping out on the back of my calves and on the side of my calves. Also some bumps visible in the muscle when I walk. Is this normal from working out a fair bit or are they varicose veins.. They look like normal veins but I just wondered?

    • ANSWER:
      Do you exercise quote a bit? Some instances varicose veins will occur. Although they may also occur whether you exercise or not. Some people have varicose veins when our there is a problen with poor circulation. Also they do show up for reasons that your doctor would be able to explain to you. The veins are visible and somtimes they are visible and bother you because of the appearance. These veins are usually broken vein or capillaries. They may produce blood clots, but this is unlikely. If these veins do burst, they canbe removed. Some time ago people with these veins had what is called, stripping the veins for removal. Nowt there are other options. If they seem noticeable to you and you feel self-conscious about them, a specialist could be able to "zap" them with a laser ususally hand-held machine and it does usually make them unnoticeable. If you are really self-conscious about them, please see your primary care doctor and he/she will be able to answer all your questions and refer you to a specialist. Then he may talk to you about the visible bumps that may not be serious but should be examined by the doctor at your appointment. I hope that this information has been informative to you.

    I lost a lot of weight--now I have a lot of visible veins in my legs...?
    I weighed 335 pounds before I went on a massive diet and exercise plan to improve my health. I now weight 245 pounds but still have about 45 more pounds to lose.

    Suddenly, I've noticed a lot of visible veins in my legs and they have me really worried and scared. Is this normal? Note: I'm a fair skinned person.

    • ANSWER:

    What to do with veins that are very visible in the legs?
    How can this veins be treated? Is there an ointment to treat this? Theyre not varicose veins, theyre threadlike veins, reddish in color which are quite visible in my legs especially if i wear shorts. Any advice pls...

    • ANSWER:

    Very visible blue veins on legs and vericose veins on thighs approx. 4 weeks pregnant? Normal?
    Since about a week before my period was due, my breast have had VERY blue veins and they were even circling my areolas. Then today I look at my legs and the veins are popping at (not literally, just very visible) and I noticed vericose veins on my thighs. All pregnancy symptoms have come early, which happened in all of my pregnancies. I was just shocked! haha
    It's not the getting the veins that I'm "worried" about, been pregnant before, but...I don't remember vericose veins showing up this early? And that's what I was asking if it was normal for them to show up so soon. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, vericose veins are common throughout pregnancy. They are basically veins with pooled blood in them. Hemroids are the same thing and are also common during pregnancy. If you're still concerned then show your doctor the next time you visit. S/he should be able to ease your mind.

    Is WAXING okay if you have visible veins?
    I'm not sure whether it was waxing that made my veins on my lower legs visible, but on the right side, I have a visible purple vein and on the left side I have a visible blue one and the worst part is that I'm ONLY 16. I was wondering whether it was the waxing that made my veins visible, or something else? (by the way, I used the home kits and did it myself for two years) I wish I started with shaving first, but I can't go back in time, and now that I shave my leg just looks worst with the bumps and stubble. What do I do?
    bumps, stubble, AND visible veins. I really want to be able to wear shorts. And my mom said that it could be because I didn't exercise because I never found a reason to because I'm relatively fit, that I got those ugly veins.

    • ANSWER:
      HI THERE!
      well hmm im 16 too! &i have stretch marks all over my body on my thighs on my butt and it really made me soo self conscious &honestly it stills doo..
      &don't even wear a bikini w/o a short on top to cover the stretch marks..
      but someone made me think,,
      we are young, right?
      we gotta enjoy lifee right now and everyone is different we all have our own defects.. many ppl dont really care what others might think about them..

      I think waxing is wayy better than shaving bc of all that bumps stuff..
      but if you already shaved your legs before..waxing will hurt
      &wont make any difference WITH YOUR VEINS..
      you gotta exercise and drink LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER...

      hope i helped ya..


    How to i get veins to expose more on my legs and be more visible like Michael Jordan?
    I am a young athlete but i want to know how to make my veins more visible in my lower legs. Ever seen the movie Space Jam? lol I remember a close up shot of Michael Jordans legs and he had veins popping out everywhere on his legs. But when he was younger he didnt.

    So how can i get that? i have slim athletic legs and i have some veins showing but i want them to pop out more!!! Does it happen over time? is it from weight training? protein supplements?

    • ANSWER:

    How to i get veins to expose more on my legs and be more visible like Michael Jordan?uld you like to ask?
    I am a young athlete but i want to know how to make my veins more visible in my lower legs. Ever seen the movie Space Jam? lol I remember a close up shot of Michael Jordans legs and he had veins popping out everywhere on his legs. But when he was younger he didnt.

    So how can i get that? i have slim athletic legs and i have some veins showing but i want them to pop out more!!! Does it happen over time? is it from weight training? protein supplements?

    • ANSWER:
      The less fat you have on your limbs the more your veins will show.

