What Causes Varicose Veins In Young Women

What Causes Varicose Veins Disease?

A tiny spot in purple and red color that become visible on the body and is caused by a small hemorrhage is called petechiae. The main reason for this is due to the consequence of the physical disturbance like coughing, crying and vomiting. This may result in facial petechia that occurs mainly in the region of eyes. It is not harmful and automatically disappears in some days. This is a symptom that indicates the low platelet counts or thrombocytopenia. This happens when the function of platelets gets subdued. This is generally due to the side effect of the medicines consumed or may be due to some infections.

It also happens when the pressure is given more on any tissues. For example, tourniquet is attached to a farthest point. This may happen due to some malignancies. Dermatologists are the very skillful specialists for curing these stages as the same can be identified by them very quickly and also correctly. They will also be able to correctly make out the different between some other kind with similar appearance of rash and the petechiae. It may also be recognized as vasculitis that is occurred due to swelling. Immediate treatment has to be given to prevent occurring of permanent harm. The gravity of this illness in the infants and the children mainly depends on the medical context. Children with viral infection are more vulnerable to these petechiae. This is not considered as a very serious suffering. There are some illnesses like meningococcemia. Some of the causes of leukemia and thrombocytopenia are the symptoms of this and hence cannot be ignored at any time.

By the dose of antibiotics, the petechiae can be treated when it is occurred due to infection. If the same is caused mainly due to the allergy for a specific type of medicine, then the apparent remedy is to stop the medicine that has created the allergy. On the other hand, the petechiae are due to the low platelet count, and then the treatment is transfusion of factors of the blood or the platelets. If the patient is infected from leukemia or cancer, the treatment will be by way of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. When petechia occurs because of some injury, there is no need for any treatment. Some times when the ice pack is applied at regular intervals during the day may also help in reducing the petechiae. In due course of time, the petechiae will disappear or face. Mostly, petechiae will go off once the reason for the same is identified and treatment given.

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