    Extremely visible veins in my arms, chest, legs?
    What can this mean? I am 18 years old, 5'3, i weigh 106. I eat a lot, I do not exercise, I am a vegetarian, I am not pregnant

    • ANSWER:
      You inherited them. Yo dont have much sub cutaneous fat to hide them. Pefrectly natural!

    how to get rid of fireside tartan on legs? sat too close to heater and now all veins visible?
    i have a radiator heater and i always sit next to it....a hexagon pattern has come up on my legs where they were by the heat but it won´t go away - as in it´s ben there for days even though i stopped using the heater...

    will it go? if so, when? and how can i hurry the process up?

    thanks in advance for all info!

    • ANSWER:
      It could be there for a while. You'll have to wear jeans or tights.
      I don't think tanning beds are particularly healthy but it your case it might help to even up the color if you put sunscreen on the dark parts first.

    Would exercising help to get rid of varicose veins?
    I've always had fairly visible veins on my legs but when i was pregnant I got varicose veins which haven't gone. I know the doctor won't do anything for them, so I was wondering if lots of regular exercise would help get rid of them or if there were any other ways to get rid of them yourself.

    My thinking behind the exercise is that if I got the blood pumping then it may shift some of the pooled blood in the veins?

    • ANSWER:
      Avoiding standing still prevents them getting worse and spreading. The ones you already have will not 'go with exercise.' Exercise will not rebuild the incompetent valves between the deep veins and superficial (varicose) veins you have...but it will help pump blood back towards the heart and reduce back pressure on the superficial veins (which makes them get worse).

      The doctor can do things for the varicose veins you have e.g. vein stripping, injections. Go and see your doctor who can refer you to a surgeon.

    whay are all of my veins visible through my skin?
    as long as I can remember my veins have been very visible through my skin. Moreso than the average person. Lately, when I excercise, the veins in my legs bulge. I don't know if this is a bad thing. Has anyone sen this before?

    • ANSWER:

    My veins become visible?
    How come when i wake up you can see my veins really clearly.

    Any other time you cant see them at all, i had an operation and they couldn't see my veins so they had to slap my hand for 10 Min's to get them show up its that bad. About 1 week ago, i woke up and i was wearing shorts and a vest top, and the veins in my legs, not just my thighs, my whole leg, were really visible, they were blue and you could see all of them. I woke up this morning and looked at my arm, and you could see them on the top part of my arm (biceps) as well. They don't stick out, you can just see the blue really clearly.
    Why is this?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are hot, your blood vessels come near the surface to cool you off.

    Why are my veins so visible all of a sudden?
    Within the last few weeks the veins in my legs are protruding and very green. Is this a circulation problem?

    • ANSWER:
      i would have a doctor look at it..

    Suddenly visible Veins on my leg.?
    Today I noticed while showering that a vein on my ankle has suddenly appeared, it wasn't there yesterday when I showered. It's very black and when you follow it up my leg it leads to two soft spots on my shin bone.

    I have a history of diabetes in my family and i'm afraid maybe that's what it is since i'm overweight. Figure i'll ask an online community other than asking someone in the family about it because i'm rather shy.

    If anyone could shed any light what so ever on my situation it would be a godsend. Please someone.

    • ANSWER:

    I am 13 year adolescent.Veins are visible in my hand and it good or bad. If its bad what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      its normal , generally veins that are superficial ( above the skin ) are visible .
      so dont panic .. anything u feel difference u can just mail in me ur questions ..

    Little veins on legs? help i'm only 16?
    Ever since about 5th grade some of the little capilarries on my legs were really visible, like on the top layer of skin or something. Through the years more have shown up in other places and the ones that were already there have gotten longer. I'm getting really insecure about my legs. What are they? Why did I get them? and is there anyway to get rid of them?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like spider veins. They have ways of removing them, but if they don't hurt then you should leave them. I am sure you are the only one that notices them or is worried about them. See your doctor about your concerns.

    how do you get rid of veiny legs?
    well, mine aren't that bad, but sometimes i notice that the veins in my legs become visible. what can i do to hide them? (the veins, not the legs)

    • ANSWER:
      i have this problem too & seems like the more i exercise the less visible they are-otherwise i tan & then you can't notice them as well.

    do men find girls with visible veins unattractive?
    i became paranoid and felt self conscious when i moved here to us.. ill be staying here for a year. since i have nothing to do and always at home i always notice something's wrong with my appearance..

    the thing that bugs me the most are this veins on my legs (at the back).. they are visible but not bulging.. sometimes they are there and sometimes not.. they are green in color..

    before i use to wear shorts but now i feel conscious about the veins and i keep looking at them when i wear shorts..

    is it a turn off for guys??..does it matter??..
    its like veins in our wrists.. or hands..
    its just there sometimes and sometimes its not..
    im not overweight im 90lbs..
    tnx for the answers.. appreciate them a lot.. coz im so embarazwith them..dey are not noticeable a tyms..

    so tink i cud still wer shorts??..

    • ANSWER:
      Green veins dose seem a bit weird... perhaps talk to a doctor over the phone and ask them if its normal and please don't take anyone else's advice about leaving them alone...
      And it depends on the boy if its a turn on or off... But learn to love your body because your stuck with it, try and find the good points about your body!

    Visible Veins?
    I recently noticed a dark line (about 3 inches long) on my right leg near the shin. Is it just a vein or is it a blood clot? My right leg feels different than my left leg from time to time. I'm a runner, play basketball and golf. Could it just be soreness in my muscles and bones or is it really a clot that's affecting my leg? I'm 23 yrs old.

    • ANSWER:
      Could be vein ,or the line of a 'creeping eruption'. Show a doctor

    I'm not that old, but my veins are very visible?
    I'm not even in my 20s yet and my veins are clearly visible all over my leg, arm, feet, hands...I've got a natural tan skin too so I don't understand what's going on. One of my friends even mentioned how my hands already look like those of a 30 year old's and I agree. :(
    Why are my veins so visible?

    • ANSWER:
      I am 14 and my arm veines basically pop out of my arms to the point of where a sowing needle probably could piece them

    Why have my veins become more visible?
    They're extremely visible on my breasts. Then they became visible on my thighs and legs. And they are also starting appear more in my arm. Why is this happening. I had my period on September 13-19.

    • ANSWER:
      If I were you, you can goes see your doctor, they'll give you the treatment for your veins on your breast.

    Very Visible Blue veins on Left arm, help what is the problem ?
    My mother, is around 50 yrs old and she has very visible blue veins on her left arm. They run through her upper inside arm, and there are also visible veins on her left leg on the thigh . The other arm is perfectly fine, and my mom has been having pains in her neck and sholuder on the left side. I was wondering what the problem could be she has been stretching her arms out in case of like the blood isnt circulating properly but the veins have been showing for about a few weeks.
    what could be the problem ?

    • ANSWER:
      perhaps mum should see a doctor,the blue veins could just be genetic,but the pain needs looking into

      i really don't want to worry you,as it could be referred pain

    How to make spider veins less visible or dissapear?
    Well I live in L.A. and I'm I have a brown, beige complection. So I am trying to tan my legs to make my spider veins less visable. I already work out my legs at least 1 hour ( 20 min weights, 40 min walk) what can I do . I really want to wear short denim shorts . Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    veins in my legs?
    i have visble veins in my legs but i like to wear shorts! why are they visible and can i eat some kind of vitamin to make them less visble?

    im very fair (esp. my legs) and i've always had the veins visible.

    • ANSWER:
      same problem w/ me, cuz im realy white, there isnt any vitimins u can take.. i wish there was, but what i did was sit out in the sun every day, and they faded, and are less noticeable, and my skin looks healthier now and not so white and veiny

    Foot numbness + leg pain + new visible vein = what?
    I'm a bicyclist. One day I noticed numbness in the ball of my left foot. It felt like when you cross your legs and temporarily cut off circulation. I figured I just had my cycling shoes on too tight. But I also started noticing pain in my calf. I took a look at my leg and found a new dark vein had appeared on my calf. My initial thought was I had either a blood clot or a burst vein in my leg. It definitely suggested some kind of vascular issue because the numbness and the pain and the vein appeared simultaneously. But the symptoms don't match phlebitis.

    I had an MRI yesterday which showed no vascular issues or muscle tears or anything else. This has been going on for 5 weeks and I'm getting tired of it.

    I know it's a long shot to ask this on YA, but do you have any other ideas what this might be?

    • ANSWER:
      You should be taking a peripheral test for nerve function. Periphral neuropathy is a common nerve disease which causes numbness on the balls of the feet. it is often accompanied by sharp nerve pain in the foot area and some times severe burning. Could be a pinched nerve or something somewhat more serious. If it persists have a neurologist look into it.

    Visible Veins Question?
    Hey Everyone. I am 16 years old, fair skinned, and quite skinny. Last month I started drinking a lot of water, more than I was used to drinking before. Anyway, I started noticing recently that the veins in my legs were very blue and prominent. They read like a road map. Is this because of the water? Is there anyway to get rid of it? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    what can cause veins to be more visible?
    i've noticed veins in my chest, arms, legs, and running down my sides lately. they're not bulging, but i can notice them more clearly through the skin.
    my doctor recently told me i have high blood pressure, so could that be it?

    • ANSWER:
      There are a number of reasons. If you're well hydrated, if the temperature is warm/hot (making you warm/hot), if you're working out/just worked out. Those are some of the most common reasons.

    Bulging veins in my legs and in my arms, I am 18?
    what causes these veins in my leg to bulge? They are completely visible on both of my legs, from my ankle down to my feet and also on both of my arms. Seems to go away when I am resting my legs up onto a front object (like chair, table), but when I stand they bulge out, when I raise my hands it goes away but bringing it down makes it bulge again. It's horrible!!! It also goes away when it's cold, when I am in an airconditioned room. What should I do to treat these? Are there natural exercises exist to treat this?

    • ANSWER:

    im 14 and i need to know how to get loads of veins in my arms?
    how do i get veins in my arms and legs really visible??

    • ANSWER:
      You need to do two things -

      weight lift a lot so that those muscles need a better blood supply; bigger veins will develop in response.

      You also need to be pretty fat free so that the veins sit near the surface and are not covered up.